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Comment: Re:No thanks (Score 2) 242

by CODiNE (#48748729) Attached to: Little-Known Programming Languages That Actually Pay

The trick is to have a continuously running project in the previous language or framework while working on the newer one. Send a patch in to an open source project once in a while, or even keep a little toy program for trying experimental stuff on.

That way instead if "5 years C#, 2 years Pascal" you have "7 years C#, 2 years Pascal"

Comment: Re:Marketing? (Score 1) 239

by CODiNE (#48648767) Attached to: Anonymous Claims They Will Release "The Interview" Themselves

The destruction to their internal network is very real and expensive. The private information leaked will have very real consequences and is already causing legal problems for them. While they can come out ahead on this if very lucky, they could also be be up way behind. If the movie is leaked and Sony never officially releases it then they come out 100% at a loss from all this. They're definitely losing hundreds of millions on the IT breach alone.

Comment: Re:Knowledge is power (Score 1) 611

by CODiNE (#48605725) Attached to: Waze Causing Anger Among LA Residents

A few speed bumps should take care of it. Get the people on both ends of the block to vote against the people in the middle who have to pass each one every time. Tyranny of the Majority trumps Tragedy of the Commons.

But then freeway drivers could organize and prevent the speed bumps.

Ummmm... And then come winter the gorillas freeze to death.

Comment: Re:Radical thought here (Score 1) 307

by CODiNE (#48593839) Attached to: Google Suggests Separating Students With 'Some CS Knowledge' From Novices

Colleges hate letting people skip intro classes. And usually allow only one class to be skipped. When skilled students take intro classes it makes a lot of money for the school. Also you don't want native foreign language speakers testing their way to a degree in their own language.

Comment: A bit impressed. (Score 1) 515

by CODiNE (#48581655) Attached to: Once Again, Baltimore Police Arrest a Person For Recording Them

Is it known what kind of phone/OS/app she was using? I was under the impression that most built in video recording apps wait until the end of the video before they start uploading. In my mind if a cop stopped you while recording they'd have time to end and delete before it even starts uploading. Many phones record at 720p or 1080p making the files much larger making a cellular transfer take much longer than the video length.

I was planning to do some research to find an app that would live transmit while recording to be ready for just such a scenario. Do the built in video apps hold off on their delete until the file is backed up?

Comment: Re:Motives (Score 1) 105

by CODiNE (#48561829) Attached to: Seeking Coders, Tech Titans Turn To K-12 Schools

Great. With the state of security on the Internet we need a wider pool of developers to sift the wheat from the chaff. Too many guys getting paid to do what they can't. With the current security awareness going on, and retailers starting to get sued by banks there may finally be hope for a bit of improvement.

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