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Comment: Re:Citizen of Belgium here (Score 2) 764 764

I think the real problem for the EU was when they effectively 'nationalized' Greece's debt. Before all the bailouts, Greece's debt was held by some other government organizations, but also a bunch of private companies [banks, private companies] that knew Greece was in trouble and charged them high interest rates because of it. Then, when Greece started having problems paying them back, the EU stepped in, just kicking the ball down the field by spending their citizens money to take over Greece's obligations.

This referendum should have happened 5 years ago [it would also have been a smaller problem].

Comment: Re:My startup is building the Internet of Things (Score 1) 76 76

Are you kidding. You might crib some code from the project, but I GUARANTEE you will strip out any code "that respects customer privacy and choice".

Right now, interoperability just means that more companies have direct, unfettered, access to whatever data is generated by the devices you purchased.

Comment: Re: Not surprised (Score 1) 329 329

Yes, that IS the reason. We tried the 'free market solves all problems' for this exact thing. Before we came up with medallions and the rest of the taxi regulations, it is what we did.

It wasn't pretty.

We came up with the taxi system BECAUSE of it. We didn't just decide out of the blue to do it.

Uber is counting on you NOT bothering to find out why we came up with the taxi system to begin with.

I'm not claiming the current system is great, or even good, or works well. But it's better than what we WILL get going down Uber's path. Because we've already done it.

Comment: Re: I believe one already exists. (Score 1) 117 117

As is not particularly unusual, the title is incorrect.

"Airplane Coatings Help Recoup Fuel Efficiency Lost To Bug Splatter"

From Merriam Webster: recoup "to get an equivalent for (as losses) : make up for " or "to make good or make up for something lost"

This coating would not 'recoup' the lost fuel efficiency. Better words to use would be "reduce" or "minimize".

There are never any bugs you haven't found yet.