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Comment False metric (Score 5, Insightful) 232

Counting the number of times tutorials are accessed tells you how many people are learning (or considering learning) a language, not how many are using it now. All this can do is tell you if people expect to need it in the future, because for the most part, if you're currently programming in a particular language, you shouldn't need to be going over tutorials.

Comment Re:The thing about the "bombing ISIS positions"... (Score 1) 488

They're not going to be able to transport enough munitions cross-country in civilian vehicles or store enough inside a school or hospital to keep an army in the field. What you're talking about is adequate for a small force of terrorists, but that's not exactly what we're dealing with here.

Comment Re:The thing about the "bombing ISIS positions"... (Score 1) 488

There was a lot of area bombing done during WW II, mostly at night, because daylight bombing was too dangerous and the bomb sights used at night weren't accurate enough. Now, of course, we can and have hit specific buildings in a city with almost no collateral damage from misses. Taking out major headquarters buildings is a good idea (Chop off the head and the body dies.) once they're identified, but even if that's not possible, isolating the battlefield is a better use of air power than simple ground support although the effects aren't as obvious in the short run.

Comment Re:The thing about the "bombing ISIS positions"... (Score 3, Insightful) 488

And really, we all know this isn't going to be won from the air.

I'm no proponent of "Victory through Air-Power," but as long as we have Air Supremacy, we might as well make proper use of it. (Why go all the trouble to get it if we're not going to use it?) Cut their supply lines, bomb any supply dumps we can locate and attack any truck convoys we find. That will isolate their front-line troups, making it easier for our ground forces to smash them and win the war. Make no mistake: it's the infantry and armor who are going to finish this in the long run, but the Air Force can make their job much easier if they do their part properly.

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