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Comment Re:Low quality article (Score 1) 324

Ad revenue through and through. The slashdot editors bought it after all. The authors of the original article likely scored several thousand dollars from this slashdot post. Anyone that thinks that apple will 'eventually' file bankruptcy has a _VERY_ long wait ahead of them. Apple's biggest fans aren't even flinching at the 16 gb model...they already bought the higher end models. Only reviewers pay attention to the 16 gb models.

Comment Re:They're able to call them subsidies now? (Score 1) 155

Bad for apple and samsung of course. The problem is that, while CellCos are hoping that they will make more money, it really isn't going to happen. When joe bob finds out that buying 5 iphones will add $150 to his cell phone bill, he'll go for another, much cheaper carrier. Keep in mind that carriers made money off the phones as well. Do you really think apple charges verizon $650 for an iphone? No, verizon got it for around $325 and resold it for $650...It was easier when people could say 'it's going to cost me $350 regardless!" now, Verizon isn't just competing with other CellCos, they are competing with...Every retailer out there in addition to the CellCos. Good luck Verizon! Enjoy that race to the bottom. I'm sure Amazon will gladly undercut you by $200 and I'm sure T-Mobile will love claiming to be $300 cheaper per month.

Comment Re:Extra Profit Fee (Score 1) 155

Straight talk and Page Plus both have their LTE capped at 5 Mbit down, in addition, you don't get Verizon's roaming network (which i've used in the past). Verizon's LTE network is 10 times faster. Now that it matters much, but it's worth noting. You aren't getting Verizon for that price, you are getting $45 worth of verizon at that price.

Comment Re:The term is "Creative Destruction" (Score 1) 432

Regular Taxi services are just as bad IMHO. A yellow cab taxi approached us once in Atlantic City. It said something like $20 max on his car (was years ago, don't remember the exact amount). He wanted to charge us $50 as we were getting out. I told him his car said $20 (or whatever the max was), paid him the $20 + 20% tip. He got super mad, I told him to call the police if he felt like we were in the wrong, and he drove off angry. This is one of the reason both Uber as well as Lyft are thriving. The other is access. As someone who used to frequent new york city, we often had to take illegal black car services during rush hour. Rather than adjusting to demand, The trademark yellow cabs were nowhere to be found (until years later. Last time I was in NYC things had improved slightly...they even take credit cards via a fancy system in the back now!) I'm not arguing for or against Lyft/Uber. I don't use them (moved away from NYC to somewhere more accessible), but if your business model is so inefficient you actually leave room for a competitor to enter the market, you are doing something wrong...

Comment Pretty sure... (Score 1) 149

As someone who has a bazillion different grills and smokers. I'm pretty sure these 'students' don't know their (pork) butt, from a hole in the ground. Science doesn't make great flavor, expertise does (otherwise we'd have robots cooking gourmet meals by now...those things can't even run the local mcdonalds, forget cooking quality brisket. Also love the nerds on slashdot claiming to know about quality bbq. How many people here know without looking what animal or what part of said animal the brisket comes from?) P.S. I've been a computer nerd since I was old enough to read or write. My day job is a software engineer. My hobby is creating awesome food.

Comment Re:Android 5.1 fucked up my Nexus 5's camera. (Score 1) 179

FYI, the GPS issue is actually a hardware one, and easily fixable by tightening the screws on the S3. I didn't believe this at first, but I was shocked when it fixed things. GPS worked perfectly on my S3 (replaced it with an HTC One M8 recently due to a faulty power switch; the M8 runs Lollipop GPe...couldn't be happier).

Comment Really? (Score 1) 331

Second? is there anyone here who DOESN'T use newegg just to configure the initial build, only to switch to amazon (with it's lower prices) to complete the purchase? Just sayin...Newegg was cheaper...in the early 2000s. Amazon actually rules the roost now, even though it's website blows balls (newegg isn't doing so hot these days either, with it's downgrade in UI experience.)

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