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Comment: Re:I thought we were trying to end sexism? (Score 0) 596

By activist you mean corporate lobbyists. They are the ones pushing this computer programming b.s.

Hmm...I wonder if they're pushing for more women in IT, because they can pay women less?

This way they get more cheap workers into the workforce, without having to increase HB-1 foreign workers?

Sounds like an interesting conspiracy theory.

But on the issue of separate (but equal) education. Why stop at boys/girls only schools. I would think ALL groups would do better in similar group schools no? Whites and blacks and latinos and orientals all in separate but equal schools. Separate out of those, the boys and girls...and from those the separate out the straights and gays.

At this point, I'd guess they would show stats that all groups do much better at whatever....right?

Comment: Re:Do not want (Score 1) 189

by cayenne8 (#49485711) Attached to: The Car That Knows When You'll Get In an Accident Before You Do

They told me that they were checking to see if people were wearing their seat belts and their licenses were not expired.


I remember when they were putting in the mandatory "wear your seatbelt" laws, in order to get them passed in many states, they said specifically that you could NOT get pulled over for not wearing one, that it could not be a primary offense for stopping you.

Now, of is.

And people wonder why I tend to be hesitant to grant the police/govt any new powers over me and new regulations.

I can't hardly think of a law passed that later wasn't expanded or used in creative new ways other than it was intended or sold to the public, in order to get it passed.

Comment: Re:I'll take it (Score 2) 294

You do realise you're just telling everyone you are massively insecure with your sexuality, right?

It has nothing to do with insecurity, I"m quite happy with my heterosexuality. And frankly I don't care what consenting adults do on their own behind closed doors.

But if a homosexual makes a pass at me or gropes me, I have no problem decking them. Sorry, but that's just the way it is. You can do what you want to do amongst yourselves, but leave me out of it. Period.

Comment: Re:Dinos (Score -1, Offtopic) 298

by cayenne8 (#49439731) Attached to: Did Natural Selection Make the Dutch the Tallest People On the Planet?

Oh, and if you're curious, I'm an American who's completed all my schooling exclusively in the USA, and I was only taught metric.


Perhaps I should add that I graduated in 1984.

Interesting, I graduated HS in about the same time period....and aside from a small nod to the metric system, the only time it was ever actually used was in chemistry classes.

Where in the US did you go to school where they used the metric system exclusively? That is pretty rare indeed.

I know intrinsically how I need to dress if it is 30F.

I have no clue what to wear at 30C without looking up the conversion online....

And, since Slashdot is a US centric site, I like it when things are put into American common terminology.

Comment: Re:Dinos (Score -1, Troll) 298

by cayenne8 (#49438443) Attached to: Did Natural Selection Make the Dutch the Tallest People On the Planet?
What's all this in centimeters and meters?

This is the US centric site...gimme the values in feet and inches so I can know what heights they're talking about intuitively , without having to switch to google to get some kinda conversion thing going.

Hell, it is hard enough to get folks to read the actual article, much less have to jump away from /. and do research before you can even digest what it says....

20 cm means nothing to me just reading it....

Comment: You Don't Know Jack...on Netflix? (Score 1) 210

On a slightly different slant....

ON Netflix their application (MAX) to help you choose something to watch , has a voice actor and general humor and feel of the old CD game (and later online too I think) "You Don't Know Jack".

Has anyone else noticed this? I wonder if this is by the old YDKJ folks? Those quizzes were funny and fun I always thought. MAX on Netflix sure seems a lot like You Don't Know Jack.

Comment: Re:Wrong profession (Score 1) 201

It probably bothers you because you were taught multiplication by memorizing a table, they are being taught to understand multiplication.

I was definitely taught by memorizing multiplication tables, I remember at least 2x weeks my parents essentially grounded me at home till I got them memorized (2's through 12's)....

It took all of about 30 seconds for me to grasp the concept that it was addition of numbers, that was easy to see and figure out (2x3 = 3+3 how hard is that?)....

But, being able to do the multiplication in my head instantly helped me move much faster in life and classes. Know them by memory enabled me to finish early tests early, and later more difficult math problems quicker...even carrying on into chemistry with figuring molar figures, etc.

"Necessity is the mother of invention" is a silly proverb. "Necessity is the mother of futile dodges" is much nearer the truth. -- Alfred North Whitehead