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Comment: Re:Regulation or Legislation? (Score 2) 59

by techno-vampire (#48183015) Attached to: Brain Patterns Give Clues To Why Some People Just Keep Gambling
Anyway, since when was it necessary to study brain patterns to establish if someone is a compulsive gambler?

If you have to ask that question, you've not understood what the study was about. It's not about trying to find out if people are compulsive gamblers, it's about why they are.

Comment: Not at all accurate (Score 5, Insightful) 39

by techno-vampire (#48173343) Attached to: How Whisper Tracks Users Who Don't Share Their Location
My connection is on a dynamic IP address. The best any of those services can do is tell you what city my ISP's router is in, and one of the three services tested by (the service pointed to by TFA) managed to get it wrong. And, I'm not the least bit impressed by the claim that the author's location was correct withing 5 miles, as that still leaves anybody looking for you with just over 78.5 square miles to search.

Comment: Re:Get Off My Lawn (Score 2) 34

by techno-vampire (#48172719) Attached to: High-Tech Walkers Could Help Japan's Elderly Stay Independent
I'm 50 now, which makes me a decrepit old man by Slashdot standards...

I'm 65, and by my standards you're still a kid. I have a number of chronic medical conditions, including osteoporosis, but I still stand straight and don't need a walker, or even a cane. You don't have to be decrepit by the time you're ready to retire unless you don't try to take care of yourself or your health is considerably worse than mine. (Until recently, I was taking 33 pills/day, all but four by prescription.) Yes, it's nice to know that these devices may soon be available for those who need them, but it's even nicer to know that for now, at least, I'm not one of them.

Comment: Re:Disability Act (Score 3, Funny) 34

by techno-vampire (#48172653) Attached to: High-Tech Walkers Could Help Japan's Elderly Stay Independent
In order to be useful to people using walkers or in wheelchairs, buildings need to have ramps instead of, or along with stairs. I don't know about the rest of Europe, but there's a good reason you don't find ramps in England: until recently, adding ramps meant that the Daleks could get in. Of course, now that Daleks can levitate, that's no longer an issue.

Comment: Re:Until... (Score 1) 142

by techno-vampire (#48070899) Attached to: US Navy Develops Robot Boat Swarm To Overwhelm Enemies
This, of course, assumes that the defending fleet doesn't have any effective anti-missile defenses. Subs would be better, of course, if it weren't for our extensive ASW capability. You don't think that the people in charge of the USN haven't thought about how to protect their ships, do you?

Comment: Re:Every new employee (Score 1) 554

Why was there such an uproar over Metro? Alas, I never used it so I can't say. It's possible that it wasn't easy to customize, which was one of the things that drove me away from Gnome 3. Right now, I'm using Xfce 4.10, and have it set up somewhat like Win98 SE, except that it has four desktops and I can reach the main menu by right-clicking on the desktop because that's how I like it. The important thing is that there's no One True Desktop for Linux and any company considering migrating to it can do a little bit of pre-rollout experimenting to find what works best for their workforce.

Comment: Re:Every new employee (Score 2) 554

You can use X11/Linux, but then you'll have to keep paying the retraining cost for every new employee you hire...

FUD, pure and simple. Most modern Linux DEs look and act very similar to Windows because they're designed to do the same thing. Your typical office worker doesn't need to know more about using Linux than he does about using Windows, meaning that all they need to know is which icon to click on to do what. And, most of the office software for Linux isn't constantly changing the UI, so that once it's learned, it doesn't have to be re-learned every time there's a minor upgrade. And, as far as peripherals go, stay away from the bleeding edge, and the odd are that It Just Works.

Comment: Re:Businesses don't want to spend money on PCs (Score 0, Flamebait) 554

Businesses buy Windows. It is hopelessly annoying, but a fact of life.

I know this isn't what you meant, but what I find annoying about this is the fact that they could install Linux for free, saving money (after whatever re-training costs are recovered) and allowing them to lower prices while increasing their profits.

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