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Comment Re:They failed (Score 1) 101

/asrcasm "Sorry, your speech has been flagged for being subversive and causing dissent. For blasphemy of original thought, Citizen, you are charged with the Crime of Heresy; you have been re-assigned for Re-Indoctrination of Censorship and Sensitivity Training until you learn to express yourself in only official approved conduct that "We, the powers that be, Deem Fit." Have a nice day."

Translation: We're a bunch of wussies intolerant of other people expressing their opinion and instead want to dictate to others our myopic and idiotic viewpoints because everyone is a special snowflake that is offended by everything and everyone.

Yeah, fuck you Twitter.

Comment Re:What is the significance? (Score 1) 32

> ~~I~~ Clearly all the stuff I was doing was working before.

FTFY. Except maybe a grammar checker. :-)

Anyways, enough being snarky.

Maybe _you_ don't "need" high performance 3D graphics nor anything above say 2D 1024x800 @ 32-bpp resolution either, but as a graphics programmer / game dev I want to be able to target SoC devices without having to worry about a crappy OpenGL drivers that don't expose features or have horrible performance.

It basically means that game / graphic devs targeting cross-platforms such as OSX or Linux have one less barrier of entry to worry about. We can can get get back to writing shaders that just work across a multitude of devices without having to cut/hack out tons of (graphics) features because they are not supported by the driver, or the performance is abysmal.

The importance of a high performance OpenGL ES 2.x+ implementation can not be underestimated. It _enables_ a ton cool graphics features and games.

Submission + - Building better prosthetics with a knee exoskeleton (

Robofenix2 writes: When designing exoskeletons for rehabilitation of patients after spinal cord injury or stroke, creating them to be as natural as possible and allowing them to train the user to rebuild both muscles and neural networks is a constant issue. Stefan Schrade from RELab, Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory, at ETH Zurich and NCCR Robotics, Switzerland, explains how the ETH knee pertubator is training patients to recover from everyday bumps, knocks and stumbles.

Submission + - FY 2017 NASA budget proposal place Obama on collision course with Congress (

MarkWhittington writes: The Obama Administration has put forth its FY 2017 NASA budget proposal, according to GeekWire. The overall spending level is $19 billion, an almost $300 million cut from the current fiscal year. Much of the money comes out of the development for the Orion deep space vehicle and the heavy lift Space Launch System, the very basis of the space agency’s plans for exploring deep space beyond low Earth orbit.

Comment Re:The basic question is answered...but still... (Score 1) 382

The field wouldn't exists without government grants for the research.

Are you suggesting that only private industry should be allowed to fund research? That would mean only research that could result in profits would be funded. That can't possibly be what you're saying, but considering your other notions, I can't rule out the possibility that's what you think.

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