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Comment: Re:Alternatives are available... (Score 1) 275

by basecastula (#49206603) Attached to: uTorrent Quietly Installs Cryptocurrency Miner
The only thing I would want from qtorrwnt is a way to add previously downloaded content, via magnetlink, from the command line. I would love to be able to add a magnetlink and set the download location to where the content already resides. Then verify and seed. So far only transmission has allowed me to do this. Works very well with my reseeder tool.

Comment: Re:Just started using it (Score 1) 129

by basecastula (#49004113) Attached to: CrunchBang Linux Halts Development
The fact that it comes setup with cocky, ob-keys (hot keys for web, file manager, ...), openbox was nice. Way back when I gave it a try and moved on to archbang then arch. It is just nice that it provides a certain try of environment out of the box. I'm sure one could make a post install script to do the same with arch or Debian but that takes time. Sometimes I just want to get to work and install my other software that I need.

Comment: Re:Insanity (Score 1) 412

by basecastula (#48777661) Attached to: Russia Says Drivers Must Not Have "Sex Disorders" To Get License
I think you have the interpretation wrong. "On May 6, 1933, students led by Storm Troopers (Sturmabteilung; SA) broke into the Institute for Sexual Science in Berlin and confiscated its unique library. Four days later, most of this collection of over 12,000 books and 35,000 irreplaceable pictures was destroyed along with thousands of other "degenerate" works of literature in the book burning in Berlin's city center. The remaining materials were never recovered. Magnus Hirschfeld, the founder of the Institute and a pioneer in the scientific study of human sexuality, was lecturing in France at the time and chose not to return to Germany. The destruction of the Institute was a first step toward eradicating an openly gay or lesbian culture from Germany. Police closed bars and clubs such as the "Eldorado" and banned publications such as Die Freundschaft (Friendship). In this early stage the Nazis drove homosexuals underground, destroying their networks of support. In 1934, the Gestapo (secret state police) instructed local police forces to keep lists of all men engaged in homosexual activities. Police in many parts of Germany had in fact been doing this for years. The Nazis used these "pink lists" to hunt down individual homosexuals during police actions. On June 28, 1935, the Ministry of Justice revised Paragraph 175. The revisions provided a legal basis for extending Nazi persecution of homosexuals. Ministry officials expanded the category of "criminally indecent activities between men" to include any act that could be construed as homosexual. The courts later decided that even intent or thought sufficed. On October 26, 1936, Himmler formed within the Security Police the Reich Central Office for Combating Abortion and Homosexuality." The removal of the word unnatural broadened the definition of homesexual acts. The wiki says the same thing about the 1935 changes. It went from unnatural lewdness (anal sex) to plain lewdness. In the little bit of history included, you will notice how the nationalists also banned homesexual studies and literature. Does that sound like Putin's laws regarding homosexual propaganda?

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