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Comment Bullspit (Score 4, Insightful) 19

DevOps is a specialization which used to be part of standard system administration. Developing custom tools to do custom tasks, in this case related to "Ops" (another specialty that used to be standard sysadmin territory). The term is a great dummy term, but really does not distinguish someone's ability to manage servers and infrastructure.

You seem to be the 'new guy' who preaches that everything should be run in a generic docker container, complaining about the 'old guy' who wants none. Meanwhile, most of the people worth their salt understand that sometimes generic works and sometimes it doesn't. If there was some magic perfect layout everyone would be using it. Instead, we have a huge array of both hardware and software being used in the market. Knowing a dictionary of buzz words does not make you good, and usually indicates just the opposite.

Comment Re:It should be obvious (Score 1) 343

Still writing the paper, though I did the definitions section to try and outline the basic concepts. It's going to need a lot of explanation to make sense, but you can read it if you like, such as it is and what there is of it.

I need to organize things between theoretical basis, extensive concepts, observations, and conjectures about policy. Obviously, demonstrating how wealth grows, how productivity increases wealth, and how scarcity comes into existence shows some basic functions of economics; while showing how these allow various forms of welfare and taxation systems, or how income inequality affects an economy, is more observation and conjecture. I also need to just write, instead of spending all my time studying for the CAPM and playing video games; but who cares? Nobody cares. I freaking solved poverty and all I get is people quickly talking over me to cover up any concern for the poor so they can bitch about the rich having too much and talk about how we should tax them to death and take their stuff, because nobody honestly gives a shit about anyone with less--only about people they can blame and attack, which tends to be people with more.

Comment Re:sTEM (Score 1) 133

STEM is a concept that got out of control.
The problem was schools were not giving enough effort in Science and Math. (Technology and Engineering in my mind are practical executions of Science and Math, but I guess S&M wouldn't be a good name)
So this was the Degree Requirement for A High school graduation (1 credit is a full year of classes)
4 Credits of English
4 Credits of History/Social Studies
2 Credits of Math
2 Credits of Science
3 Credits of Foreign Language or 2 Credits with 3 Credits of Art and Music
2 Credits of PE.

Then you needed to fill in some of the spots with electives.

However It has always bugged me that there was only 2 credits needed for Math. If we were to keep the credits equal I would have took away the 2 credits of history and put them in Math. Not because I disliked history, I actually liked that class, but because Math and Language skills, are used to train the brain on how to think, and look at issues. Science and History are implementation of Mathematical and Literal thinking, quite important. But with the way it was setup Math and Science was treated like useless classes, stuff you don't need in real life.

So in the future, where technology is the key to a decent middle class life, there is a Push on STEM, however this push is cutting off Arts and Music, funding. Where all was needed was just a rewrite in the degree requirements. Where either you take out the Requirement for extra history (You can still take it as elective) or lower the number of electives you need to take ( a few less study halls)

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 133

It must of been written by my Third Grade teacher, who for the most part really messed me up and my friends as well, with her barbaric teaching styles.
There was one of my friends in her class, he was a really nice kid, however had some learning disabilities so some concepts he didn't catch too well. He was having problem with word problems which require subtraction. He asked for help, She was kinda big on embarrassing students so a lot of us heard this.
Teacher: You are subtracting a Larger number from a smaller number.
Teacher: What does your father do?
Student: He is a policeman.
Teacher: It is Illegal to subtract a Larger number from a smaller number. Do you want to go to jail for doing that?

Comment Re:sTEM (Score 4, Interesting) 133

There is a wide difference on how computer science is taught across many institutions.
In My college Computer Science was combined in the Department of Math, Physics and Computer Science. So Computer Science was taught in more of Mathematical and Scientific method. Encouraging taking the scientific method to help solve problems.
1. Identify the question you want to solve.
2. Offer a Hypothesis on how to solve it.
3. Experiment (writing code), and going back to #2 if it doesn't work.
4. Offer your Theory as your solution.

In class our peers may review some of our solutions and offer feedback, such as stating inputs of X, Y, Z may cause it to fail. Or applying Discrete mathematics to prove that it does or doesn't work.
While there is some talk about the technology and engineering principles, it was mostly Science and Math. for my version of Computer Science.
I have dealt with other students from other schools who said Computer Science was Engineering Lite, others where it was Just computer engineering under the Computer Science name. And others where it was just focusing on the technology and not as much the principals.

My Computer Science classes focused a lot more on Big O performance, while other students Never heard of it.

Computer Science for the Most Part seems to be a combination of STEM all with different levels of degrees.

Comment Snap-tite isn't new (Score 0, Troll) 96

It just sucks, and its why all your snap-tite models fall apart and you end up using model glue on them anyway.

Some things are not meant to be put together in a half-ass flimsy way so the first strong breeze shakes it loose.

Good job Clemson, you caught up to what Testes was doing 80 years ago.

Not exactly sure why they think that architects don't use digital files for any house that gets built. The paper plans you see are for the builders who aren't carrying a fragile computer around the job site.

Perhaps we should require that professors who work at these universities have some sort of actual real world experience on an ongoing regular basis so they don't repeat the same shit 12 year olds were doing before they were born.

Comment Small ISP (Score 2) 72

My real issue is globally the loss of the small ISP. Back in the dialup days even outside major cities, we had access to dozens of ISP's we could pick the big global names just as AOL, Prodigy and Compuserve. But we we had access to a bunch of smaller ISP's who may have offered less services, but also were more affordable. 56.6k dial up for $8.50 a month was a good deal, or $20 for 100 Megabytes with no backout, there was also pricing like $25 for 50 hours. There were a lot of options and we could pick a style that was best for us. The ISP could offer these low prices (at the time) because they needed to cover the cost of a T1 line (about $1,000 a month) and x amount of LAN Lines, usually between 8-24. They could run the ISP with a small business of 1 person. They were not responsible for what their users did, or what they viewed. Nor did they really care to try, as logging all such traffic would fill up expensive Drive storage, which they often would rather keep for email and personal web hosting.

Today ISP also own the infrastructure and have increasing requirements which makes them more expensive and worse customer experience.

Comment 3 year sentance (Score 1) 279

I guess a three year sentence was what they wanted to give him. This guy is so paranoid that he imprisoned himself for years vs just trying to face the justice system, and perhaps getting out with a fine, or even declared innocent.
This guy had locked himself to prevent dealing with the legal systems of the UK, Sweden, and the United States. While they are not perfect and need reform, are still considered the world's fairest justice systems. Compared to the many other parts of the world where you would just had been shot or poisoned.

Comment Sure (Score 2) 224

But not for that reason. Profits for some, fuck everyone else. That is the current mindset with too many people holding power. Nepotism, cronyism, and quid pro quot is the overwhelming number of rich people today. Oh I know, there has always been some of that but we used to teach morality. Morality is one of those things omitted in current schools, and you'll have to give less than that to try and expedite programmers. Here is the test: Ask a person today "If you are rich, how much money is too much money?" 30 years ago most would put the number in the couple million mark. Today, most people will laugh and tell you know such thing. So we have gone very far backwards in morality as a society, in a very short amount of time.

Could a school turn out "programmers" in 2 years? Sure, they will know enough to do some "programming" but not how to solve problems, and won't be able to communicate with people. Further, they will be ignorant to history so not know what to look out for in actions by the powerful which makes a large group of people fodder.

I heard something similar the other day, where 100 years ago people from Universities were well versed in every subject. They studied Math, Music, Chemistry, Languages, Art, Philosophy, and History. A person with a degree was very high valued. That was supposed to be the goal of Public Education and Government funding and control in Universities. And look where we have gone. Specialized degrees like "Sports Marketing" with little to no other knowledge to fall back on.

Comment Re:Jail terms for CEO COO CFO of hacked company (Score 1) 71

My point is that it's not in their job description.

They're job description is defined by law, it is in fact their job description to be responsible for the actions of ALL subordinates.

They make decisions. They don't manage.


You're an idiot.

Jailing the CEO over a data breach is as fucking stupid as jailing the Superintendent when the lunch lady undercooks the meat.

Right, its in no way the responsibility of the person above you to validate and ensure you're doing your job properly. They have no responsibilities at all. You can totally do what ever you want and they have nothing at all to say about it. You will in fact find, in your example, IT IS STILL the responsibility of the superintendent to ensure that the lunch lady cooks the meet properly. Doesn't matter if he's 80 light years away, still his problem, thats what it means to be on top.

You're an idiot.

If you weren't busy drinking mercury on a regular basis, you would understand that the CEO of your typical 5000+ employee enterprise isn't the person that should be programming the fucking database, you dumb-shit motherfucker.

If you weren't suck a ignorant moron, you'd realize that the CEO doesn't have to know how to do it to still be responsible for the actions of every single person in the company and what they do as part of the company.

Of course we don't go after a CEO because one guy steals a bunch of data. We put the CEO in jail because he didn't make it a proper priority to protect the data. And the we put every single person in the food chain between the people who actually did it (software developer) and the CEO. And maybe at that point, dipshits like you will get the fucking point that you are responsible for your subordinates.

Probably not because ... you're just another idiot who thinks he knows all about the world but doesn't even realize that a corporation is a legal entity created by congress, and that the officers of the company are in fact legally responsible for the companies actions. ALL OF THEM. The benefit of it is that we as customers can't sue them directly because of something that goes wrong at the company and causes it to go out of business because of simple failure ... it also means, in exchange, they assume legal responsibility for the actions of the company.

You can tell everyone they are wrong all day long, but you won't magically be right because you repeat it enough.

Real computer scientists like having a computer on their desk, else how could they read their mail?