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Comment: I have wondered about doing 'leasing' for .... (Score 1) 43 43

residential HVAC. Basically:
1) insulate a home;
2) put in new windows, doors;
3) put in LED bulbs;
4) put in geo-thermal HVAC;

Then for the next 10-15 years, collect the difference on the utility bill. After that, the changes belong to the home.
It seems like this might be a win-win type operation.

Comment: Re:The bravest astronaut (Score 1) 42 42

SpaceX is a new company and had 19 launches before failure on this. Even now, we still do not know what caused this.
They have already shown that had this been a manned flight, that the crew would have survived just fine. Hell, the dragon stayed whole after the explosion and that was without an escape system.

I suspect that PLENTY of astronauts and regular citizens such as myself, would feel very happy and trusting of SpaceX. The same for CST-100 on Atlas or Delta. And even Soyuz.

I will give you credit. Most of the trolls here are done as ACs.

Comment: Re:Fee Fees Hurt? (Score 2) 235 235

There have been 3 Slashdot stories about specific cases that I remember. (This isn't about "anti-child porn laws", but about very specific "block this list of sites at all ISPs" laws). I remember the UK for sure, the other 2 my memory fades on the details: it had become "oh, this shit again" by then. Give a crooked politician a tool like a blocklist and it will be abused.

Anarchy scares people

WTF is wrong with people these days? Any comments about "maybe a tiny bit less overwhelming government power" are always met with this "but anarchy is bad!" BS. Neither extreme is good, OK? "Regulate nothing" and "regulate everything" are both dystopian ideas.

Comment: Re:Fee Fees Hurt? (Score 2) 235 235

Oh? Familiar with safe spaces? "Triggering"? Colleges in the US are fraught with students claiming emotional distress over a speaker whose politics don't match the groupthink exactly. (This really happens). I can only hope this problem is contained to the US, but we've raised a large group of people so fragile that ideas contrary to their beliefs are considered emotional distress.

But what does it matter if the government is dishonest? Give a government any tool which allows them to jail someone for speech, and it can be twisted far enough to fit the government's needs.

Comment: Re:Fee Fees Hurt? (Score 1) 235 235

The claim is that it won't create "a right to be offended", because the term "Serious emotional distress" is supposed to exclude mere outrage. Nor embarrassment, anxiety or worry.

It always starts that way, and usually ends at "say anything that offends the ruling party and they throw your ass in jail". On the internet this seems to happen at internet speed, to. Most countries that forced ISPs to block a list of "child abuse/exploitation" IP addresses or site, which of course were not made public, only took 3 years or so before opposition party's material mysteriously was being blocked. Funny how that works.

The only real way to protect speech critical of the ruling party is to protect all speech (we're talking at the criminal level here, not torts for libel etc). Anything else is the camel's nose under the tent.

Comment: Re: Fricking finally. (Score 1) 293 293

I do not think so.
I think that the big sites are ALL ready for IPv6. Netflix, Walmart, Amazon, etc are all ready.
So, if several of these large ISPs decide to go IPv6 only, they MIGHT lose a few customers, but I suspect not many. In fact, if they announce this together and give others 1 year to get their act together, we would likely see a change on all sites/ISPs.

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