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Comment: Hes dead, Jim. (Score 2) 407

by TiggertheMad (#49149653) Attached to: Leonard Nimoy Dies At 83

I loved his acting as much as anyone, but I disagree that it was necessarily a sad day. He was, after all, 83 years old. He beat the average life expectancy in this country by a wide margin. He made an impact on a huge number of people, as well. He was ready to check out and move on. Really, what could you reasonably expect an 83 year old man to do beyond this point anyways? I'm happy for him and all he's done.

....So, to summarize, he lived long and prospered?

Comment: Reality of Scotty's Merikles.... (Score 1) 347

by TiggertheMad (#49143531) Attached to: The Programmers Who Want To Get Rid of Software Estimates

Kirk: How much refit time before we can take her out again? Scotty: Eight weeks, sir. But ye don't have eight weeks, so I'll do it for ye in two. Basically, we will be violating every safety standard in star-fleet, and there is a 20% everything will blow up completely leaving us stranded in deep space w/o power.

Comment: Rush Limbaugh, 21st level troll (Score 1) 277

by TiggertheMad (#49030753) Attached to: Jon Stewart Leaving 'The Daily Show'

The problem is, too many people seem to think the Daily Show is a news show just as too many people think any 'fact' Rush Limbaugh states should be considered to be anything but fiction until carefully investigated.

Funny how that is. it's almost like Rush has established himself as such a ridiculous troll with all the stupid shit that he says, that nobody even bothers to listen to him anymore, aside from his sad clique of followers. At this point in his career, he might come up with a plan that would insure perpetual world peace, but nobody would bother to listen to him be cause of his track record.

Comment: Whats good for the gander is a good goosing? er... (Score 1) 239

by TiggertheMad (#49023563) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Will It Take To End Mass Surveillance?
Pffft. the solution is simple. Shine the light on the politicians. Organize a group of people to start following around all of congress and the senate, paparazzi style, and record everything they do, and post everything. Record whats in their trash, which stall they took a dump in at the mall, what they buy at the grocery store and how much they pay for gas at the gas station. Follow them with video cameras rolling constantly.

A week of that and you will get some nice strong privacy laws.

Comment: The answer is 42, er...I mean, encryption. (Score 4, Interesting) 239

by TiggertheMad (#49023539) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Will It Take To End Mass Surveillance?
Wide spread, end to end encryption would need to be implemented. In order to do that, you need one or two major providers to start advertising that they are completely encrypted, and that the competition is just handing your data to the government. That's one hell of a marketing 2x4 that the NSA is giving away for free to the first company to wants to step up and claim it.

"The Banana Computer Corporation is proud to announce that our platform is completely encrypted from end to end, and will protect you and your loved ones from digital threats such as Eastern European Identity thieves, illegal government spying, and other data theft. And what about the other companies? They can't be bothered to protect your loved ones (shows cute little child playing ABC game on smart phone, with a superimposed image of what looks like a leering pedophile hacker Nazi rapist frantically typing to steal your data) so why give them your business? Switch to Banana Computer to protect your family today.

Its like ten million new free subscribers to the first company to encrypt and give the NSA the finger, I am puzzled why nobody is pursuing this...

Comment: Re:Most. Transparent. Administration. Ever. (Score 1) 136

by TiggertheMad (#49023043) Attached to: DEA Hands MuckRock a $1.4 Million Estimate For Responsive Documents
I'll buy that anti-discrimination laws create economic drag in a healthy society, but recall that the reason most of these laws were created is because there were widespread attempts to keep large portions of the society down. If you refuse to hire a talented black man, and I then hire him, it will only give me an economic edge if I don't suffer a social backlash because half of the society refuses to do business with me, 'because I hired a nigger'. This is exactly the conditions that required legal addressing with laws.

Now, while we aren't in the same place now, discrimination still exists, and nobody knows exactly where the tipping point lies, in terms of the laws changing from a social enabler to a net economic drag. Since the economic drag is relatively low (compared to say, 10% of the population being destitute and disenfranchised), it makes sense to keep the laws until such time that we can be sure that repealing them won't cause widespread social problems.

Comment: My stapler....its my stapler... (Score 2) 118

by TiggertheMad (#49022725) Attached to: Neil Armstrong's Widow Discovers Moon Camera In Bag
Armstrong risked his ass in countless ways flying to the goddamned MOON, he can keep all the extra cameras and junk he wants to. If ANYONE earned this stuff its the guys who put their lives on the line for science, the USA, and the general advancement of humanity.

I see zero problem with this.

Comment: Re:Most. Transparent. Administration. Ever. (Score 1) 136

by TiggertheMad (#49021805) Attached to: DEA Hands MuckRock a $1.4 Million Estimate For Responsive Documents

I dont personally like the idea, but i think as a business owner, I want employees i wont worry about getting arrested on their way to work when I need them here.

What about drinking? Much more likely that your employees are going to be drinking than doing drugs, so what about mandatory breathalyzer tests? How about Every morning as they walk into the front door? Are you going to do background checks too? Ex-convicts are probably more likely to get re-arrested, don't hire those guys. You shouldn't hire minorities while you are at it, because they are more likely than white people to get pulled over and arrested by the police. That would really ruin your day, if your employees where being hassled by the police because they weren't born with the right skin color and they couldn't make their shift.

Or you could you know, just hire people that seem dependable and evaluate them on their performance, which seems a whole lot simpler and less judgmental.

Comment: A rich communist walks into a bar... (Score 1) 125

by TiggertheMad (#49021271) Attached to: Netflix Now Available In Cuba

First the infrastructure needs to be put in place. This will happen through the wealthier asking to get better internet access. Facilities such as vacation resorts will also invest in said technology to improve their customers experience.


I thought that the whole point of Communism was that nobody was 'rich' or 'poor'....

"Truth never comes into the world but like a bastard, to the ignominy of him that brought her birth." -- Milton