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Comment Re:You have to start somewhere (Score 1) 82

Well what happens if Facebook decides to decline doing business with the French citizens and France?

  As far as US law being applied everywhere, perhaps your politicians have signed a treaty you're not aware of, and and would rather have you blame the US for extra-territorial enforcement than except responsibility for negotiating a treaty that may not reflect your view of what your best interests are.

Politicians are sneaky weasels, you have to keep a microscope up their ass or they'll do things you don't like.

Comment Re:Predictions, so far, have been accurate (Score 1) 551

Go to IPCC 5th Assessment report, chapter 9, page 28, graph (a) Observed and CHIMP5 Simulated Global Mean Surface Air Temperature, you'll see that there is at least a .3C difference between the CHIMP5 model mean and HADCrut4 and GISTEMP. Most consider the period of 1951 to 1980 to be the global average temperature baseline which has a value of 14 degrees Celsius and 2015 has warmed a supposed 0.98C that gives 0.3/0.98*100= 30.6% error!

I have problems excepting a 30% errors as predictive value

Comment Re:"you don't have to be very accurate" (Score 1) 246

Not really to knock out a Minuteman III silo 50% of the time you'd have to detonate a 50KT warhead within 100 m of the silo, which at re-entry vehicle speeds takes some pretty fancy shooting. You can't group your shots too close together or the neutrons from one device will pre-initiate it's neighbours. Those mushroom clouds are full of crap, a re-entry vehicle can't fly through one without being destroyed but a slower launch vehicle can fly through. A nuclear war is a bit more involved than you'd think.

Comment Re:Let's get real (Score 1) 246

A ground burst also limits the damage.

A ground burst, which includes a burst close enough to the ground for the fire-ball to touch the ground, draws up a metric-boatload of soil to neutron-activate and mix with radioactive un-fissioned fuel, depleted U234 reflectors and daughter nucleotides. That mess makes a lot of really dirty fallout. Even a nuclear weapon that fails to initiate makes a hell of a mess when the detonaters blow it to hell and back.

Comment Re:The basic question is answered...but still... (Score 1) 551

Sadly he's probably correct, divide the globe into 5 degree cells, run a hundred calculations on each cell for a half hour time slice, keep going for a 30 year simulation and the round-off error alone would make the results less reliable than a one line simple model. Monckton et. al. said pretty much the same thing.

Comment Re:Okay, assume the climate science is settled (Score 1) 551

If it's settled that human-emitted carbon is warming up our climate that might mean fewer jobs for climatologists, but it will mean a lot more jobs for reactor builders and people who can assemble and pilot supertanker loads of iron dust.

If the global were actually warming and the warming was caused by anthropogenic CO2 then ocean fertilization by supertanker loads of iron dust would logically reduce or eliminate the warming, that's why Ocean Fertilization is illegal; only methods that are ineffective and cause massive human suffering are allowed.

Comment Re:And, will the Martians stop driving? (Score 1) 551

A) How much of the change is likely to be caused by which of the several known factors, and potentially unknown factors?

You will never find out with the present crew of Climatologists, everybody wants a mention in the big game, an IPCC Assessment Report, and the IPCC's mission is to access anthropologically caused global change through CO2 release anything else is outside their purview.

Comment Re:The basic question is answered...but still... (Score 1) 551

I guess that just goes to show you that if your prediction is supported by observational confirmation, you tend to keep your job. if you predict sea levels are going to rise by meters and it rises by millimeters, you tend to ask people "Do you want fries with that?'

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