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Comment: Re:sage (Score 1) 327

by davester666 (#49558529) Attached to: The Future Deconstruction of the K-12 Teacher

Yes, there is a reason to collect all (well, most) of the children in one sitting. Right now, there are LOTS and lots of people where they are either single parents or where both parents have to work, and you can't just leave the kid at home.

So, the kid has to go to school, and the 'tech' has to make sure they sit still and watch the indoctrination video.

Comment: Re:better education (Score 2) 327

by davester666 (#49558521) Attached to: The Future Deconstruction of the K-12 Teacher

This isn't for AP Physics.

The 'tech' is a babysitter, and depending on the school, may have a weapon [primarily to protect themselves]. The lessons will be dumb'd down, and the few children who stand out intellectually will be removed from these 'classrooms' and placed in a separate, real classroom, with a real, live 'super' teacher.

The points mentioned will be how the system will be sold to the public, and, as usual, not even remotely be similar to reality.
The only true point is that it will be equality to education. 95-99% of all children will receive an equally cheap, crappy education.

They will fail to mention in the sales pitch that the wealthy will not have their children go to these schools or that more advanced kids will be separated out from the rest of the kids [even more than now (not more kids, but more separate)].

Just as a guess, they are starting down this road right now using 'discovery learning', where instead of the teacher, you know, teaches things, the kids have to discover what they want to learn (so the teachers role is minimized).

This system removes the teacher altogether, replacing them with canned video's. I'm sure there will be cameo's by music and movie stars talking about 'current events' in order to keep the children more interested.

Comment: Re:What? (Score 2) 101

by davester666 (#49553879) Attached to: Microsoft Increases Android Patent Licensing Reach

It's called bundling. Microsoft can't say which specific patents are being violated because they aren't completely sure. Some they do know, others they think may be, depending on how Android is configured and what apps are installed.

Instead, they say "we know you are violating a bunch of our patents. Our one-time offer is a license to 1000's of our patents [but not all, as we still reserve the right to ask for more later] for an up-front fee, money for already-shipped devices, and a per-unit royalty in perpetuity."

Comment: Re:Probably not the approach I'd have taken (Score 2) 118

by davester666 (#49534709) Attached to: Swallowing Your Password

I believe the idea is that they are 'single-use' devices, get to keep buying new ones for the rest of your life, otherwise you are locked out of everything.

Now there's you buy groceries and eat outside, or buy a new password and go hungry. Or dig through your shit and be disgusted.

And they'll make sure it corrodes from acid in your digestive tract so you can't fully 'reuse' it...

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