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Comment Re: There is only one goal (Score 4, Interesting) 555

I had GM rental few years back, going around a highway turn at 60 mph in North Carolina the Chevy shutoff. Power steering locked solid as result. I applied breaks, but road straighten before car completely stopped. I ended up in a corn field about 15 feet off side of road. My wife and I were lucky, produce not so much. Turns out that was the problem GM hid that killed other people. Thanks for example proving how dumb smart guns are.

PS - I wrote this while open carrying an extremely reliable S&W in Texas. God Bless.

Comment Re: did they damage the car? (Score 1) 461

What if the reason he left the car there was he legally couldn't move it without a valid license?

Also not every cop is incompetent, but the overwhelming major are disconnected from the people they police, power tripping bullies, disgruntled revenue generators, slow thinkers (aka incompetent) or a combination of the above.

Comment Re: I have *two* ISP... (Score 1) 125

This hit home for me. I cannot get DSL, fiber or cable where I live outside of Austin in the Texas Hill Country. My home ISP is a T-Mobile hotspot. To ensure I don't go over my hotspot limit, it isn't uncommon for me to download CentOS, Ubuntu or Windows 10 ISOs over my unlimited cell phone plan and copy them over USB to my network. My running average on my cell is 25-27 Gigs of data a month. I have TV setup so I plug in cell to HDMI and then stream Amazon.

Comment Why is diversity an objective? (Score 5, Insightful) 335

How does being diverse help a company or team?

Why stop at Microsoft?

Let's look at the NBA Portland Trail Blazers. No women, not enough south-Americans, Asians, native-Americans or even whites!

Doesn't the NBA realize they would be so much better off if they focused on diversity instead of their narrow minded goal of getting the best basketball players?

That Paul Allen guy is a performance and results bigot. Just look at what he is doing with the Seattle Seahawks.

I see anti-diversity examples all over Allen's successful investments, with a clear focus on talent, skill, work ethic, etc. instead of a person's race or sex.

What kind of world will this result in, if people are rewarded for what they contribute instead of what they look like and whether or not they have any balls?

Comment Re: Power Source (Score 1) 352

What about a simple nuclear reactor where the fuel is recycled? From a size and weight to energy prodution/output, would be ideal. Given space ship construction and sub construction, doesn't seem like a difficult or costly modification to use existing reactor designs and convert to space uses. Course there is dealing with no gravity aspect, but shouldn't be to tricky.

Submission + - Freedom is alive and well with Open Source Hardware that builds guns

jackspenn writes: Not sure how many /.ers know, but it is completely legal to build a gun in the US.

There is no required background check and you aren't even required to put a serial number on it, provided the gun complies with your states laws. Daniel Defense just came out with the Ghost Gunner that is a $999 mini CNC machine that allows people to make their own AR-15 lower recievers (every other part of the gun you can order and have shipped to your house). This Brownell's link along with a search of youtube will give you all the information you need regarding parts and assembly.

Geeks and Nerds may find it interesting that the site is redirected and secured with SSL by default andpurchases are handled via bitcoin. This suggests DD thinks not just about physical security of it's customers, but their secuirty as a whole.

Given the hardware source is free, this means you can build your own personal armory.

Comment Re: Just don't update it that way. (Score 3, Funny) 203

You don't know what the extent is. You just have a small number of examples

Which, is why we're opening up the latest /. challenge.

We've slashdotted web sites before, but not retail stores. So what if in the name of science we go to Apple stores and test for ourselves? (We can publish experiments and their results on YouTube ... Oh the iRony)

Think of how helpful this will be; not only Apple designers, but for consumers as well.

Let's test the iPhone 6+ in tight pants, really tight pants, European tight pants, blue jeans, front pockets, back pockets, shirt pockets, skirt pockets and dare I suggest some of the boys over at the Scottish Apple store (or administrators of System V based Unix) try testing kilt pockets.

iLearn by example, so remember we need a control. Somebody is going to have to go to the NYC glass cube, buck naked. We need to know if your iPhone 6+ gets bent or not when the police choke hold you from behind.

Comment Re: Third option (Score 5, Insightful) 421

Spot on commentary.

You are saying what many Android users are saying around the virtual water cooler ... aka Google hangouts.

"So how the hell did Apple release a phone with the camera sticking out the back, especially when increasing the thickness would have allowed for bigger battery and stronger case?"

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