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No, this is bait & switch.

He's said all kinds of things that sound really pro-consumer, but then when it actually comes to putting the rubber to the road, he flips to being pro-cable/telephone company. He's done it for every single significant issue the FCC has been involved with since he was appointed.

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by davester666 (#47905993) Attached to: Oculus Rift CEO Says Classrooms of the Future Will Be In VR Goggles

This should finish off the job of not educating a good portion of the population. Between not being able to 'VR' into the class because the internet bill couldn't be paid, to the VR helmet being broken/used for video games instead, to even less 'classroom discipline' [kids actually paying attention to the teacher], to the biggest one, chiefly even less social interaction between kids.

Sure, some kids can successfully learn this way, but not a lot.

And rich kids parents know it's all about connections while growing up, so they will still bundle them off actual schools.

But I can totally see that 'inner city' schools will be forced to spend billions on this technology, and it will be sold to the public as 'giving the poorest children the biggest hand up". And teachers of those schools will generally be for it because it means far less stress in class trying to get children/teenagers to pay attention without being able to discipline them [they will just cut of any student that bothers them] and it makes it that much harder for the students to knife the teacher.

So, this is really a 'win' for America. Spend billions of dollars to help the poor, by giving that money to several large corporations, then shove it out into the poorest schools and forget about it.

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