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Comment Re:The important details: Slower and over 540$ (Score 1) 75

So get a cheaper 4th Gen Core i whatever. Or go with an AMD APU or CPU and get a discrete GPU in the mean time.

Intel Iris Pro graphics might not be great for gaming, but it sure will help with various GPU accelerated tasks like compositing and so forth in non-gaming uses.

Comment Re:Government knows best... (Score 1) 432

Complaining about some OSHA guy getting the details wrong doesn't make what OSHA itself is DOING wrong. By having uniform standards of safety set by experts in those fields, we ensure that it's not a race to the bottom where safety is concerned.

Hillary also didn't say she wanted the gig economy to go under, she just said that classifying them as contractors and all sorts of other shenanigans is wrong.

If you're Uber or Lyft or AirBNB, you have to cover people who are providing your service as if they're employees. Because they are the people providing the work, they should be treated like employees.

Comment Re:Government knows best... (Score 3, Insightful) 432

you know what's a terrible way to live? Not being sure if you're going to die at work tomorrow because your boss, or your boss's boss decides to skimp on safety gear because it's cheaper.

It's not your decision to work an incredibly hazardous job that's on the line or not, it's the decision for your employer not to give you decent protection from mishaps.

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