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Comment Re:Say Russia did it for the purpose of argument.. (Score 1) 249

IAF 655 was misidentified and shot down due to technical limitations at the time.

Actually, the technology on board the AEGIS cruiser worked just fine, reporting that the plane was climbing, and squawking in civilian mode. It was the crew that decided that the plane needed shooting anyway.

Comment Re:How is it Ukraine's fault (Score 1) 249

It's not our fault an Iranian airliner attacked our battleship.


This is a battleship:

Or this:

Or this:

No country has built any of these things for several decades, and the last examples were retired from service in the 1990s, because they're expensive and their military value was reduced to almost zero by anti-ship missiles and modern aircraft. They'd only be of use if your enemy has neither of these two, but has targets valuable enough to deserve a pounding with 16-inch shells.

This is the "AEGIS cruiser" involved in the incident, and at the time it was one of the most sophisticated pieces of ocean-going electronics.

Comment Re:How is it Ukraine's fault (Score 1) 249

Well, Ukraine has shot down a civilian airliner once already, due to gross incompetence of their armed forces, and their president commented that with "shit happens, there are worse tragedies than that" back then.

Well, the US has shot down a civilian airliner once already, and their president commented "I don't care what the facts are. I will never apologize for the US.".

Moral of story: If you shoot down a civilian airliner, there's no such thing as a good comment.

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