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by budgenator (#48042349) Attached to: Aral Sea Basin Almost Completely Dry

It's not the # of meatbags thats the problem. It's their distribution and quality. Quantity is not really a factor here. Unless you think decreasing Quantity will some how magically increase quality and stop meatbags from distributing themselves poorly again.


Well yes, it's those other low-quallity people over there that has to reduce their population, not us high-quality people here!

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by budgenator (#48023841) Attached to: How Our Botched Understanding of "Science" Ruins Everything

Wow, you would think that since "The Science is Settled", the 10 different temperature records would be essentially the same instead of the vastly different. That just amplifies the fact that 64.5% of the USHCN network stations are rated CRN4 , error >= 2C due to artificial heating sources = 5C due to temperature sensor located next to/above an artificial heating source, such a building, roof top, parking lot, or concrete surface; the majority of surface stations have errors an order of magnitude greater than the signal they are trying to measure. You might want to take a look at before you put to much credibility into surfface station records.

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I'm not sure how a 'science challenge' of answering a series of basic scientific questions, or explaining some phenomena, would help because science is more of a doing thing than a knowing thing. Imagine a question like:
"Was July, 1936 the hottest month on record?
  A. Yes
  B. No
  C All of the above" Best Answer All of the above, July 1936 was both promoted and demoted from the hottest month several time."
Would that really tell you anything?

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You don't get a Nobel Prize for filling sheets of paper.

Michael Mann was claiming to be a Nobel Laureate for working with numerous others in a project that share a Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore in legal filings with the court in the matter of Mann v. Steyn; so I'd say You don't get a Nobel Prize in Science for filling sheets of paper.

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I'd think Jury Duty and Selective Service, would be valid arguments, and I agree that the courts will not be persuaded regardless of the arguments validity.

I can see situations where someone might voluntarily assist Law Enforcement in executing a search warrant to minimise potential damage to property, or to curry favor, but they don't require it; mostly LE wants you to keep the hell out of the way when they are executing a search warrant. A bad analogy would be if law enforcement had a search warrant to search my personal library for illegal papers I have to let them in the door, but I don't have to teach them how to read.

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By "forgetting" the key, you're placing yourself beyond the law.

Well no you might be in contempt of court, possibly you could be comitting the crime of obstruction of justice; if others followed your example it could even be inciting riot, yet none of thes would be "beyond the law". Seems likely that the courts will have to figure out where "nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself," ends and "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted," begins, as how can the government force you to assist in gathering evidence for law enforcement.

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You would be surprised at how much plant material is left on the fields, compared to how much is removed. When field corn is harvested the only thing taken off the fields is the corn kernels; the only exception to this is when the corn is harvested for silage. When wheat is harvested the wheat straw is typically baled and used for litter in the barn. Wheat is also the only crop that farmers plow after harvest in my area, but they use chisel plows and disc harrow instead of mouldboard plows and disc harrows which keeps the majority of the soil disturbance to the top few inches. In soy only the beans from inside the pods are removed, everything else is TLC, Thin Layer Composed. Our typical crop rotation is corn, soy, then winter wheat and farmers are tilling before planting the wheat and after harvesting the wheat to mitigate fire hazards on the fields, the corn is planted without additional tillage and the following year the soy is planted between the previous corn rows. The wildcard crop is sugarbeets, you have to win a lottery for a sugarbeet contract and the sugar plant leases the harvesting equipment to you and they actually test your crop and tell you how much and what fertilizer to use for your crop next year; a sugarbeet contract is quite lucrative and the long tap root left from the beets is very good for your soil.

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First there isn't enough CO2 in the atmosphere to effect the amount of water vapor or humidity by changing the solubility of water in air, secondly it isn't about insulation, it's about scattering the infrared so the path to space is much longer because there is less straight line travel for the heat. What confuses me is why doesn't given
1. water's Standard molar entropy at 69.95 J/molK,
2. water's 18.01528 g / mol,
3. CO2's 44.01 g / mol,
4. air's 28.8 g / mol,
why doesn't the lighter than air, water vapor simply carry large amounts of heat above the scattering of the heavier than air CO2?

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The difference between the UAH data and the RSS data is not as great as your implying, RSS data, has a statisticaly insignificant trend which appears to be cooling to the eye, the UAH data also has a statistically insignificant trend that appears to be warming to the eye. It's also interesting that the RSS data set shows a lower anomally in 1996.5 than the UAH data set but presently in 2014.5 they appear very close, yet when you shorten up the series to 2013-2014.5 the UAH to the eyeball appears to have a stronger cooling trend than the RSS data!

The bottomline is there has been no warming statistically different from natural variation for at least 18 years and none of the 95 climate models predicted a cesation of warming, if reality is going to catch up with the model predictions, it going to take some spectacular warming.

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Actually it's amazingly possible, an embarassing number of times the biggest contribution a "lead investigater" makes is just signing his name on the paper. When you hire "Rock Stars", you have to expect prima donnas frequently burn thier bridges, they might be good at getting papers published and grants recieved, but that's only good if the minions keep working behind the scenes.

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