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Comment Related background (Score 1) 41

Danske is infamous for rewriting their online banking system as a Java applet around 2008. Standard https security wasn't enough so they decided to roll their own. I switched to another bank before the update took place, and pretty soon other people left the bank in hordes. They later returned to https, but the damage to reputation was already done.

Comment Re:We're building a skyscraper with Agile (Score 1) 281

Can the client climb on the second floor with a rope? We used that in a treehouse last year. It should work the same.

Now, Steve, what did I tell you about pulling in dependencies without my say-so? I know you're comfortable with all those old frameworks but we need to keep our design fresh and cutting edge. Now, I've got this excellent system some kids just out of college put together, very next gen, very cutting edge. See, you just take a see-saw and the guy picks up a boulder and stands on one end of it...

Comment Oh good, more contention. (Score 5, Interesting) 170

The 2.4 Ghz spectrum was opened up for general use because it has relatively poor long distance characteristics thanks to it being absorbed strongly by water. This lead to an explosion of use in the band where your average apartment building has dozens of devices competing for the spectrum. And now cell companies are coming full circle and stomping all over it themselves. Maybe the government could take the hint that maybe another ISM band or two would be highly welcome. Maybe they could skip selling off spectrum for billions of dollars to enormous companies and instead open it up the way they did the 2.4 Ghz band? Spectrum seems a bit over regulated at the moment, there's barely any room for entities that aren't massive corporations with billions of dollars to do anything.

Over regulation is stifling innovation.

Comment Re:post-liability not always sufficient (Score 1) 104

cherry-picking a few horror cases is a propaganda technique

And? What are you going to do about them? These are messes that the industrialists made. Are you even going to provide a counter-point of an unregulated mine that was shutdown in a clean and orderly manner? CAN you even provide a counter-point? Are you going to tell us what makes this time different? Tell us why, if we drop all the regulations now and start over just like back then, people will not do the same things they did back then?

Comment Disrespect goes both ways (Score 1) 923

My current work on userspace graphics enabling may require me to send an occasional quirks kernel patch, but I know I will spend at least a day dreading the potential toxic background radiation of interacting with the kernel community before I send anything

My wife and I did some extensive work to learn how to avoid expressing disrespect to each other.

One day I complained to her that she'd made me swim in a sea of toxic disrespectful judgments all day.

What I learned from the professionals was that using hyperbolic labels like "toxic" is also disrespectful. It's better to just stick to noting that you felt disrespected by a particular statement or statements until the message gets across - assuming the other side is working on learning to avoid disrespect. If they aren't, you identify the disrespect for them, notify them you aren't going to tolerate it any more, and then enforce boundaries to make sure you aren't subjected to it any more.

Another thing I learned is that people who are in an abusive relationship (including disrespect) tend to become abusers themselves.

Comment Re:None of the people I know that Like this Show.. (Score 1) 402

as someone who lives and works around those types, it's partially accurate.

The problem with BBT is the lazy writing and shoddy two dimensional characters. They lean on so many tropes it's like watching a drunk man trying to escort a paraplegic through an obstacle course.

I welcome depictions of those kinds of nerds in media, however, I don't welcome shitty writing and hackneyed jokes.

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