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Comment Re:Oh God (Score 1) 268

An omniscient God precludes the possibility of human free will.

Well, an omnipotent God definitely allows the possibility of human free will. And omnipotence trumps omniscience hands down - someone who cannot decide what he wants to know, and what he doesn't want to know, or only wants to know later, definitely isn't omnipotent. It's kind of like root being able to read your email, but he can decide not to.

Also, things get a bit fuzzy when you consider the timelessness that is implied by omnipotence. You might be able to distinguish between "now" and "not now", but you can't really put things in a sequence of past, present and future.

Comment Re:How long will the company stay up? (Score 1) 494

Are you suggesting that you simply take them away from me for... reasons?

Because the shareholders obviously didn't hire the right people to run the company for them.

However, you can sue the people that did in fact run the company for the losses you incurred due to their illegal acts.

Comment Re: Aw... (Score 1) 618

Why would they turn off the program that lowers emissions if thy bothered to implement it in the first place?

Because turning them off increases engine performance over the range of operating conditions and increases gas mileage.

Just to be assholes?

No, because they want to sell cars. And engine performance and gas mileage sell cars.

Comment Pick three: (Score 1) 618

[ ] Engine complies with emissions standards in normal driving conditions.
[ ] Customer never needs to refill DEF/AdBlue/whatever outside regular maintenance.
[ ] Customer gets really good fuel mileage, instead of just average.
[ ] Customer gets lots of engine power in a wide operating range, instead of getting lots of engine power at one operating point and not so much power at all other points.

Oh, and guess which of these points actually sell cars.

Comment But the engine DOES pas NOx tests (Score 1) 618

Engineer: We can't make this engine pass NOx tests.

But the engine did pass NOx tests. It just runs better when it doesn't. Maybe it gets 140hp@4000 rpm, but with the emissions system working it only gets 90hp@2000rpm instead of, say, 120hp@2000rpm. (Numbers are completely made up).

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