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Comment: Re: Did they make money on Surface? (Score 1) 68

Yes, now they target the Surface as competing against a completely dissimilar device, the MacBook Air, because when it first came out, they marketed it directly against the iPad, and it was COMPLETELY crushed.

Basically, they have to sell it as a laptop that you can remove the keyboard, instead of a tablet.

Comment: Re:Won'd past constitutional challenge (Score 3, Interesting) 204

Neither of the wack jobs were "under the radar". they both were on the terrorist watch list, the other one was semi-regularly being followed by the RCMP, this one was just denied his passport to travel to Turkey [they assume to then go to Syria to fight]. So they both certainly having their internet connections, email and phone calls being monitored and listened in on.

But still, this legislation wouldn't help because they didn't do anything "wrong" until they actually went to kill somebody. Which is already a crime. They didn't tell anybody they were planning to kill somebody here. And nobody directly told them to go kill somebody [other than that ISIS video "go attack somebody now now now, yes you, do it now!"].

So, the only way to "catch" these guys sooner is to arrest them for thought-crime, for believing something the gov't doesn't like.

The FLQ crisis was an actual terrorist attack, designed to directly influence the gov't. These were just a couple of screwed up guys doing something stupid, and they both paid with their own lives. The gov't is just using them to push it's own agenda.

Comment: Re:Won'd past constitutional challenge (Score 3, Interesting) 204

"A government MP offers the scant assurance that this legislation is not "trauma tainted," as it was drafted well prior to this week's instigating incidents"

Of course it was drafted some time ago. Harper was just waiting for something like this to get a way to quickly get it passed into legislation without all that pesky complaining that he got last time he tried doing it.

Unfortunately, the opposition and the press are busy deifying the couple of soldiers [well, two soldiers and a glorified security guard at a cemetary] and Harper for being so courageous, for standing up to this terrorist, and not giving into fear, while fighting for Canadian freedoms.

Of course, Harper is wallowing in fear, greatly increasing security around himself, and leaping at the chance to be able to spy on more and more citizens, I mean, terrorists. Nevermind also giving up Canadian freedoms so that Harper can really give it to his wife tonight.

Our supreme court MIGHT overturn this legislation, but who's going to fund the couple million dollars in legal fee's challenging it?

Comment: Re: Did they make money on Surface? (Score 1) 68

not really. for example, they are spending a crazy amount of money advertising the Surface 3, like the NFL deal, lots of ads on TV, custom displays inside a bunch of retail displays, nevermind the cost of the Microsoft "stores". if you throw these expenses in, it's still a Zune.

Selling less than a million of these things in basically the first full quarter they are available, after more than 2 years of the 'Surface' platform being available, is not that positive, particularly given how much Microsoft has flogged them, and how well competing devices [particularly the iPad] sells.

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