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Comment Re:Holy beef (Score 2) 247

I just wish Firefox could show how much CPU power a given tab was using. I normally have a bunch of tabs open, and the whole browser just dies sometimes. I know Amazon sucks for this, they really like periodically reloading the page and also run a crapload of javascript to track what you are doing on a given page, and ebay is only slightly less annoying.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 65

why is that a problem? are you claiming that we already found the 'one-true-algorithm' for doing this, and that it's impossible to do any better, and these guys are just screwing around with the code because they have commit rights?

Actually, if anything, it's possible that making it a configuration option would be useful, as computers used for specific tasks, one algorithm would work better than others. Or you would just build the distribution to use that algorithm.

Comment Re:There's no doubt that... (Score 1) 1832

kill the stupid tracking javascript code slashdot uses. when my internet connection gets slow, it becomes painfully obvious that stupid crap is happening, and not help me do anything. For example, you don't need to do anything when I click the close button for the tab.

Actually, I think I have to run noscript for Slashdot.

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