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by budgenator (#46802491) Attached to: Biofuels From Corn Can Create More Greenhouse Gases Than Gasoline

The reason to push for ethanol is that corn ethanol could be a temporary bridge to cellulosic ethanol, which is much lower in GHGs. The science isn't there yet to do cellulosic at scale, but regs like the LCFS or EPA's Renewable Fuel Standard guarantee that there will be a long-term market, and make private industry more comfortable in investing in the technology.

Some times you do actually have to read the article, the article is not about making Ethanol from the sugars and starches in the grain portion of the corn plant like everybody is assuming, it's about making ethanol from the stalks, leaves and cobs normally left on the fields.

Corn stover -- the stalks, leaves and cobs in cornfields after harvest -- has been considered a ready resource for cellulosic ethanol production.

This is a bad idea because it removes organic matter from the soil and making it less fertile, more easily compacted and more prone to errotion. Fields in that condition require more fertilizer and increased tillage to maintain productivity.

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by budgenator (#46795263) Attached to: VA Supreme Court: Michael Mann Needn't Turn Over All His Email

So did Phill Jones at the Climatic Research Unit of the University of E. Anglica but that expectation of privacy didn't stop the character calling him/herself FOIA from releasing all the Emails that were required to be released by GB's Freedom of Information Act.

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If you put random data into Mann's formulas you always get the hockey stick? Even "random noise?" Wow, where's the citation for this? And why does he need Mann's personal emails then? It seems like he could show Mann was a liar and phony pretty easily if "random noise" reproduces the results.

The citation for random noise; also note that just because the computer programming implimentation of Mann's formulas is wrong doesn't mean the Mann's formula themselves are wrong.

Backgrounder for McIntyre and Mc Kitrick “Hockey Stick Project”January 27 2005

The GRL article, “Hockey Sticks, Principal Components and Spurious Significance”
<> identifies what is almost certainly a computer programming error in the principal components method used in MBH98. The error causes their PC method to nearly always identify hockey
stick shaped series as the “dominant pattern” in a data set (the so-called “first Principal Component” or PC1), even
when the data are just random numbers. We carried out 10,000 simulations in which we fed “red noise”, a form of trendless random numbers, into the MBH98 algorithm . In over 99% of the cases it produced hockey stick shaped PC1

Steyn said Mann's "hockey stick" graph was fraudulent, which the above citation appears to support, Mann is suing Steyn for defamation claiming that Steyn called Mann the person a fraud, which is sufficent to allow Steyn pretty wide berth durring the discovery phase to look into Mann's professional conduct and correspondance to deduce past behaviours as part of Steyn's defense. Additionally Steyn is a journalists, and Mann is by most common standards a public figure so the rules governing libel and slander are different then for most of us peons living in anonymity.

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Do you want all your email and documents published to the public? If not, what do you have to hide?

If your a public servant sending and receiving Emails via a publicly owned servers, while on publicly paid for time, you had better be prepared for the eventuality that everything will be made public. Sooner or later these Emails will be leaked, all it takes is one FOIA, Manning or Snowden and all your secrets are public!

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I reverse-engineered the old Microsoft assembler for CP/M to give it an advanced feature it lacked and did it strictly on my own time and for my own private benefit (pre-DMCA).

Disassembling something like SSL is several orders of magnitude more involved than an assembler for CP/M, but I'll give you extra points if you remember what run #400 did.

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It was a catch-22 situation, philosophically Democrats hate the Industrial-Millitary complex, and philosophically Democrats, (like most Americans) support the troops. It's pretty hard to hurt the Industrial-Millitary complex without hurting the troops, yet NASA is a pretty good suragate for the Industrial-Millitary complex as a lot of the subcontractors are the same and no troops to worry about. Of course I'm probably giving too much credit and they really were that stupid.

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The US really does go batshit crazy when somebody attacks us, especially when the attack is on civilians; I think something on the order of 1 or 2 thousand jihadists have been killed in Iraq and Afganistan for every casualty in 9/11. Sooner or later people will figure that messing with the US is just like kicking a hornet's nest.

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