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Comment: Re:Meet somewhere in the middle (Score 1) 179

Unlimited means I pay a flat rate for the service and the service doesn't stop at any thresholds other than not paying my bill. For data, they advertised "unlimited data". There are no extra fees for use past a certain point, unlike capped services where you pay per threshold. People hear unlimited data and they take it to mean unlimited bandwidth, and the two are fundamentally different. I don't necessarily have a problem with that, but I do believe AT&T is overdoing the throttling when you do hit the softcap.

Comment: Re:Fuck you (Score 1) 179

Indeed, nothing is ever unlimited is it? My lifetime supply of Doritos that I won in a contest is actually a fixed number for month, my unlimited supply of sunlight I receive is actually up until the sun goes nova, my unlimited dialup AOL actually is limited by my 56k baud modem, etc.

Comment: Re:Fuck you (Score 1) 179

Tell me where I agreed to anything in my contract that has to do with guaranteed bandwidth? My contract states unlimited data, which is tempered by the bandwidth assigned to me. Just like any normal home internet connection, where you are assigned bandwidth and you have unlimited within those constraints.

Comment: Re:Meet somewhere in the middle (Score 3, Insightful) 179

Eh, technically they're not lying. I have unlimited data, but unlimited to the point of the bandwidth they assign me(as is always the case with any unlimited service). I don't have a guaranteed speed in my 10-15 year old AT&T unlimited contract.

Comment: Meet somewhere in the middle (Score 5, Interesting) 179

If AT&T wants to apply a soft cap, either throttle based on QoS requirements at the time of use or adjust their throttling upward. I rarely hit 5gb a month that causes me to throttle, but it becomes difficult to use modern websites that have no concept of bandwidth control in their design or the ads they allow. Given that I can go from 15mb to 100k at the flip of a switch, I don't see why they couldn't just throttle based on the available bandwidth when it's needed at that point. If I'm abusing my contract and hitting my softcap and bandwidth is tight, sure, throttle me down, but there's no reason to cut me down to ISDN speed when the bandwidth is otherwise underutilized.

Comment: Re:Not a chance (Score 1) 631

by bhcompy (#48253791) Attached to: Why CurrentC Will Beat Out Apple Pay
You're a fucking idiot. I never said the shareholders won't allow a data breach. I said it's in their best interest to build a secure system because of the fallout that occurred with Target. As far as giving them information, you're a fucking idiot if you give them your primary checking account. Do you use your primary checking account with PayPal? Google Wallet? ISIS/Softcard? No sane person does. Grow up.

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