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Comment Re:Is there a greater risk of micropenis? (Score 1) 103

I am 3.7% Neanderthal (top 99th percentile).

Given that H.S.Sapiens and H. (S.) Neanderthalensis share 98.5% of the genetic material, it would be difficult to be more than 2.5%,or less than 98.5%, depending on how you see it.

What you probably mean is that you have 3.7% of the genetic markers that have so far been identified as being inherited from Neanderthals. Which is a completely different thing from being 3.7% Neanderthal.

I haven't tested my DNA, as there are large privacy concerns with the available testers (none I have found agree to destroying the test and all results except what they send you), but given that I have a large head, big joints, gap behind my wisdom teeth, and hail from where the largest concentration of Neanderthal-inherited DNA is, it wouldn't surprise me if it's up there.
I'm okay with that - it's part of being human.

Comment Re:Never seen so many allergies in people (Score 1) 103

This is quite humorous! Americans eat raw meat.

Yes, but only beef. Never pork, lamb, goat, horse or any other meats. Certainly not poultry, as the US seems to be able to keep salmonella out of their poultry production. (Which is why Spaghetti Carbonara is almost never made with raw eggs in the US, and don't get me started on the atrocity called egg nogg over here),
And most Americans would never venture past beef, pork, chicken and turkey anyhow. Sometimes fish, if it's breaded thickly enough, fried, and with enough lemon on it that you couldn't tell it from tofu.

Comment Re:Only Outlaws will Have Encryption (Score 4, Insightful) 143

You would have thought that our government would have learned when they attempted to ban PGP, decades ago.

For those of you who don't remember, the software got classified as a munition, people who sold it could be arrested as arms trafficers. Downloads instantly moved from US servers to those in Finland (and elsewhere) and the end result was a big spectacular nothing.

Calmer heads prevailed, in the long run.

The technology is out there, the knowledge of how to do encryption is impossible to stuff back into the bottle.

Yes, I remember the bad old days when a Netscape web browser was considered as a weapon of war and it was illegal to export it outside the US and there was a check box on the EULA saying you agree that you wouldn't export it.

If ITAR is again applied to encryption then the US will stop being able to sell pretty much any technology overseas and most people in the US who aren't complete morons will just import hardware and software from free countries where encryption is allowed.

Comment Re:Well yeah (Score 5, Insightful) 158

I agree with this.
Winning one-on-one competitions is an individual skill. So is cheating. Following rules is a cooperative or social skill.
As a hunter, cheating is a valuable skill. It doesn't matter whether you catch the game by being better, or by cheating, e.g. with a snare. When you and the other hunter aren't going to share, i.e. it's a competition, what matters is that you win. Preferably every time. If your competitor's family starves, that's a win for your offspring.

If hunting together, the situation becomes different. Team sports may yield different results.

Also - what is the consequence of being caught? I would think that winners of any game that requires thinking would favor those with a rational mind. Who would also be the ones to factor in the cost of getting caught. If that is zero, well, what is the advantage to not cheating?


Women Get Pull Requests Accepted More (Except When You Know They're Women) (peerj.com) 277

An anonymous reader writes: In the largest study of gender bias [in programming] to date, researchers found that women tend to have their pull requests accepted at a higher rate than men, across a variety of programming languages. This, despite the finding that their pull requests are larger and less likely to serve an immediate project need. At the same time, when the gender of the women is identifiable (as opposed to hidden), their pull requests are accepted less often than men's.

Comment Re:Key Lock (Score 1) 562

My Kia won't let me take the key out of the ignition unless the shifter is in park. You're saying my econobox has more safety features than a luxury Jeep?

Modern cars beyond old-design entry level models tend to not have ignition keys you have to physically insert. Keeping it in the pocket is good enough.

However, they normally won't let you turn the engine off unless you're in park, the exception being tow/car wash mode, where you have to jump through an extra hoop to say that yes, you want to leave it in neutral.

Comment Re:I want to go first party. What should I read? (Score 1) 654

That's the first step. The second is to provide a web form for advertisers to upload suitably sized images and set the placement, caption, link target, and start and end dates, so that you can just approve, approve, reject, approve.

This leaves two problems: finding what rate to charge, and getting advertisers to find this contact information page.

Comment Banks should still roll a joint for you (Score 1) 421

And there's no way most banks are going to let me pay her card from my account.

Since when are banks that issue payment cards no longer willing to let a cardmember add a joint account holder?

Hell...Discover, for example, won't even let me manage my own two cards from the same account...I need a separate online account for each card.

Then perhaps that bank needs to Discover some cardmembers that aren't you. Facebook gets a lot of things wrong, but separating auth and auth is one thing it gets right: each person has one account, and that account is connected to resources.

But thanks for clarifying. Now I have a sound bite to use against cookie haters: Basic auth is broken because logout in long-running browsers is broken.

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