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Comment: Re:no power (Score 1) 234

Of course, the basics that help make good STEM students - teaching kids how to learn instead of just rote memorization and regurgitation of facts, how to solve problems using the tools at hand, how to think critically - are very useful no matter what field someone ends up in, be it programming or performance art.

Comment: Re:Blocking access (Score 1) 79

by sumdumass (#49771941) Attached to: Leaked Document Shows Europe Would Fight UK Plans To Block Porn

Try turning the safe search filter on for google search and search for it. Thats essentially all this will be other than filtered at the ISP instead of a search engine.

Most people don't even know google turns this filter on by default. Other search engines do the same. Its not much different and any government wanting to know if you specify are a pervert will either get your records from Google or find the info on the computer / device itself and possibly without your knowledge.

Some ISP spam filters operate in the same way. On by default and push porn to the spam filter inbox.

Comment: Re:Please correct the headline... (Score -1) 168

by sillybilly (#49771507) Attached to: <em>A Beautiful Mind</em> Mathematician John F. Nash Jr. Dies

Let's go off on a paranoid tangent...

As you know all cellphones are tracked and

all cars with chips in them probably have remote control features in them - I can attest to personal experiences on that, as in, what are the chances that almost every single day that one specific light is yellow, whether you go slow or fast, then one time the engine and power steering suddenly die right when you have to make a sharp left turn coming off the highway and struggle with the steering column or smash into a highway overhead bridge, or, passing emissions testing, it's fine for half an hour from the repair shop as you drive to it, on the highway, then as soon as you leave, then get back on the highway, bam, check engine light comes back on, like, come oooon, or, another one, with smooth steering, like an old stereo knob (probably some fluid coupling steering), suddenly stops going the way you tell it and goes a different direction and starts spinning your car at highway speeds, smashing into the side berm bouncing off, your head smashing the driver side window and both air bags deployed, but otherwise unscathed (must have had angels interfere there), it all starts adding up to where I totally distrust chips in a car, and my dream car is probably like a 1971 Porsche that is before the era of chips, simply over remote control safety issues -

so they probably kill his ass because in these days of Obamacare and mandatory treatment, they have a hard time to justify mandatory treatment, especially when they declare people mentally ill who show up at a hospital sick, saying they are hallucinating about symptoms, and then they force medication unto them, because "they need it", being mentally ill, and, well, patients right to refuse treatment and all that, the case of the movie "A beautiful mind" is a clear example that even mentally ill people have the right to refuse medication, and live with their symptoms, and live a decent humane life like that. That's why he died.

Punishment from a lot of angry insurance scam artist people.... ... ok, now back from that tangent, well, it's a possibility.. there are many possibilities in the world, whether it's likely or not is up for debate, but people do die in accidents, and often strange things happen, and in fact, if strange things never ever happen that in itself is unusual and strange. So we can chalk that one up to one of those "you never know" what happened or why things.

Comment: Re:females operate on emotion, not logic (Score 1) 234

That initiated is physical as well as mental. Please link to those studies instead of a promotional site. When the woman can hit her boyfriend/husband and he calls the police and *HE* is arrested for domestic violence even when witness support the events, all the stats are suspect.
Don't be a useful tool.

Comment: Re:How is this tech related? (Score 1) 135

by cayenne8 (#49768237) Attached to: EU Drops Plans For Safer Pesticides After Pressure From US

Seriously. If I wanted to know about other people's political beliefs, I would be on Facebook.

Well, how this affects human biology *IS* tech related IMHO.

And more and more...politics is affecting anything tech related in most any scientific field. Just try to come up with some new tech, put it on the market and see how far you before you're awash in a sea of regulations, paperwork and potential legal liability.

Comment: All the time (Score 3, Insightful) 629

by Sycraft-fu (#49767733) Attached to: Greece Is Running Out of Money, Cannot Make June IMF Repayment

The US always pays its debts when they are due. I think perhaps the problem is you don't understand how US debt works, and why it is a bit special:

So the most important thing to understand is the US doesn't go and beg people to give it money, rather it auctions debt. People come and purchase the debt. You can do it yourself on their Treasury Direct site. The US sells debt instruments to interested buyers. They are bid on, and whoever bids the lowest interest rate wins. The upshot is the US sets the terms of the debt instruments sold. They have a variety, some are as short as 4 weeks, some as long as 30 years. When you buy something, the terms of repayment are stated up front: What it'll pay, and when. There is no provision to cash out early, and you don't get to dictate any terms, you just choose what note you want to buy (if they are available).

This is how public debt works in a lot of countries, but it isn't how things go when you are getting loans from the IMF.

The other important thing is that all US debt is denominated in US dollars. A US debt instrument specifies how many dollars it'll pay out and that number is NOT inflation adjusted, except in a few very special cases. Well the US government also controls the US mint, which makes US dollars. So the US government can literally print money, and inflate its way in to payments. There are negatives to that, of course, but it is perfectly doable. The US controls its fiscal and monetary policy regarding its debt. Since all its debts are in US dollars, and since US dollars are the world's reserve currency, the US cannot face a crisis where it can't pay, unless such a crisis is internally generated (via the debt limit).

Not the case with Greek debt, it is in Euros and Greece doesn't control the Euro.

Finally, there's the fact that the US has great credit. Doesn't matter if you disagree that it should, fact is it does. Investors are willing to loan the US money for extremely low interest rates because they see it as a very safe investment. 4 week T-Bills have been going for between 0%-0.015%. 30-year bonds have been going for 2.5%-3.75%. Investors bid the interest rates very low because they desire it as a safe investment.

Comment: Re:I'll believe it when I see it... (Score 1) 116

by Rei (#49767671) Attached to: India Ends Russian Space Partnership and Will Land On the Moon Alone

Its not that simple. You can't just recover it from nuclear reactor waste because it's mixed in with other isotopes of plutonium, and isn't in that great of quantities to begin with. So first off you have to reprocess nuclear waste to extract the neptunium - which again, itself isn't in very great quantities, it takes a lot of waste, and most places don't want to do waste reprocessing to begin with due to cost and liability issues. You then have to make neptunium targets and expose them to a neutron flux - that is, using neutronicity that could otherwise be used for power generation or other valuable purposes (it takes a lot of neutrons to make a tiny bit of Pu238). Pu238 should be more thought of as a manufactured product than as a byproduct of particular types of nuclear reactors.

There are a few other candidates for use as space power sources that actually are waste products, but they're all significantly worse performers. There are two other alternatives. One is to make a Sterling RTG, which was in development, but funding has been cut off (it's also kind of tricky because you have to ensure that something with moving parts will operate for decades in the harsh environment of space). The other is to make an actual nuclear reactor. This means almost limitless power, but it comes at the expense of not only massive development costs and public opposition, but a large minimum size and massive radiator requirements, as well as the same reliability challenges of sterling generators.

There's no easy solutions. Except, of course, to stop bloody wasting plutonium once we have it.

Comment: Re: Great Recession part II? (Score 1) 629

by jcr (#49767389) Attached to: Greece Is Running Out of Money, Cannot Make June IMF Repayment

You are a moron.

Coming from you, that carries no weight at all.

Fiat currency has nothing to do with the 2008 crisis.

What's your next guess?

The whole problem was caused by a huge shadow banking system that essentially allowed to use private debts as if they were a currency.

All enabled by the Fed. You really weren't paying attention, were you?

Without the Fed holding down the interest rates by inflating the currency, rising rates would have limited the pyramiding of debt on debt.


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