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by davester666 (#46775749) Attached to: Nokia Had a Production-Ready Web Tablet 13 Years Ago

In the overall market for tablets, the number of people who want to always/primarily use a stylus to interact with them are probably on the scale of total BB Playbook sales vs total iPad sales. Note I use the term "want" in there, vs having to use it to interact with the tablet, like with the Surface for non-touch apps.

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by davester666 (#46772193) Attached to: Nokia Had a Production-Ready Web Tablet 13 Years Ago

they didn't kick off the tablet craze [at least imho] because
1) Bill demanded they use stylus's. even after the iPad came out, he still publicly claimed tablets using stylus were better/preferred
2) Bill DIDN'T demand that the Office team make a version of Office that worked with the tablet UI. The head of the office team refused to alter office to use any tablet-specific API's, so the tablet OS guys had to code ways for the keyboard to hide/show at the right time in office at the OS level, so it never really worked well.

1 I can kind of understand, as Bill never had a great understanding of hardware and where it was going, but 2 I don't, because Bill was in charge of MS, and tablets was something he seemed [at least initially] to be very into, and to let the Office guy tell the tablet group to fuck off just doesn't make sense.

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it's not the CPU. the display is the battery hog, particularly the backlight which needs to be more powerful due to the retina display [iirc]. next is the graphics chips, which needs extra power to do the graphics for that display.

the cpu is generally the thing that doesn't use a lot of power [for general usage] because it gets powered down after it gets its work done, even while the display and graphics chip are going strong.

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yes and no. Sure everybody is basically following Apple's lead with charging 30% or thereabouts. But when Apple introduced it originally for the iOS App Store, the market was worse for both customers and developers because what 'app stores' there were generally took more than 50% commision [and WAY worse if you went through a carrier], and you had to go through a bunch of crazy steps to actually get the app. it completely reset the 'mobile app' industry.

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No, it means the gov't must fund more research, and further along the research path through clinical trials,etc...

Then, once the drug is proven, they MUST sell it to the lowest bidder from big pharmacy.

It's the only way profits can keep going up by double-digits every six months.

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