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Comment Re:Pointless in Canada (Score 1) 49 49

Yeah, I got lucky as well, as Rogers started having an annual 'sale' around when the new iPhone was released to get 6 Gb of data $30/month. Then, later, when Telus and Bell got together to build their GSM network, Bell also did it, and I jumped on that. Now, they've stopped doing it and for 6Gb of data, it's still around $60/month if you sign up now.

To much for "competition".

Comment Re:oh my! (Score 1) 76 76

I'm pretty sure this exact report was created 10 years ago, and has been republished every year since.

Is it just a way to steal more federal funding for these "studies"?

The install base is screwed, and nobody wants to spend any money to improve the situation. Profits over everything else.

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