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Comment: Dear advertisers ... (Score 1) 46

Dear advertisers,

I'll gladly have a look at your advertisements as long as they do not interfere with the page I am trying to view. In your interest, I will block anything that is intrusive (popup ads, anything that hogs 80% of my CPU time due to poorly designed flash, etc), since encountering these things makes me less likely to buy your products and diminishes my view of your company.

Comment: Re:Entire OS in about 1/3 of i7 Cache (Score 1) 368

by Ihlosi (#49704331) Attached to: MenuetOS, an Operating System Written Entirely In Assembly, Hits 1.0
From experience I know that a well-trained, well-weathered assembly hacker can generate code faster than the compiler.

Maybe if you have a really bad compiler and a simple, non-pipelined CPU.

I tried to out-optimize my compiler on a simple (ARM Cortex-M3) CPU, and it was really close, but the compiler still beat my hand-optimized code by a few percent, probably because the compilers programmers spent much more time reading the CPUs datasheet than I did.

I've mostly given up assembly. C, if done right, is just as fast and much more readable.

The product containing my first work project is still being sold. Naive as I was, and lacking tutoring/guidance from more experienced folks, I wrote most of it in assembly on a DSP with lots of ... interesting features - six-stage pipeline, delayed instructions, tons of internal states to keep track of (fractional mode, etc), zero-overhead looping, circular buffers in hardware, etc. I hope I'll never have to touch this code again.

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