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Sorry for some of the random was a cut and paste.

The primary point is that government spending on education has outpaced inflationary costs, and provided no measurable improvement (that I'm aware of). Throwing money at something isn't always the best way to improve things...witness our healthcare. Why should there be any increase after inflation if it's not providing benefit? Is your comment about real wages not also non sequitur, or is there some link to educational expenses and value?

Again, I'm fine with increased expenses if they're used toward areas that have a demonstrable return in educational value.

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I want my taxes raised to properly fund schools too, there is an excess of dumbasses in this country.

I'm all for paying for good education. But, I'm also against government waste. If you can show areas where the monies spent would provide an educational ROI, I'd jump on that bandwagon.

Data published by the U.S. Department of Education in its annual Digest of Education Statistics shows that per student expenditures are high across the country and they have continued to rise.

        $553 billion was spent on public education in 2006-2007. This figure represents 4.2 percent of GDP.
        An average of $9,266/pupil is spent in American public schools.
        Of the $71.7 billion spent by the Federal government on elementary and secondary education programs in 2007, $39.2 billion was spent on K-12 education. Of this amount 67% was spent on Special Education and Education for the Disadvantaged programs.
        Between 1994 and 2004, average per-pupil expenditures have increased by 23.5% when adjusted for inflation.
        Between 1984 and 2004, real expenditures per pupil increased by 49%.
        Between 1970 and 2005 per pupil expenditures increased three times from $311/pupil to $971/pupil.

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Um, no. Even the Forest Service says so on their permits page.

The Forest Service offers many activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, camping, birding, using cabins, driving for pleasure, harvesting mushrooms, and gathering firewood. Many of the facilities and services associated with these opportunities are free. Some do require fees or permits to help maintain, manage and improve the amenities that you enjoy.

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Reminds me of the time (mid 90s) an interviewer asked me to write code for a bubble sort on a piece of paper. I told him that off the top of my head, I couldn't, but that we could discuss the basic principle behind it, big O, and inefficiency.

He didn't like the answer, and it was one of the rare interviews where I didn't actually get an offer.

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I feel for you, having had to deal with precisely the same. But semantically, what does it mean to be "in a state of decline". At nearly 56, I'm in a state of decline, but nowhere near being unable to contribute. Some cases are clear, others not so much. As we all edge nearer to death, it's not always clear where the turning point is.

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