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Comment FBI: trust us, we would never abuse power (Score 4, Interesting) 301

ew ew ew that is so freaking wrong. send them all to jail!

Who are we talking about here, the FBI or the pedophiles?

Isn't this just the Feds again telling us that the ends justifies the means? Apparently, it is ok to run a child pornography site, as long as it is being used to catch sex offenders.I have mixed feelings about this. It is clearly good that the FBI is working to put people who would hurt children in jail. It is less clear that people who might be consuming such illegal material are the people who produce it. It seems eerily similar to the failed drug wars where large numbers of people who consume drugs are the people that are being arrested, as opposed to the people who are making and distributing drugs.


In the article about the MS chat bot, MS claims that they don't keep information from prior conversations. Assuming that they are being honest about this, it is a moot point, as data between the users smart phones and the servers is likely un-encrypted or the Authorities have the encryption keys. (Or will soon, there was an article on /. yesterday about that very topic).

It is interesting to think that MS could be so naive as to think that this feature isn't rife for surveillance abuse.

Comment Apple should NOT leave China (Score 4, Insightful) 170

Apple should comply with this request, it is actually a very good thing for the US (and terrible for china). By creating this backdoor, China is painting a huge target on the server(s) that store these 'master keys'. Every foreign intelligence agency in the world will want in and they will get in. Someone will forget to check a password buffer when coding it, or someone with an admin password will be presented with embarrassing pictures, and then wham! every western Intel agency will have access to the phone data for all the important people in China. This data will need to be used by so many people that it should be trivial to compromise someone with a master key.

Apple will then be complying with China's laws, and can keep raking in the bucks by selling them easy to compromise phones and personal gadgetry. Nothing requires them to then cripple their phones in other parts of the world, which they will presumably not do so they can claim that they have a secure platform as a sales point every else. Win Win.

Of course, the person getting fucked is the average Chinese person. They are being ass-reamed even harder by the government stooges, but perhaps this will be the thing that finally pisses the populace off enough to finally rise up and start hanging all the communist stooges running the country.

I bet the NSA is having a massive Christmas circle jerk over this one. Their job just became a million times easier...

Comment WHAaaaaaaaa????! (Score 1) 182

Did anyone catch the last bit there in the synopsis? Puppetry? WTF?

I am a beautiful, amazing person who is totally into D&D, video games and robotics. However, I have never heard of this puppetry thing before. I find your ideas interesting and I wish to subscribe. Also, while I am a sexy hunk of Dungeon Master man-beast, this article look like it holds about as much water as a sieve.

Comment Engineering the future, one cell at a time. (Score 1) 137

This is really just cosmetic surgery all over again. There are some practical uses for cosmetic surgery, such as helping people with deforming injuries. There are also plenty of people who will carve up an aging woman with cash to make her look young for a few more years. Any technology you create is going to have good and bad uses.

Should we refrain from developing genetic engineering technology that might be able to cure genetic disease? Hell no. And yes, some idiots might want to spend money to give their kids purple eyes.


Illegals come over our border without our permission.

That is just an accusation in the form of a tautology. Of course they come over our border without our permission, that is why they are called illegals.

They bring in drugs which ruin the lives of our citizens, some of them are rapists and murderers and continue their habits when they're here.

As opposed to the citizens who are already ruining their lives with drugs sold by native citizens? Lol, I am so glad you are keen on saving us from dirty 'foreign' drugs. Also, rapists and murders? Really? Why not call em' godless commies too, since you are throwing around baseless labels.

They use up welfare that our productive citizens worked hard to pay the taxes for-- and the illegal immigrants don't pay into this system, or if some do they don't pay nearly as much as a citizen does.

Not sure how they do that without a SSN or birth certificate, but its your racist rant.

Comment ...AND THAT IS WHY YOU ARE ALL WRONG! (Score 1) 250

Dumbass Americans only care about eating more food, getting more fat, going to doctors for their fatass lifestyle diseases, complaining about the cost of food, driving their SUVs while never driving off-road or hauling cargo or carrying lots of passengers and complaining about the price of gas, voting for one party that wants to fuck up the nation or the other party that wants to fuck up the nation when they could write-in sane candidates, drowing themselves in shallow moronic soul-less meaningless popular culture and pretending like it's deep and profound, buying shit they don't need with borrowed money they don't have (America has a NEGATIVE average savings index, not that most Americans know what a savings index is), and believing every lying word of propaganda and manipulation that comes from their bought-and-paid-for government and their bought-and-paid-for mass media and following stupid moronic trends while operating general-purpose machines they don't even try to understand or secure so they can post trivial minutia about their pathetic little lives to be read by fellow jackass Americans who don't care.

An excellent manefsto! Now all you need to do is get a hoody and a big stack of postage stamps, and you are all set...

Comment Information is Power (Score 2) 171

Can't we just tell them?

Lord no, if you know information, you have power. You cannot just give your hard earned power away to just any pleeb that has the gumption to ask. Also:

"Some critics believe that rather than truly struggling with a problem, developers can now just ask Stack Overflow users to solve it for them."

Couldn't this also be extended to books? I mean, how are you truly learning anything if you can just pick up a book and read about how to solve a problem? These 'critics' are just obstructionists who are afraid of sharing information and allowing more people to be effective coders. Yeah, sure, there will be some bad coders who don't understand what they are doing, but really, who cares? The site has and will be an excellent educational tool for a vast number of people.

Good coders don't have to rely on hoarding information to be good.

Comment To fit where astronauts fit (Score 1) 35

Are legs really that useful in zero G? Only two arms when you could have three?

Yes, because even tracked vehicles have trouble going up 45 degree slopes. They want a robot that can climb hills, jump into pits, hang on to a irregular shaped asteroid, etc. You don't really think that this would just be used in space exclusively, do you?

Your suggestion about three arms is interesting, although you can argue that it might already have 4, since it is quite imagine-able that the feet might have articulate fingers/toes.

They aren't pandering to pop culture, it needs to be basically human shaped, since any vehicles it will be traveling in will be built primarily to accommodate human shaped astronauts. Or were you thinking that NASA should redesign everything to accommodate a three armed, no legged robot?

Comment Scrum is fantastic! Do it today! (Score 1) 371

Scrum is a fantastic methodology, and you should get behind it if your company adopts it. The sooner you adopt it, the sooner people will start cutting corners and throwing away all the worthless aspects of it (e.g., most of it), so you can focus on getting real work done.

The core idea (break things down so they can be accurately estimated) is a great idea. The rest is crap.

Comment Misguided move (Score 1) 40

This seems like a step backwards, rather than forwards. They have set up a technology to allow you to play a pencil and paper game remotely rather than create a game that can be played without having to fuck with all the books and papers. It's like a buggy whip maker wiring a buggy whip into a car's control console.

Comment On the internet the act of being dumb is honorable (Score 1) 965

everywhere the you find moslem they kill

If you replace 'moslem' with 'human', I think you have a 100% accurate statement.

Why is is that every racist dumb-ass on the Internet is out tonight? Look, the problem isn't Muslims, its extremist religion. Doesn't matter what god people pray to, there are always a few fucked up idiots who have to take it too far, and Islam is no different than Christianity in that regard.

Comment I FOR ONE WELCOME OUR MEXICAN OVERLORDS (Score 4, Interesting) 418

You clearly have never been to a Home Depot in the morning on a work day.

This is why I will never say anything bad about Mexican immigrants. You see dozens of them out at Home Depot waiting patiently for hard work. I have NEVER seen a unemployed white guy out there. I only ever see white people standing on street corners with cardboard signs, begging for handouts. I welcome immigrants (documented or otherwise) willing to come to our country and work hard to get ahead. Good for them. The only welfare leeches I see are the native citizens with a sense of entitlement that aren't willing to try to do some real work when they are unemployed.

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