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Comment Re:Bring back the Law of Jante (Score 1) 429 429

I'm not talking about myself moron...thanks for playing jackass. This is human nature. Get your head out of fucking Utopia, because it's not real. Few people work for altruistic reasons, they're in it for themselves. They need incentives to push themselves, or else they're going to do the minimum.

Comment Re:I foresee a sudden demand for raises (Score 1) 429 429

Bob, Charlie, and Dave make 50k a year and Alice makes 35k, despite all of them performing the same. Alice cannot get a raise because she's female and every other business out there is only going to offer 35k because that's the going rate for female employees.

Oh Bullshit.

Comment Re:This NOT about a Private Call (Score 1) 179 179

Thanks for the summary. This sounds similar to an incident where I received email from a small bank that shares my own last name. Apparently, one of the bank officers thought he was sending it to one of the owners. So, I received confidential information, which I did not divulge, and informed them of their mistake. That said, could I have shared that information with whomever I pleased? It seems like a the same philosophy.

Comment Core Memory, Paper Tape and Teleype (Score 1) 619 619

As far as a "production environment", worked on Data General Nova's with 16k of core, a teletype and paper tape for bootstrapping it. That would have been '77-'79 while in the USAF (Offutt AFB). We also built our own flip flops out of components while in tech school (Keesler AFB). Prior to that, I did get to work on helping build an Altair kit when I was in high school.

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