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Comment Re:What's the deal... (Score 1) 262

I mean, you don't hear about cheating nearly as much in other "sports" where they depend upon mechanical equipment... Nascar

Good thing you quoted it if you will mention nascar. If you can do it with a beer belly and 30kg extra weight around the midriff it is not a sport! The reason you see this in cycling is that it is a sport: your athletic ability is a key determinant of your success.

Yeah, you see a lot of those, don't you.

Comment Re:Why not "Cooking for All"? (Score 1) 246

Were you required to take Chemistry in school? I was, for a full year. And, while I've often debated the usefulness of that, a year of exposure to important topics gives a kid a feel for if they like or have a knack for it. Chemistry wasn't for me, but I have no regret having spent the time learning about it. Many kids don't won't know until they try it.

Comment Re:Why not "Cooking for All"? (Score 1) 246

We took "Boy's Home Econ" back in the early 70s. I believe it was 8th or 9th grade, and it was an elective. One semester in the kitchen, and another learning to sew (I made a tie, tank top and a robe for dad), and do laundry. Sounds like yours was a bit better than ours, since we didn't have finance. Regardless, this was one of the most worthwhile classes I ever had.

Slightly off-topic,... My wife and I were watching a show that had a young man who had made a diorama. I turned to her and asked if there was a reason we were required to make those in school. She couldn't come up with a good one either. But, let's keep teaching kids things they'll never use.

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