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Comment Metro PCS, now owned by T mobile. (Score 1) 204

I love how with metro PCS, I can download 76 gigs in 2 days and they dont do a thing about it. What is even funnier is that they make you pay more for the ability to setup a hot spot and force ypu to give up the unlimited data. However, as long as I use linux to connect to the hot spot, they have not found out that a hotspot is being used... hahahahah....

Submission + - Slashdot Poll: What should be censored on the Internet?

An anonymous reader writes: What should be censored on the Internet?

Nothing. Ever. Period.
Violence and/or gore
Sexual taboo content
Hate speech against groups
Copyright infringement pages
Some combination of the above four
Everything not CowboyNeal

Comment Re:What a clusterfuck (Score 1) 676

As Secretary of State, she'd be going all over on official US business, much of which would be expected to stay confidential. It's not possible to conduct all negotiations in the open. Some things need to stay secret, some for a while, some for a long time.

Such as the negotiations on the part of the Prince of Oman.

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