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Comment Re:Another example (Score 1) 728

Second you ignored my comment about the personality cult. Those are functionally identical to religion and anyone not worshipping the word of Mao did not fare terribly well during the cultural revolution or the great leap forward. It's the blind unthinking worship which is the problem wither of a god or a cult leader.

In my opinion nationalism is the most dangerous form of fanaticism. It pulls in both atheistic and religious people in equal numbers. The brainwashing starts early in childhood. People are taught "us vs them" and will happily offer their lives for the cause. Religion has caused many wars but they couldn't fill their armies without nationalism blinding both sides. It's really a cancer.

Comment Analog solution (Score 1) 161

This is what they used to do at the preschool I went to. It won't work for every situation but should help most of the time. You will also need some buy-in from the workers at the care home, they may not agree to it. Simple solution is color-coded lines along the floor. Red line goes from bedrooms to the dining area, green line to the rec room, etc... Add a few arrows here and there so they don't get lost when multiple red lines converge... He just has to remember the line he's on. 90% of the time it should work. If he forgets that then he would've forgotten any phone or app anyways. Staff still has to work but it's not 24/7.

Comment Maybe (Score 1) 82

To someone who hasn't taken Calculus yet it may seem like a brute force problem trying to find inflection points and the zero points of a curve. Even the area of an oddly shaped object would be an enormously repetitive process of slicing and adding.

Yet once you know the tricks, it becomes trivial.

It may be impossible but maybe not.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 182

Settings > Cellular > Netflix (Turn off)

Best of both worlds now. Wifi Assist helps avoid weak wifi hangs, and your Netflix never plays off cellular unexpectedly.

For youtube... that tends to be intentionally used on cellular to show people cat videos and whatnot, may want to allow cellular for that.

Comment Re:The US cannot follow a pact (Score 1) 38

China's politicians - people don't realise - are *not* at the top of the food chain as far as power is concerned. They're not even second to top.

This sounds a lot like what I've heard people say about the American president as well. There's several levels of power above his head and he's told what to do by his masters... Freemasons, Illumnati, Reptilians, Raelians, the Vatican?

So please enlighten us, what would be the 2 levels above the Chinese political base?

Actually, just flat out really REALLY wealthy people sort of makes sense...
Though they'd have to organize a bit to make sure their wishes were followed out... Probably want to keep those groups secret...
Oh shoot.

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