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Comment Re:Trump just says stuff (Score 1) 875

' I also know that even if he does, nothing will change. It will just be the same thing we have now (with slightly more comedy perhaps).... but nothing will really change..."

You really think that with Republican control of the House and with a Republican in the White House that will rubber stamp everything Congress dreams up, nothing will change?

Should that happen, Congress will slap together a Capitalist dream-come-true wish list and send it to the White House post-haste. Massive deregulation of business, defund the EPA, cut education, repeal the ACA and replace it with insurance-company backed (and as such, worthless) vouchers, transition to a corporate-run Social Security program (banks and financial markets are just drooling to get their hands on THAT money), cut corporate tax rates and tax rates in general, repeal the inheritance tax, repeal the capital gains tax, appease the Religious right backers that got them elected by zapping Planned Parenthood and promoting the US's "one true faith", and on, and on.

Thinking "nothing will change" if that happens is delusional, not to mention dangerous...

Comment Re:land of the the free ? (Score 1) 563

And then, of course, many want to ban all sex education, access to contraception, access to abortion for any and all reasons, and, of course, any "questionable" material in books, television, and movies.

They don't want "big" government, but they do want government to impose their own views and morals on everyone else...

Comment Re:Fail. (Score 1) 250

Phones are rapidly getting to the point where there's a case, screen, logic board, camera, battery and a few connectors. So what you're telling us is that you can take the big block apart into a few smaller blocks that can't be individually disassembled.

I fully expect that in the not too distant future they're going to meld the screen electronics with the logic board electronics, to the point where you have a case, screen, and battery.

Comment Re:iFixit is NOT unbiased (Score 1) 250

I fixed ny stepson's ASUS notebook a year ago and it too needed a video repair guide to crack the case, remove the keyboard and fan and in the process gain access to the failed power board.

The power board, BTW, failed because it cracked and it cracked because the power receptor was soldered directly to the power board with no other strain relief. As such, every time you moved the laptop while it was plugged in the cable would pull on the receptor which stressed the board... until it broke.

Easy to repair? Not really, though it was repairable and parts were available. Flip side is that if the thing had been properly engineered in the first place I wouldn't have had to have made the repair at all.

Comment Re:Nude == Rude? (Score 5, Informative) 172

In 2008, the Washington Post reported on a University of Washington study which found that teenagers who received comprehensive sex education were 60% less likely to get pregnant than someone who received abstinence-only education.

A 2007 federal report found that abstinence-only programs have had "no impacts on rates of sexual abstinence," reported ThinkProgress.

In a 2011 study published in the journal PLOS One, researchers found a similar correlation between a state's commitment to abstinence education and pregnancy rates.

One of the most interesting and notable examples of this phenomenon comes out of Texas, which, according to ThinkProgess, has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the country and a track record of strict abstinence-only education.

Comment Re: They just want people that can BS through the (Score 1) 306

"I used to wonder why I was always being singled out at work and that's it. Simply being smarter is an issue even if you're not being condescending."

Reminds me of a friend who's worked a dozen or so jobs over the past couple of years and inevitably ends up complaining about how his boss and coworkers don't like him. Perhaps, like him, what you consider to be condescending and what everyone else around you considers to be condescending are two different things?

I mean, if you were "really" smart, you might have figured out by now that communication skills are important.

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