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Comment: Re:Cheaper option (Score 1) 71

by Obfuscant (#48041621) Attached to: Boeing Told To Replace Cockpit Screens Affected By Wi-Fi

They don't work for free but they do have the power to arrest.

No, they don't. They have the power to tell the captain, and the captain has the power to tell the authorities on the ground who do have the power to arrest.

"Enjoy the rest of your flight, sir. It will be your last for a few years."

Comment: Re:depends on circumstance (Score 1) 459

by fyngyrz (#48039091) Attached to: Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

Confident? I'm just stating the obvious. There can be life on planets. It can be intelligent. It can go to space.

I don't need confidence to make those observations; even a vague awareness of the world around me suffices.

And I fail to see what my intelligence has to do with any of it. These very simple facts wouldn't change any regardless if I was Einstein or a drooling idiot.

Your comment is downright strange.

Comment: Re:Missing out (Score 1) 214

You can run away from "a knife, steel pipe, baseball bat, wrench, box cutter, hammer, screwdriver, ice pick, awl, straight razor or any number of commonly found items to use in a robbery".

You can try, sure. If they run faster than you, though (and you never know until you try), you may come to regret it.

The only possible interpretation of any research whatever in the `social sciences' is: some do, some don't. -- Ernest Rutherford