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Comment Re:oh my! (Score 1) 74 74

I'm pretty sure this exact report was created 10 years ago, and has been republished every year since.

Is it just a way to steal more federal funding for these "studies"?

The install base is screwed, and nobody wants to spend any money to improve the situation. Profits over everything else.

Comment Re:Baseball - pah!! (Score 1) 68 68

Are you kidding me? The only parts of baseball that take several minutes are:

1) waiting for everyone to get ready for the next pitch. Because the batter just has to step out of the batters box, adjust his balls, rub his nipples, hitch up his shirt, work on rubbing out the lines showing where the batters box is, and then practice swinging the bat. Every single pitch.
2) when the teams switch from hitting to fielding
3) manager and/or player arguing over the last call from the umpire before being thrown out. For many games, this is the most exciting thing that will happen for the whole game.
4) the seventh inning stretch. Normally, the second most exciting thing that will happen for the whole game.

It you watch a daily sports news broadcast, they show all the exciting plays from all the games played that day. Normally, there are maybe half as many good plays in total as there are games played that day. And most of those are of guys getting thrown out at first.

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