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Comment Re:Greenspan (Score 1) 8 8

You're pretty much a Greek in all but character encoding, as far as I can tell from your oral attachment to the public nipple.
And let me stipulate that I think that's perfectly acceptable as a choice. My chief gripe is the way MY tax dollars are taken to pour down the same little endless circular holes for the $18 trillionth time, while you are all on your high-horse about it.

Comment Re:They aren't revolutionizing shit. (Score 1) 300 300

Heh. Yeah. I can squeek a six quart crock pot of lentil soup (Lentils, Chicken, Canned Tomatoes, Onion, Garlic, Carrots and Potatoes) under $10. Half that if I leave out the chicken. A bit more if I also add bacon and my home-ground curry mix. I can get cumin for practically free at the moment, though. And that'll keep me fed the entire week. It's damn good, too, just not something I'm in the mood for in the middle of August.

Comment Clean! Atomic! Energy! (Score 1) 361 361

Doesn't Mitsubishi or someone make a pebble bed reactor you can fit on the back of a 18 wheeler for about $10 Million? Thought I read that somewhere. I would totally put a Mitsubishi reactor in my back yard if I could sell the excess electricity on the local grid. I'm sure the neighbors would have no objections to Clean! Atomic! Energy! and neither should Hillary. Reallly! It's just like fire! The handbook says so! All that hysterical handwaving is just hippies stuck in the 70's!

Comment Re:Sustainable? (Score 1) 300 300

Turkey fat is industrial waste, putting it in cars and milkshakes would be more environmentally sustainable than continuing to ignore the reality.

Well, I don't know how you got onto turkeys in particular, but Tyson Chicken (the world's largest producer of waste animal fat) has a chicken-fat-to-biodiesel plant...

Comment Re:Smart (Score 1) 272 272

So Tesla rigged the gauge when they did the swap? That's a bold claim.

What I'm saying is that the available evidence supports that idea at least as much as the idea that they're actually doing swaps. If they're actually doing swaps, why is definitive evidence so hard to come by?

Would you accept that his car didn't run out of energy while driving after the swap?

Yep. Would you accept that the vehicle actually behaved differently, but he didn't notice? If you chopped 5% of the performance off completely linearly, nobody would even notice.

Comment Re:Snark on Detroit? (Score 1) 272 272

I'll agree that the average car of the 1980s was ugly as sin, and nearly as bad from a quality standpoint.

The 1970s were characterized by awful design coupled with 1960s technology. The cars of the 1970s are no more advanced than the cars of the 1960s. By contrast, the cars of the 1980s are dramatically more advanced... the imports, anyway. Japanese and German shitboxen got sequential fuel injection and advanced suspension designs. Most American cars were still using throttle body injection in the 80s, but at least they had discovered fuel injectors.

Comment That's Crazy Expensive (Score 3, Insightful) 300 300

Ensure is 1/3 of a daily meal plan and costs $1.19/unit. In order to be successful, a new product has to be cheaper and better. If your definition includes sustainability then it might be "better", but at literally twice the price of the entrenched competition, it's got to be twice as good. But it's little more than half the food value... So it's got to taste almost four times as good as Ensure to be compelling. Guess what?

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