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+ - Obama unveils 6-year-old report on NSA surveillance->

Submitted by schwit1
schwit1 writes: With debate gearing up over the coming expiration of the Patriot Act surveillance law, the Obama administration on Saturday unveiled a 6-year-old report examining the once-secret program to collect information on Americans' calls and emails.

They found that while many senior intelligence officials believe the program filled a gap by increasing access to international communications, others including FBI agents, CIA analysts and managers "had difficulty evaluating the precise contribution of the PSP to counterterrorism efforts because it was most often viewed as one source among many available analytic and intelligence-gathering tools in these efforts."

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Comment: Re:TLDR (Score 1) 14

by AHuxley (#49553501) Attached to: A Guide To the 5 Cybersecurity Bills Now Before Congress
A digital Berlin wall to find whistleblowers on any network and a new generation of private company boondoggle funding.
Contractors and mil systems that once faced the Soviet Union are now invited in for domestic use via new "portals".
Some Freedom of Information Act provision might allow for talking about projects historically but less of the secure in papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches domestically.
The collective agencies are free from antitrust scrutiny, liability and are free use the cyberthreat, cybercrime aspects as desired domestically.

Microsoft Increases Android Patent Licensing Reach 97

Posted by Soulskill
from the if-you-can't-beat-'em,-bleed-'em dept.
BrianFagioli writes: Microsoft may not be winning in the mobile arena, but they're still making tons of money from those who are. Patent licensing agreements net the company billions each year from device makers like Samsung, Foxconn, and ZTE. Now, Microsoft has added another company to that list: Qisda Corp. They make a number of Android and Chrome-based devices under the Qisda brand and the BenQ brand, and now Microsoft will be making money off those, too.

Comment: Re: Figures (Score 1) 362

by Zero__Kelvin (#49549239) Attached to: iTunes Stops Working For Windows XP Users
Actually, reading this, I see that I was wrong. For most people in the world it is true, but the years it would take you to learn how to use Windows 7 need to be taken into account, so you might be one of the few people on the planet for whom it is cheaper to keep using antiquated software on your antiquated hardware.

Comment: The future? (Score 1) 210

Infiltration worked so well. Cooperation, leniency for working with the gov. Years of free charming, charismatic chatroom leaders and their accomplishments, forums and gov funded onion networks.
Once a person and all their data is lost the only hope is a "security check" word, phrase. Something that can be added or left out that shows duress or coercion.
That was the past.
Now with OS, hardware and telco collaboration expect every consumer device to have a backdoor or trap door as sold.
The backdoor or trap door would have been expected for the security services at a national level.
Now that same level of expert contractor is ready for state, city and local law enforcement use on any device recovered.
The same offer of cooperation, leniency, working with the gov will be made and a 'show' about needing the passwords over hours and much longer.
The device, network is open in seconds and the isolated holding time is been put to use.
The new trend is movement around a city with no access to any lawyer for many hours..
Just before some legal time limit for court documentation a person is released or the lawyer is finally allowed access for the first formal recorded interview.

Comment: Re:This is so much cheaper for the US (Score 1) 74

by AHuxley (#49548979) Attached to: German Intelligence Helped NSA Spy On EU Politicians and Companies
The US West German and German links go back generations.
After the 1970's East Germany was not of any new interest to the UK and USA as all Soviet and East German signals where fully tracked. West Germany policy on the US and UK was of more interest to the US and UK.
Tornado jet sales, the UK East German diplomatic recognition, West German political moves surrounding the UK role in the Common Market.
Generations of West German experts helped the US and UK find out what was needed over many decades in West Germany.
The next move by the NSA and GCHQ was to pull West Germany deeper into a "third party" collection into the 1980's.
West Germany would get US export grade mil systems in exchange for all US/UK access to emerging West Germany telco networks.
What Germany now has is the product of past ww2 politics and generations of total telco collaboration by West/Germans for the US and UK.
Tame crypto and all political telco networks totally linked to the US and UK.

Comment: Re: Figures (Score 1) 362

by Zero__Kelvin (#49548945) Attached to: iTunes Stops Working For Windows XP Users
Sit down little boy. I haven''t dismissed you from class yet. As you just openly admitted, you don't get updates for Windows XP, you get it for WIndows XP Embedded. In other words, you are a phenomenally stupid moron regularly applying patches for the wrong OS to your system, hoping / assuming that changes made for a different version of the OS are safe and actually fix the vulnerability. It really takes the mystery of why you have to keep reinstalling (ROTFLMAO)

Don't even bother to come to school tomorrow. You have no hope of making it through the school year with anything better than a big F.

Which reminds me ... yes I could write fuck, but on Slashdot the word fuck is spelled fsck. If you weren't a Windows douchebag who doesn't belong here in the first place, you'd know why the adults use fsck rather than fuck when posting on Slashdot.

Now off you go ... and go fsck yourself.

Comment: Re: Figures (Score 1) 362

by Zero__Kelvin (#49548909) Attached to: iTunes Stops Working For Windows XP Users
You are so stupid that you can't figure out that the time you spend reinstalling images and waiting for your antiquated shitstack of an OS easily offsets any cost of making the switch to a modern OS. Mind you, I'm no fan of Windows, but Windows 7 is much, much, much better than XP.

In any case, thanks for thinking you are smart and staying with XP without any thought of social responsibility. We all really appreciate that you are contributing to the overall insecurity of the Internet. Bravo!

Comment: Re: Figures (Score 1) 362

by Zero__Kelvin (#49548881) Attached to: iTunes Stops Working For Windows XP Users
Are you completely ignorant of history, or merely pretending to in order to try to dig yourself out of a hole of stupidity?

The number of stories about vulnerabilities on Slashdot in the last 24 hours, the last week, or the entire lifetime of Slashdot is in no manner, way, shape or form an indicator of which platform is the Petri Dish.

The fact remains that Windows is by far worse than OS X or Linux.

When you see articles about OS X or Linux vulnerabilities they are always based on a condition that, if true, means you already were owned: ""Gatekeeper doesn't verify an extra content in the apps. So if I can find an Apple-approved app and get it to load external content, when the user runs it, it will bypass Gatekeeper," As you can see there is a magical requirement. All I have to do is somehow get ahold of an approved app, modify it, and then somehow resubmit it with the modifications. Now all that needs to happen is that when Apple notifies the app author his new submission was approved that he is too stupid to know that he didn't make such a submission and fail to notify Apple of said fact.. See. Super Easy!!!

It's likess almost every Linux vulnerability you see: "If an attacker can somehow gain local access to the machine at a console, and the version of Linux he is running happens to be vulnerable, then it is possible that someone could use a privilege escalation exploit to gain root.

Another huge Linux vulnerability is the rm command: "rm is a huge security flaw! If a cracker somehow gains root access to the system, rm makes it possible to delete critical files!"

Show me one Linux vulnerability in the last year that didn't require a highly skilled attacker combined with a set of highly unlikely conditions, or rely on the system to be poorly configured. Hell, forget the year limit. Show me one from within the last decade. Good Luck!

Comment: Re: Figures (Score 1) 362

by Zero__Kelvin (#49541893) Attached to: iTunes Stops Working For Windows XP Users
Windows Embedded for Point of Service has nothing to do with XP, which is a desktop OS, and you have no need to wait for malicious software to bork your system, as you are quite adept at fscking it up yourself (clearly.) For the record I don't give a shit if you put from the rough; there are hetero-douchebags and homo-douchebags. Clearly you could go either way.

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