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Comment: Re:Good luck... (Score 1) 63

by techno-vampire (#49375263) Attached to: India Mandates Use of Open Source Software In Government
With UNIX, there is god and the peasant.

If you set sudo up correctly (i.e., nobody has unrestricted use of sudo and the admins are expected to use su instead.) you have God(s), the nobility and the peasants. The nobility, of course, consists of those users who are allowed limited access to sudo to manage their own boxes, but their privileges don't include doing the really dangerous stuff and the peasants neither have nor need even that limited access to elevated privileges.

Comment: Re:Complete article (Score 2) 427

by techno-vampire (#49368749) Attached to: Experts: Aim of 2 Degrees Climate Goal Insufficient
If your theory is so wonderfully complete, why can't you create a computer model that can start with conditions twenty years ago and work out a correct description of the present? Please note, I'm not denying that it's getting warmer. I simply don't subscribe to the current hubris that makes humanity responsible for all of it.

Comment: Re:Complete article (Score 0) 427

by techno-vampire (#49368167) Attached to: Experts: Aim of 2 Degrees Climate Goal Insufficient
Reading for comprehension; what a concept. It's a shame you don't understand it. The earth's climate is getting warmer. AGW claims that it can explain this fact by blaming it all on human activities. You can't, however, use the change as proof of AGW, because that would be circular reasoning.

Comment: Re:Complete article (Score 1, Insightful) 427

by techno-vampire (#49367297) Attached to: Experts: Aim of 2 Degrees Climate Goal Insufficient
Are you trying for the Logical Fallacy of the Year Award here?

The fact that it's getting warmer isn't proof that AGW is correct; at best, it's proof that it might not be completely wrong. I'm not saying that you're guilty of that fallacy, but I've seen many posts here by AGW fanatics that essentially say exactly that.

Comment: Re:Just disable it... (Score 1) 196

Just out of curiosity, is that the time between turning the power on and the OS starting to load or does that include the time it takes to load the OS? I know that you started out talking about firmware initialization, but boot time generally includes how long the OS takes to come up. In the latter case, there are ways to optimize that, by turning off services that you don't need started at boot. (As an example: if you only use MS Office once or twice a week, do you really need it loading in the background?) How you do that and how much control you have is, of course, very OS specific, but I don't know of any current desktop OS that doesn't let you do it at all.

Comment: Re:What Would be a Trivial Amount? (Score 2) 196

Now too much shit has a "soft" power shit, initially so it can sense a remote...

If you really want that stuff to turn off and stay off, don't plug it directly into the wall. Plug it into a power strip with a real on/off switch and turn it off there.

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