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by techno-vampire (#47864125) Attached to: Surprising Result of NYC Bike Lanes: Faster Traffic for Cars
The dedicated left-hand turn lane is probably considerably older than most of Slashdot's readership. I remember seeing them in San Diego in the mid to late 1950s, and they reached Los Angels, where my family was living, within a very few years. I won't say that San Diego had them first, but if not, they were a definite early adopter.

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by techno-vampire (#47857883) Attached to: Is It Time To Split Linux Distros In Two?
There are lots and lots of people out there who use Linux for numerical number-crunching and scientific tasks.

I run Fedora Linux on my desktop and keep it running 24/7. One of the reasons is that I always have BOINC running in the background, doing work for The World Community Grid and Einstein@home. This way, I can be using my computer to help others even when I'm asleep, or away from home.

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But that some consensus views are wrong does not mean all consensus views are wrong.

That's exactly correct. It does, however, demonstrate that consensus in and of itself is not a form of scientific proof and that people who keep saying, "We have a consensus, the science is settled." simply don't understand how science works.

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...especially any extraneous bitterness to make room for the bitterness of caffeine.

My understanding is that most of that bitterness comes from over-roasting and burning the beans, which is why Charbux coffee tastes the way it does. (How they've managed to make so many people believe that's the way coffee is supposed to taste is something I'll never know.) On the rare occasions that I'm stuck with either that or nothing, I always make sure to have some salt with me. Just a few grains of salt neutralizes the bitterness and makes their coffee drinkable.

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You can claim that income taxes are unconstitutional all you want, and even cite another poster as "proof," but the Sixteenth Amendment to the US Constitution says otherwise. Federal income taxes are expressly permitted by the Constitution and have been since the amendment was ratified in February, 1913.

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It looks like the OCR screwed up.

It's not so bad that the OCR screwed up; programs do that once in a while. The big problem is that nobody bothered to proofread the output to catch any glitches. And it's not just a one-time thing. I've bought a few ebooks that are scanned and OCR'd versions of dead-tree books and so far, not one of them's been proofread. The problem here isn't that OCR isn't perfect, it's that the people using it think that it is.

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Is 10,000 Leagues Under the Sea considered science?

I don't know; I've never heard of it. By any chance are you referring to Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea? If so, most definitely, because the book accurately predicted a number of features that later became standard on submarines.

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Gnome and KDE are no more difficult to configure than Windows or Mac.

True, but not relevant, at least in a server environment. Most of your servers probably won't have a GUI, or even a monitor, being administered by ssh and a CLI. For those few boxes that need a GUI, you're much better off with Xfce, Enlightenment or some other lightweight DE that doesn't suck up such a large percentage of your RAM and CPU cycles, leaving you with more resources to devote to work. And, even if they do take a little more time to configure, so what? It's a one time task, and trivial to copy from one box to another as needed.

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If you'd bothered to RTFA, you might have kept your foot out of your mouth: "The money will come from the government, but a new hand is worth $75,000, authorities said."

Oh you Republicans are all alike.

Yet another pointless, irrelevant unproven argumentum ad hominum from an aptly named Anonymous COWARD.

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What made you think that the vet got screwed over? He lost his legs and his arm, meaning that his disability is service connected and he's responsible for none of the costs related to it. I know; I have a minor service connected disability (hearing loss caused by being around too much outbound shore bombardment back in '72) and all of my hearing aids, batteries, repair and replacement are done at no charge.

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