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Comment: Re:Cameron's wet dream is unattainable (Score 1) 204 204

The UK has the option to revert to the 1950's and have massive numbers of expensive undercover, informant, police, special forces teams in every community per village, town, city.
Find, follow, attract, use front groups (peace, human rights, anti war) and attract interested people in and give them safe busy work 'issues' over decades.
Anyone with any state connection would have understood network tracking since about the 1970's know to avoid any of the new hardware of software methods.
The other issue the UK has is CCTV and cell phone tracking. Any member of the press, a lawyer going out can be tracked and any meeting they have can be noted.
Networked office equipment, new office computer equipment that arrives been ordered online is another way in.
It all comes back to staff numbers the UK can offer good wages to for the skills of tracking most people within the UK for decades.
Hire too many new staff with skills and the UK cannot trust the vetting. The UK has a long issue with trying to secure its own gov workers.
The UK faced staff issues, working conditions and wage claims from its gov staff over many decades (1950's-early 1980's).
Growing the staff count to watch all of the UK all the time might be a budget and vetting issue long term.
Why watch everyone when the UK has front groups that can draw people in?
The UK will have an interesting question soon, find the cash to pay contractors and gov staff to watch the entire nation or find a very easy way to watch front 'groups' in the community.
Front groups are very tricky to keep public enough to attract new members but well away from the press and citizen journalists asking questions. re "Or they can just go into the woods and whisper to each other." The UK would offer both people a lot of cash/deals. Cell structures are easy to turn given time and a lot of cash. Once a few cells get turned the entire can be uncovered and turned.

Comment: Re:Easy to defeat (Score 1) 204 204

Yes other governments will just enjoy secure one time pads, distant public radio broadcasts and number stations for all their international staff.
The result is just another huge investment in contractors as the UK offered in the 1970's, 80, 90's, 00's to track all emerging and long term digital networks.

Comment: Re: "Or Tor?" (Score 2) 204 204

The ability of the UK to reconcile every network packet in and out of the UK makes any message sent from an UK ip to an UK ip in the UK an easy daily database task.
The random path around the world does nothing to hide the UK origin and UK destination ip at a service provider level (a persons ~modem like device/residence/cell /phone id).

Comment: Re:No surprise human rights are the first target (Score 2) 84 84

That was a given for the UK in Ireland from the 1960's on. All human rights groups, Irish peace groups, legal teams, Irish lawyers where under constant watch.
A lawyers ability to speak to gov issues, UK policy, cite international conventions in public, to contact the US and UK press on issues had to be contained.
How or why this generation of UK based legal teams and human rights groups thought they had been granted some fancy new freedoms is a real mystery.
The UK has always watched, shaped and infiltrated any groups of interest going back to WW1.
The internet has only made the network into legal teams digital files more simple. Cell phones allow the tracking of all meetings between lawyers and the press or people seeking legal help as they enter any office. The cell phone is taken to meetings?
UK based legal teams should have understood the longterm UK policy on peace groups and humans rights issues has never changed.
The history surrounding Irish legal policy was in the UK press, books and media over the past two decades.
The how (all phone and digital networks), why (collect it all) and when (collect it all) are easy questions.
Why where people in the UK legal profession not aware of the policy and powers to spy is the UK question given the amount of policy and history ?
UK lawyers may want to consider how the Irish files and legal meetings where used, tracked and the wider UK policy.

Comment: Re:Crooked politicians. (Score 1) 60 60

Yes people who are interested in a free internet will just pay under say $7-$20 a month for an encrypted network out of Canada.
All the Canadian provider and gov will see is a stream of encrypted data every month to an ip out of Canada.
The Canadian ISP is happy to block sites, the VPN is very happy with the new user, the user is enjoying the wider internet as normal.
A newer law to block any VPN provider getting funding from a Canadian bank or credit card?

Comment: Re:Knew it was too good to be true. (Score 1) 160 160

The good part is people now know understand the junk encryption, the junk hardware as shipped, the software that is wide open to governments as designed.
People also have the option not to buy or support the big bands that have failed to secure their expensive systems over generations and decades.
Everyone can see the digital Berlin wall and who funded it and supports it.
Return to the number pad, number station, support people and buy from brands that warned generations of users.
The "toy" is a digital key to most big brand servers sold and installed globally.
The vast illegal domestic surveillance network keeps it funding and contractors but the rest of the world will just route around the junk standards.

Comment: Re:Heavens Forbid (Score -1, Troll) 256 256

"Heavens forbid that the best candidates are picked! Oh the horror!"

Evidently you aren't particularly bright. Only 1 women was hired for 1,231 men. That is indisputable Prima Facia evidence that picking the best candidate is exactly what couldn't possibly have happened, your absurd implication that all women are incompetent not withstanding..

Comment: Re:Obvious (Score 1) 256 256

"is something else picking them off earlier in the production chain such that Facebook's hiring is simply an accurate representation of the candidates it has to work with?'"

You are kidding right? Do you really question if it might be true that only 1 in 1,231 candidates would be qualified women? Seriously?

Comment: Re: Hate to be that guy, but Linux (Score 1) 513 513

" If I attempt to migrate to 'window manager x', not only do I need to spend my own time doing it but I will be almost assured of running into issues here and there that may not be insurmountable but will take even more of my valuable time.

I'm confused. What makes your system so special? I mean every application I know runs fine with KDE, Gnome, LXDE, fvwm2, Fluxbox, Blackbox, etc. What makes yours so WM-Centric?

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