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Comment: Finding cool stuff (Score 1) 377

by TiggertheMad (#47778893) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Best Games To Have In Your Collection?
Don't over think this, the question is fishing for cool games that are worth investigating further. Just drops some names for people to go look up.

As a kid, had played all the good video / rpg games, and could talk about them in depth with others. Nowadays, I don't think I could even name all the game genres...

Comment: HEY LOOK, I FOUND AN ASSHOLE ON THE INTERNET! (Score 1, Insightful) 1225

I have yet to hear a SINGLE rational objection to her critique of video game genres. Lets's play a game, called 'spot the hate-mongering'. Which is it:

1) "Women are often portrayed as helpless and passive in common video game tropes."

2) "Jews are filthy money grubbers, who are out to take over the world."

Now, one of theses statements is ignorant, racist hate-mongering. The other is a neutral observation of a fact. I don't expect you to correctly identify the one that is actual hate-mongering because of your prior posting, but for the sake of the game, give it a try.

Calling what she is saying 'hate-mongering', illustrates that you are TOO FUCKING STUPID TO BE ALLOWED TO SPEAK EVER AGAIN. So, please for the general quality of life on the planet earth, run your balls through a meat grinder and french kiss a wood chipper.

Comment: I AM MAD, MALE, AND I HAVE A COMPUTER, GRRRRR! (Score 2, Insightful) 1225

But when some teenage boy is acidic towards women, it's "Damn, gamer culture is to blame, and we need to re-engineer the thoughts and feelings of gamers everywhere, using social bullying."

Well that's the problem, if it only were just A boy you would be correct. There is widespread racism, homophobia, and misogynous behavior in the gaming community, and yeah, there needs to be a change.

Comment: Stupid is as stupid does (Score 4, Interesting) 1225

Overall, it's a fairly safe group to criticize.

I'm sure the FBI agent that is right now being assigned to investigate the death threats she received will agree with you completely.

My hobby does not hate women; The vast majority of people who play video games do not hate women. Please, Sarkeesian's of the world, turn your attentions to the people who do.

The vast majority of gamer's don't hate women, but they do love escaping into their power fantasies, where they are tough, strong and desirable and where females (you know, the other 50% of the planet) are treated as objects and she has called you out for it. If this isn't the absolute stark truth, then why is it even a story? There are plenty of nut jobs on the Internet that are ignored by everyone because they are crazy and nobody cares what they say. The fact that she is getting all this negative attention from misogynistic bullies shows just how utterly correct she is. She is telling the truth and that scares people.

If gaming is so squeaky clean and there isn't any truth in what she has to say, why wouldn't you welcome shining a bright light on the industry and behavior of gamers? She is 100% correct in all her analysis, and I'll even go farther and say what she hasn't said, that the hobby is crawling with shit bag women haters who can only have some self-esteem because they are bullying others.

Comment: Packet Jam Ahead, Use Alternate Route.... (Score 4, Funny) 258

by TiggertheMad (#47769623) Attached to: DoT Proposes Mandating Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communications
I'm sure that the intent is to allow vehicles to pass around packets of info about heading and velocity. I immediately thought about proposing adding a packet type to the specification that contained the message: "Get off the road, asshole!".

in retrospect, it is probably for the best that I am not a DoT engineer....

Comment: Skynet off switch. (Score 1) 506

by TiggertheMad (#47759179) Attached to: California DMV Told Google Cars Still Need Steering Wheels
It will have to be more of a kills switch than a break pedal...I would think that you would want a braking system installed in the car that if the CPU signals were ever interrupted, it would automatically engage an manual break system. The 'break pedal' would then be a kill switch that turned off the computer controls, and activated hazard lights. This would give you an out in case the car CPU failed for any reason, or the passengers panic.

Comment: Re:And yet (Score 1, Interesting) 268

This is essentially why the "natural rate" of unemployment is not zero: There are workers who are not willing to accept the jobs that companies are willing to offer them.

It is also interesting to point out that there is an 'Unemployment Rate' statistic that is computed, but I don't think there is a corresponding 'Empty Job' statistic that is tracked in a similar fashion. In a perfect world, would the only thing preventing X workers from filling the X job openings in society be the negotiated rate of pay? (After all, everybody has their price.)

Comment: Not quite accurate (Score 4, Interesting) 268

Unions aren't the same a secret collusion between competitors. A better comparison would be a secret union of all tech workers that required that none of its employees take work with Apple until they raised their entry level salaries for engineers to 500k per year out of desperation. Also, unions are manipulating the invisible hand of the market, but they only exist as a result of the power that currently lies in the hands of capitol. If capitol hadn't collectively acted in a selfish and greedy fashion for the previous thousand years or so, unions would have never been formed. You could say that they are consequence of the invisible hand, but that is sort of a cop out, since any behavior related to the market (up to and including regulation) is a consequence of the market. Gotta love feedback loops.

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