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I don't know where your at, but in the mid-thumb area, we've had about 2 weeks of what we would have in a normal summer, our typical August drought was replaced with record rains, and fall came at least 3 weeks early. Solar irradiance is down, there is no serious El Nino on the horizon, Arctic Sea Ice is higher than any time in the last 5 years, so I'm hoping for slightly worse, but I've already got a shovel in the car, I'm putting together a go-bag with a weeks worst of necessities to take with me to work and I'm thinking about buying snowshoes for the car! Global Warming is likely to become a fond memory I'm afraid.

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If Boeing gets the same "Bang for the Buck" that SpaceX gets that's a very valid point, but my suspicion is SpaceX is going to get more bang for the buck than Boeing can. SpaceX has one mission, but Boeing has it's finger's into a lot of pies and that has to color their respective corporate cultures.

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I feel guilty driving a newer model Honda Civic knowing that if I bought something cheaper I could maybe feed someone less fortunate.

Oh bullshit, if you were going to feed somebody, you would just do it. The price of a Honda isn't going to keep you from send $5.00 to the soap-kitchen or UNICEF.

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Thanks for the link, when I went to International Business Times, the light on my laptop's camera flashed, which makes me suspicious about the website's safety. The content at IBT looks a lot like they cut and pasted a provided article and lost considerable meaning.

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It's what Cairns-Smith called the bomb in the basement of modern physics.
I interpret it as suggesting that even after you've described all particles, forces, fields and laws, there will still be something left to explain. Also known as "some things transcend Human understanding". You can be an atheist and believe this, by the way.

Yes indeed, It's approximately 4.669 201 609 102 990 671 853 203 821 578(...). We want a Deterministic system and predictable on an emotional level, it feeds our needs in Maslow's hierarchy of needs, if we don't find order and predictability in our religion, we tend to look to science.
Science can't yield the predictability because the initial conditions are unknowable in the microseconds of the big bang.

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, Barr answered “no” when asked if she had ever been a member of an organization “dedicated to the use of violence” to overthrow the U.S. government or to prevent others from exercising their constitutional rights.

However, according to an OPM summary report that served as the basis for NSF’s decision, Barr was being less than forthright. “You provided no information regarding your affiliations with subgroups of M19CO—a known terrorist organization,” the report notes. Her answers during the interview, it concluded, “constituted a deliberate misrepresentation, falsification, deceit, or omission of material fact.”

I'm not sure the Government has established that Barr could resonably have been expected to known that the Women’s Committee Against Genocide and the New Movement in Solidarity with Puerto Rican Independence were subgroups of The May 19 Communist Organization (M19CO), and that that organization was "a known terrorist organization”, “dedicated to the use of violence”. I would hope that because the Government is prohibited from interfering with the people's right to speech and peacably assemble, that it in total and it's member's as individuals would hold themselves to a higher standard of conduct.

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I know for a fact that the forms you submit to the OPM ask you in plain English "have you ever belonged to an organization dedicated to the violent overthrow of the US government"

How many degrees of separation are they talking about, how do they define "dedicated". "violent overthrow", I know what that means, but a government bureaucrat can mission creep that into just about anything. If you have belonged to any organization, then some rogue government agent who's gone off the rails can demonstrate that you've belonged to a group or sub-group of a terrorist organization.

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You moved the goalposts, you're the first in this thread to ask for raw data, as in unadjusted daily (not monthly) values. That's gigabytes of data you're asking for which may not exist anymore - ...

If the raw data doesn't exist, (Phil Jones admited it was destroyed shortly after Climategate) then the results can't be replicated, and if the results can't be replicated it isn't science.

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The hiatus still continues.
And yes there is a hiatus nowdays even in the mainstream pro-agw camp, saying otherwise makes you a denier.

Turns out that this is a misleading talking point.

from your link

Unfortunately, however, the hiatus looks likely to be temporary, with projections suggesting that when the trade winds return to normal strength, - See more at:

If the hiatus is a misleading talking point, why are the warmistas trying so hard to spin it into a supposedly temporary event? There been something like 38 different hypotheses as to why the warming has stopped for eighteen years.

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