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Comment Re:still don't get how 360 panorama video works... (Score 1) 23 23

sure, you have two views in all directions but how do you stitch a stereoscopic panoball from that???

First you stitch all the left-camera views together. Then, in a separate image, you stitch all the right-camera views together. The trickier part is the math, which I don't really know how to explain here other than to say that it's not significantly different from the pano-mode on modern cellular phones.

Comment Re:Self capture (Score 1) 23 23

How do they solve the issue of capturing the camera's stand/arm? Reflective surfaces will be annoying as well.

Cameras like this have an area of occlusion, caused by the cameras being physically a few centimeters apart, that the stand often sits in. I cannot speak for this particular model but let's just say you've got a diameter of something like a foot where a strategically placed stand would be invisible.

Comment Re: "...the same as trespassing." (Score 1) 1145 1145

Kentucky man knows buckshot is the wrong load for drone-hunting (there's a reason it's called "buck"-shot).

Unsubstantiated assumption. Honestly you don't really want to go into what Kentuckians do or don't know. If your argument only works if only the best most experienced shooters are the ones that step up and take out drones you're not on a particularly stable foundation.

There is no "reckless endangerment"

Really? Shooting your gun when you're not supposed to isn't reckless endangerment?

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