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Comment Maybe (Score 1) 82

To someone who hasn't taken Calculus yet it may seem like a brute force problem trying to find inflection points and the zero points of a curve. Even the area of an oddly shaped object would be an enormously repetitive process of slicing and adding.

Yet once you know the tricks, it becomes trivial.

It may be impossible but maybe not.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 182

Settings > Cellular > Netflix (Turn off)

Best of both worlds now. Wifi Assist helps avoid weak wifi hangs, and your Netflix never plays off cellular unexpectedly.

For youtube... that tends to be intentionally used on cellular to show people cat videos and whatnot, may want to allow cellular for that.

Comment Re:The US cannot follow a pact (Score 1) 38

China's politicians - people don't realise - are *not* at the top of the food chain as far as power is concerned. They're not even second to top.

This sounds a lot like what I've heard people say about the American president as well. There's several levels of power above his head and he's told what to do by his masters... Freemasons, Illumnati, Reptilians, Raelians, the Vatican?

So please enlighten us, what would be the 2 levels above the Chinese political base?

Actually, just flat out really REALLY wealthy people sort of makes sense...
Though they'd have to organize a bit to make sure their wishes were followed out... Probably want to keep those groups secret...
Oh shoot.

Comment Re:LOL ... porn ... (Score 1) 92

All these isms which say porn bad, sex bad ... I figure they're mostly moronic because they completely ignore the fact that it's always been a part of humans, and isn't going to go away because your ism says so. In fact, if you ism wants it to go away, that's probably a sign your ism is crap.

I understand your distaste for people trying to enforce their morality on you. However "People have always done something" is a poor determination of whether or not something is "wrong".

You've got murder, rape, child abuse and other forms of violence going back as long as there's been people. "People have always done it" is basically equivalent to "It's natural, therefore it's good". Sounds nice but basically meaningless.

Comment Re:They don't want Skylake to be fast (Score 1) 99

I can already feel the angry replies coming at your post.

The reason people react so strongly to this is that they are confusing two separate issues.

1. There are physical changes and firmware changes that can make one hard drive more reliable than another.
2. Companies are truly selling premium drives using these changes.

So yes, in fact, it is indeed possible for companies to create special enterprise-focused drives with carefully tuned hardware and firmware which will have a greater MTBF than consumer drives.

However, collected evidence seems to show that they are not in fact selling drives that show the expected increase in reliability.

Therefore, the assertion being made does not fly in the face of physics, nor is it saying that better drives cannot be made or do not exist.

The assertion is that enterprise drives are a case of false advertising or perhaps enterprise-focused drives that are not tuning the proper parameters. Maybe their engineers are making real changes in the hardware that simply doesn't create the more reliable product they thought it would.

When in fact, enterprise-focused drives do show a real world advantage in MTBF, then presumably back blaze and others will update their published data and reward the companies and drive models that show such improved performance. At this point however, they're generally not worth the extra money.

Comment Re:However, in special ed, they do keep them engag (Score 1) 283

phase out the iPads and replace them with something that doesn't make students cry and teachers put their firsts through the wall when doing such incredibly complicated feats such as adding a greek letter to a word document in a science assignment.

On an iPad? Just add the Greek keyboard, is there anything missing? There's also a ton of custom keyboards that can be installed. There's 2 keyboards specifically for doing scientific and math symbols. Even without those, students could copy and paste the needed symbols from an existing Word doc.

But you're right, it's not the ability of the device or software to do what you need, it's the training involved to make sure people know how to use it.

Apple often doesn't include any manuals at all with their stuff. It's true 1 year old babies can use an iPad, but not everyone has time to learn by exploration and "self discovery", sometimes a nice little index with commons tasks is needed.

Comment Re:This doesn't make sense. (Score 1) 39

You could in theory have boats drag a say 20 foot deep by hundreds of feet long "curtain" of the stuff and make it into a closed loop. Then you slowly compress it by winding it like a clock spring while being careful not to let any out. The oil would get thicker around the top and it's weight would gradually press the cleaner water downwards. You could then "scoop".

Maybe a large square shape with a moving wall would be easier.