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Comment: Re:Only a matter of time... (Score 4, Funny) 143

by davester666 (#48945495) Attached to: Indian Woman Sues Uber In the US Over Alleged New Delhi Taxi Rape

uber isn't a taxi service

it's a ride-sharing service

by that, they mean, a person with a car, who doesn't have any interest in driving to point A or point B, drives to point A, picks up one or more people they don't know, and drives them to point B for money. But only can be paid by credit cards. And everything is arranged over the internet.

See. Completely different from a taxi service.

Comment: Re:DoJ zone of lawlessness (Score 1) 422

They know, but all that walking around, driving, following takes so much effort, while also being pretty boring and relatively high-risk [having to mingle with all the terrorists]. It is way easier to just sit in front of a screen and pretend to look for terrorists.

Comment: Re:That's a nice democracy you have there... (Score 1) 392

Exactly. They REALLY like being able to watch everybody, automatically, from their desk. And that everybody else can't tell what they are doing.

You'll think they will go back to the 'old' ways they used to find terrorists. But no, they won't, because it 's not cool. Instead, they will go for hacking everyone's personal computers. Worldwide.

"The algorithm to do that is extremely nasty. You might want to mug someone with it." -- M. Devine, Computer Science 340