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Comment Re:WinRAR (Score 1) 129

"The UI is just a lot more elegant and intuitive" implies that 7zip's interface is not intuitive as compared to WinRAR."

Yes, that is the statement the OP made. You responded as if he had said:

7zip is unintuitive.

Which is a statement he did not make.

Congratulations on winning the dumbass award.

Mmm Hm.

Comment Question... (Score 3, Informative) 182

I have a question about wifi-assist: If it kicks in doesn't it tell the phone wifi is off? I ask because iOS prevents lots of things from happening over a cellular connection. For example: You cannot do a system update, you cannot download apps larger than a certain file size (last I checked it was 50 megabytes), and apps like Netflix have a "don't use cellular" switch. It seems to me that, assuming that those switches aren't bypassed, the likelihood of a ridiculous bill seems minimal.

Pardon my skepticism, I'm one of the grandfathered unlimited customers with shitty wifi at work who is continually annoyed by these artificial limitations. I'd actually benefit from it if Apple went that far out of their way and fucked up that bad.

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