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Comment Re:Best to leave them alone? (Score 1) 488

No they won't. They'll just blame some other random thing that the U.S. or . ' is buying oil from our they must pay'. Groups like ISIS will always exist. Whether it be Japan in WWII,The Soviet Union, Vietnam, North Korea, Al Qaeda, ISIS, or some other threat. The only difference is that our U.S. dick waving gives them a scapegoat. Don't be fooled however, because they'd find some other excuse to attack us anyways. These groups exist for no other reason then to do their own dick waving. They want to be in the news and scare people into submission. I don't agree with the U.S. or other countries having a heavy handed approach, but hell poke a bear with a stick and you deserve what happens next...maybe that is what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs...

Comment Re:H1-B program die die die (Score 1) 284

It's not that there is a shortage, it's that many folks with talent are already involved in other endeavors, and in addition, there is a huge influx of people who are new and simply want to earn more and are therefore are willing to apply to jobs beyond their skill level. Because of this, you need to be more aggressive about recruiting, and slightly less aggressive about the tests. You can't judge a good programmer by a half a page of code any more than you can judge a writer based on a half a paragraph of text.

Comment Re:What about Phoenix/Firebird? (Score 1) 65

Phoenix is predated by the original Mozilla Application Suite, which was a huge monstrosity of a browser, email/newsgroup client, and others. It was slow, used a ton of memory, and was buggy. According to Wikipedia it was founded in 1998, which makes sense since I remember using it somewhere around the end of the 90s or early 2000s. That being said, that would make Mozilla 17 years old, not 13 as you mentioned.

Comment Re:Get off my lawn (Score 1) 65

I've been using it since it was first released...Phoenix I believe it was. Revolutionary for the time. Chrome has since superseded it in both speed and reliability. I quit using Firefox after getting tired of pages crashing the browser. It's probably gotten better since, but my life now revolves around Google Chrome.

Comment Re:Low quality article (Score 1) 324

Ad revenue through and through. The slashdot editors bought it after all. The authors of the original article likely scored several thousand dollars from this slashdot post. Anyone that thinks that apple will 'eventually' file bankruptcy has a _VERY_ long wait ahead of them. Apple's biggest fans aren't even flinching at the 16 gb model...they already bought the higher end models. Only reviewers pay attention to the 16 gb models.

Comment Re:They're able to call them subsidies now? (Score 1) 155

Bad for apple and samsung of course. The problem is that, while CellCos are hoping that they will make more money, it really isn't going to happen. When joe bob finds out that buying 5 iphones will add $150 to his cell phone bill, he'll go for another, much cheaper carrier. Keep in mind that carriers made money off the phones as well. Do you really think apple charges verizon $650 for an iphone? No, verizon got it for around $325 and resold it for $650...It was easier when people could say 'it's going to cost me $350 regardless!" now, Verizon isn't just competing with other CellCos, they are competing with...Every retailer out there in addition to the CellCos. Good luck Verizon! Enjoy that race to the bottom. I'm sure Amazon will gladly undercut you by $200 and I'm sure T-Mobile will love claiming to be $300 cheaper per month.

Comment Re:Extra Profit Fee (Score 1) 155

Straight talk and Page Plus both have their LTE capped at 5 Mbit down, in addition, you don't get Verizon's roaming network (which i've used in the past). Verizon's LTE network is 10 times faster. Now that it matters much, but it's worth noting. You aren't getting Verizon for that price, you are getting $45 worth of verizon at that price.

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