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Comment Re:Cry me a river (Score 1) 192

Sorry for the delayed response...just back from a 3 day trip.

Your 1.5 drones would have to move pretty damn fast to do what you're suggesting. That's a rate of 333.3 one-way trips per drone. If the average line of sight distance was 3 miles (and it will surely be farther), they'd have to travel 1000 miles/shift. to equal one truck.

Comment Re:How times change (Score 1) 192

Back in the 90's, you didn't have things with cameras flying over your backyard

But you did have nosy neighbors, kids who climb trees, bird photographers with 1000' lenses ... the usual. Are you having a problem, now, with people flying multirotors low enough around your back yard to actually (really) invade your privacy? How often is this happening to you? There are literally millions of them in use.

I don't have issues with any of your "the usual". I didn't say these drones were flying over my yard now, did I? But, it's happening more often, and those numbers will increase.

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