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Comment Re:Some skepticism (Score 1) 46

It does seem like the antivirals are having an effect in a small group of patients, the question is whether the effect holds up in studies designed to study the effect and are statistically rigorous, and if it isn't significant is that because the population had undiscovered factors complicating the study.

Comment Re:Nerd news (Score 2) 348

Putting this conversation back at least partly into the nerd domain,

So, can anyone explain to me why the US government (top executive levels) doesn't have a standard secure e-mail communications system?

I honestly don't get it.

1. Government run Email systems are secure and are backed up regularly to prevent data loss, as required by law.
2. Government run Email systems are subject to Freedom of Information requests, as required by law.
3. Freedom of Information requests, for information stored on Government run Email systems are fulfilled by third party Government administrators without regard to whether it about embarrassing, immoral or illegal activities of a Former Sec of State, as required by law.
Hillary Clinton is a control freak, the idea of anybody else controlling information about her other than her is enough to cause her to meltdown.

Comment Re:They exist. Prices still low. New digital divid (Score 1) 435

It will also be interesting to see if a new digital divide develops, with some people still without IPv6 connectivity and stuff they want only available via IPv6. (Again, I doubt it will be an issue.)

Just start a rumor that Google gives preferential page rank to IPv6, then everybody and everything will be on it!

Nothing recedes like success. -- Walter Winchell