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Comment Re: What are the actual patents about (Score 2) 38

The haptic feedback in the Apple watch is not like the devices found in the Playstation 4 or Nintendo controllers. (Can't speak for XBOX One, sorry.) It feels like a tap, as opposed to the vibration motor modern game controllers use. The practical difference is that in a very short space of time you can count how many times you've been tapped. The vibration motors take long enough to spin up they're very sluggish in comparison, at least in the case of counting the actual buzzes.

I'm too lazy to look it up but I vaguely recall a lawsuit that affected the XBOX and PS2 for the vibration motors in their controllers, but it didn't affect Nintendo because they actually use a different configuration. If memory serves that fueled the rumors that the real reason the PS3 didn't originally have rumble in their controllers was to avoid further litigation. (They claimed it interfered with their SIXAXIS sensors, but the Wii controller showed that was bunk.)

Comment sigh (Score 1) 304

Wake me when they start building humanesque androids, then we'll have reason to fear losin our jerbs. Don't forget that the guy that flips your burgers at McDonalds also sweeps the lobby, restocks the condiments, picks cigarette butts off the ground in the parking lot, and unloads the ingredient-shipments from the truck into the freezer.

Comment Re:That's all from the summary and link (Score 1) 55

Obviously not, just obviously doing the same task.

Obviously not...? Um, no. You didn't even know it used radio waves until I told you, so you didn't write your post post knowing that the products were distinctly different, and thus couldn't be doing the same task.

Epic fail.

Oh I agree. That's why I've been so entertained!

Comment Re:That's all from the summary and link (Score 1) 55

The reason there was confusion to be propagated was that you didn't read the part of the summary that specifically mentioned microwave sensors. As for this thread being useless, I agree! Imagine the discussion we could have had about the advantages the different hardware has if you weren't being so defensive.

Comment Re:Apps for that posts ago (Score 1) 55

The Nintendo product isn't just an app, it's hardware and software. Being that the hardware is different in fundamental ways, each approach has its pros and cons. Jack of all trades and related cliches. If you had caught this detail the first time you would have had the answer to your 'why bother' question days ago.

What annoys you so much about what I added to this conversation is that I drew attention to your reading comprehension failure. You're not saving face, you're making it worse. I did not create your problem.

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