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Comment Re:This is a big bitchslap to Mozilla (Score 1) 273

This is a server on which developers develop web apps. Having access to multiple browsers on the server itself is useful. Not all servers are DMZ servers where reduction of attack surface is the key point. Many are "crash and burn" servers where people can do their job without worrying about causing damage.

Comment Re:This is a big bitchslap to Mozilla (Score 3, Insightful) 273

Yea, Chrome gets a bad rap for how much resources it uses but, it actually has a good reason and, as you pointed out, if it starts hitting your system's ceiling, it starts scaling back.

That's not acceptable. A web browser isn't the only, or even main thing I use my computer for. I don't want my VM to be unable to start because Chrome has used all the memory it could find, less a small bit.

It's not cooperative. It assumes that all memory available has been made available for it only.
Chrome is like a self-serve cafeteria where some people are gluttons who hog all the food, and latecomers only get crumbs. It might be legal, but it sure isn't playing nice. We shouldn't have to have guards standing at the food stations to prevent greedy bastards from ruining the experience for others. Taking all the biscuits and putting one or two back isn't generosity.

Firefox isn't much better. One of my users forgot to close a browser window on a server before going on vacation, and just periodic auto-refresh had caused it to gobble up a quite a few gigabytes of RAM - a large portion of the server's RAM. The server has extra RAM because of disk caching, to the benefit of all users. I ended up having to implement cgroup memory limiting because of Firefox.

Comment Re:Is there a greater risk of micropenis? (Score 1) 134

I am 3.7% Neanderthal (top 99th percentile).

Given that H.S.Sapiens and H. (S.) Neanderthalensis share 98.5% of the genetic material, it would be difficult to be more than 2.5%,or less than 98.5%, depending on how you see it.

What you probably mean is that you have 3.7% of the genetic markers that have so far been identified as being inherited from Neanderthals. Which is a completely different thing from being 3.7% Neanderthal.

I haven't tested my DNA, as there are large privacy concerns with the available testers (none I have found agree to destroying the test and all results except what they send you), but given that I have a large head, big joints, gap behind my wisdom teeth, and hail from where the largest concentration of Neanderthal-inherited DNA is, it wouldn't surprise me if it's up there.
I'm okay with that - it's part of being human.

Comment Re:Never seen so many allergies in people (Score 1) 134

This is quite humorous! Americans eat raw meat.

Yes, but only beef. Never pork, lamb, goat, horse or any other meats. Certainly not poultry, as the US seems to be able to keep salmonella out of their poultry production. (Which is why Spaghetti Carbonara is almost never made with raw eggs in the US, and don't get me started on the atrocity called egg nogg over here),
And most Americans would never venture past beef, pork, chicken and turkey anyhow. Sometimes fish, if it's breaded thickly enough, fried, and with enough lemon on it that you couldn't tell it from tofu.

Comment Re:Well yeah (Score 5, Insightful) 173

I agree with this.
Winning one-on-one competitions is an individual skill. So is cheating. Following rules is a cooperative or social skill.
As a hunter, cheating is a valuable skill. It doesn't matter whether you catch the game by being better, or by cheating, e.g. with a snare. When you and the other hunter aren't going to share, i.e. it's a competition, what matters is that you win. Preferably every time. If your competitor's family starves, that's a win for your offspring.

If hunting together, the situation becomes different. Team sports may yield different results.

Also - what is the consequence of being caught? I would think that winners of any game that requires thinking would favor those with a rational mind. Who would also be the ones to factor in the cost of getting caught. If that is zero, well, what is the advantage to not cheating?

Comment Re:Key Lock (Score 1) 564

My Kia won't let me take the key out of the ignition unless the shifter is in park. You're saying my econobox has more safety features than a luxury Jeep?

Modern cars beyond old-design entry level models tend to not have ignition keys you have to physically insert. Keeping it in the pocket is good enough.

However, they normally won't let you turn the engine off unless you're in park, the exception being tow/car wash mode, where you have to jump through an extra hoop to say that yes, you want to leave it in neutral.

Comment Re:Relativism (Score 2) 239

What has this got to do with video games? Who knows? But we must understand that this generation is one of the most mentally fucked up generations to have ever walked the face of the earth. So, saying 90's vido gamers turned out 'ok', is clearly bullshit.

I think the idea is that they turned out okay compared to non-gamers from the same time period. Although it's next to impossible to exclude other correlating factors, because those who played games likely had more similar demographics than compared with those who didn't.

As for speculations of why the late 30 early 40 somethings of today are so fucked up, I would guess that the conservative resurgence and Mrs. Reagan and "no child left behind" is part of the problem. A coddled generation taught to rote learn and not to think, and that the grown ups would do all the thinking for them. Not a good recipe for brilliance, in my opinion.

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