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Comment Re:Old and died I think PICK AT (Score 1) 429

PICK uses Data/BASIC as its language (suitably obscure). Nowadays, you run the PICK OS/database in a VM/emulator with a TCP/IP wrapper allowing it to communicate with the outside world. Still widely used in financial and accounting systems. ADP sells PICK based solutions. Very fast, very easy to use, very accurate. I prefer PICK over SQL for many databases

Comment Honest Sgt (Score 4, Insightful) 275

So, this Sgt is being honest, and likely will get his hand slapped for it. I work with public IT. Public organizations have contracts with vendors and vendors upcharge like crazy to sell these items, and none of the technical staff can do anything about it, and that's assuming the entity's IT isn't outsourced. This is just one more place where graft exists to line the pockets of donors/supporters/whatever.

Comment Re:Translations (Score 1) 394

Custom software requires lots of specially trained people to update, maintain, and manage the software. When one retires, you lose tons of knowledge. Proprietary software is almost always a poor long term solution if a COTS solution is available for most functions in the areas we're talking about. People outside of your organization know the product(meaning that support is available from the outside and that you can replace staff more easily when you lose someone), the product is supported by a real company(rather than a local devshop for hire that goes out of business in 5 years), people you bring in as end users and such may already have knowledge of the product, you have the comfort of knowing that other entities successfully use the product and you're not starting from scratch on a wing and a prayer(like, say, custom payroll for LAUSD that turned into a $100m loss), you generally have standardized methods of communicating with other systems(can you time and attendance software speak with your payroll software? what about the time and attendance software 10 years from now? what about the next software you bring in that replaces a function done outside of software today?), etc

Comment Re: Idiocy. (Score 1) 394

I work in the public sector. Most users can't themselves. The vast majority of the software used for functions outside of word processing are generally custom or highly specialized COTS software. How do you self-train on RMS/CAD software? What about the custom payroll program still running on an AS400 that's accessed with a terminal emulator?

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