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Comment Re:What a clusterfuck (Score 1) 676

As Secretary of State, she'd be going all over on official US business, much of which would be expected to stay confidential. It's not possible to conduct all negotiations in the open. Some things need to stay secret, some for a while, some for a long time.

Such as the negotiations on the part of the Prince of Oman.

Submission NVIDIA Begins Supplying Open-Source Register Header Files->

An anonymous reader writes: NVIDIA's latest mark of their newly discovered open-source kindness is beginning to provide open-source hardware reference headers for their latest GK20A/GM20B Tegra GPUs while they are working to also provide hardware header files on their older GPUs. These programming header files in turn will help the development of the open-source Nouveau driver as up to this point they have had to do much of the development via reverse-engineering. Perhaps most interesting is that moving forward they would like to use the Nouveau kernel driver code-base as the primary development environment for new hardware.
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