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Comment Re: Bullshit.... (Score 1) 85

"..court enable monitoring of call records of specific people or groups for up to six months"

I would think that every single telephone company in the US has received a court order today, enabling the monitoring of call records for every single customer/phone that the company services.

Comment what the fuck (Score 1) 456

"What are you doing to make selling electric cars as profitable and painless for your dealers as selling gasoline or diesel vehicles?"

It sounds like whomever wrote the summary is basically requesting that the electric car makers should make crappier cars, so they need more repairs, so people will go back to the dealer to get them fixed.

That sounds like a great plan.

I see samzenpus is still working hard to make the world a little worse, every single day.

Comment Re:Sue / fine the IT services contractors (Score 1) 260

Forever? Just like now.

Seriously, most people are stupid and just vote 'R' or 'D', they probably don't even know the actual individual they are voting for, just that the person belongs to the "correct" party.

I am more likely to be raptured than for a member of congress or the senate to lose their seat on this issue.

Comment Re:And people on slashdot give a shit, why? (Score 4, Insightful) 164

Yes, it is in writing. But can they actually take the time off. A ridiculous number of people can't even take their vacation time because of the fear they will be asked to stop bothering to come into the office.

And they won't say "we're letting you go because you took vacation time", because would be illegal, just something like "we want to move in a different direction, one without you on our team."

There is very little future in being right when your boss is wrong.