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by Animats (#48439281) Attached to: Does Being First Still Matter In America?

decades ago, Cray Computers were assembled by people (housewives) who were allowed to spend no more time than they could be maximally effective in, using wires cut to millimeter-precise lengths.

Yes, and there's a Cray I at the Computer Museum here in Silicon Valley, upholstered base and all. You can sit on it if you like. It's not useful for much else.

All modern supercomputers are composed of a large number of microprocessors. The interconnects are faster than with ordinary hosting/cloud operations, but the CPUs are the same. The biggest supercomputer in the world, in China, is 3,120,000 cores of Intel Xeons, running at 2.2GHz each.

The question is whether the problem you're solving needs tight interconnection. If not, you can run it on a large number of ordinary computers. Weather may not be that tightly coupled; propagation time in air is kind of slow.

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by shutdown -p now (#48439279) Attached to: Windows Kernel Version Bumped To 10.0

It will now actually only report accurately up to Windows 8.1, even in future operating systems, to ensure people can't accidentally or intentionally misuse them.

Not quite. It will report the version number up to whatever OS version is the highest listed as supported in the application's manifest. In other words, you'll never get back an OS version higher than the one in existence when you were making the app.

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A senator doesn't need to be personally giving an order to make such a threat - it could be made based on some insider information that he has (e.g., being a member of some committee that oversees secret programs - much like quite a few senators were actually well aware of unconstitutional NSA activities long before the rest of us).

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by stephanruby (#48436575) Attached to: Swedish Court Refuses To Revoke Julian Assange's Arrest Warrant

perhaps you should think before spouting off publicly about how the guy's clearly innocent and the accusers are just lying sluts?

Using that word "sluts" to call those women says a lot more about you than it says about me. I assume this means you were raised in a place where most of the people around you still hold puritanical beliefs.

My personal problem with the non-condom related rape allegations is that the women continued their relationships with Julian Assange and even bragged publicly about having sex with Julian Assange.

Now granted, I'm not opposed to reclassifying the legal definition of rape to make it slightly broader than it is currently being enforced, and I'm not opposed to going after those perpetrators internationally through extradition treaties, but my problem comes from the fact that Julian Assange seems to be treated very uniquely in this regard and I just can't accept this as being a random coincidence.

Had Julian Assange not faced this threat from being imprisoned in a US gulag for his entire life, or worse, you and I both know that he would have just gone back to Sweden and been exonerated (fairly or unfairly, but that would have been the outcome for sure). I've been to Sweden and I can promise you it's not the feminist utopia you think that it is.

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by stephanruby (#48436283) Attached to: Swedish Court Refuses To Revoke Julian Assange's Arrest Warrant

I don't think any woman in history has ever lied about not wearing a female condom... You've never actually seen a female condom, have you? Lying about wearing one would be like an amputee lying about having both legs.

Diaphragm was actually the word I was looking for.

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