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Comment: Arbitrary (Score 1) 342

by bhcompy (#49283751) Attached to: UK Chancellor Confirms Introduction of 'Google Tax'

Under the new tax regime, companies with an annual turnover of £10m will have to tell HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) if they think their company structure could make them liable for diverted profit tax. Once HMRC has assessed the structures, and decided how much profit has been artificially diverted from the UK, multinationals will have only 30 days to object to the 25% tax.

The arbitrary nature of this opens up a whole lot for corruption and mistakes. It would be much better if they can establish actual calculations rather than arbitrary distinctions.

Comment: Re:Reddit (Score 4, Informative) 114

by bhcompy (#49250825) Attached to: Twitter Will Ban Revenge Porn and Non-consensual Nudes
I don't disagree, but the different levels of enforcement are very evident. Entire subs were locked/deleted for the celeb nude leaks, and users were banned with posts removed within minutes to hours during the height of the leaks. Conversely, the guy I referenced has reported numerous times about a single user that continually harasses him and posts his nudes with no results. Policies like this should at least have the appearance of being fairly enforced. You can say best effort, but if you put in no effort, as is evident here, it becomes a question of fairness and agenda.

Comment: Reddit (Score 5, Interesting) 114

by bhcompy (#49250717) Attached to: Twitter Will Ban Revenge Porn and Non-consensual Nudes

In February, reddit made a similar rules change after the site was embroiled in controversy for allowing the posting of stolen nude celebrity photos in 2014. Banning "involuntary pornography," reddit urged victims to e-mail the site with details so administrators could remove the offending posts.

Not quite. They only banned the practice for females(in practice). Males who petition to have their pictures to be removed have been ignored. SC2 streamer Destiny posted earlier this week about how reddit refuses to take down his leaked revenge nudes(which are still stored on reddit's servers as someone with a particular beef with Destiny has added the images to a custom CSS for a subreddit) and refuses to discipline those that continually post it.

This is similar to Gawker's avid posting of Hulk Hogan's stolen sextape versus their denouncement and refusal to host images of the leaked female celebrity nudes, known as the Fappening.

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