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Comment: Re: My personal favorite was (Score 1) 386

by BitZtream (#49758853) Attached to: 25 Years Today - Windows 3.0

You keep calling the something, not sure what, a hypervisor, when it is not. I'm not sure if you're referring to the Virtual Memory Manager or Pre-emptive task switching, but neither of those things are a hypervisor, as you've called them in several posts, no version of windows outside of Windows Server has a hypervisor built in. They have had Virtual Memory and Pre-Emptive multitasking in varying incarnations since even before Win 3.0 though, so I really don't get what you think you're talking about. The important thing is that none of this deals with 'virtual hardware' although it may provide APIs through which you can access hardware in an abstracted manner, this is not 'virtual'.

A hypervisor is a virtual machine monitor. It creates 'virtual' hardware by emulation, allowing software under it to believe it is on physical hardware and to generally run unmodified, but without full access to the real physical hardware it is running on. No direct API to the video display, for instance. The software in a hypervisor thinks its talking to physical hardware (or is hypervisor aware, so can detect that it isn't, things like drivers for instance) and has full control of it. Windows has no such feature (other than Windows Server with Hyper-V installed, but thats not really any different than Windows Server with VMware installed). Windows applications talk to a software API, that abstracts the hardware from the software but it does not virtualize it.

Comment: Re:Well,what if it had been a poor neighbourhood? (Score 2) 182

by BitZtream (#49749627) Attached to: DNA On Pizza Crust Leads To Quadruple Murder Suspect

Welcome to reality.

We are not all created equal. We do not all have the same level of life. Deal with it.

Yes, the people who make the laws (you know, the politicians who live in this neighborhood) do get treated differently, thats normal. Not treating them differently would be impossible, and you not understanding that shows a real lack of understanding of how people work.

'Fairness' is an entirely human construct made up by humans to mean treating everyone the same. It does not actually mean treat them fairly.

Nature treats life fairly. The weak die first, the strong carry the species on. I'm sorry that reality doesn't look good for you, but you have to be retarded to be so silly as to think this is ever going to be any other way. Everyone getting the EXACT same privileges will never happen. Not until we're all a bunch of clones who behave and perform the EXACT SAME WAY.

Until then, man who worked harder to get power will get more privileges, just like I expect to get more when I work harder in my job.

And for people like yourself, who slack off and whine about how someone else gets treated better than you ... well ... welcome to the rest of your life because while you're whining and bitching about it, the people who deserve better are working to make their lives better.

All you're doing is whining and moaning, you deserve your lot in life.

Comment: Re:It's a fake!! (Score 1) 375

by BitZtream (#49749549) Attached to: What Was the Effect of Rand Paul's 10-Hour "Filibuster"?

Theres not really much wonder to it.

Rand Paul makes his opinion well known and stands by it. Agree or disagree, if you don't know his stance, its only because you've not bothered to pay attention.

Other senators abstain rather than vote against the party, Rand Paul votes. When he doesn't like something, he states it loudly and votes against it. This is unlike people like Changemaster Obama ... who no one bothered to look at his voting record while ranting and raving about him ... at which point they would have noticed, clearly, that Obama made John McCain look angelic. I suspect based on your comment, you don't really look at who you're voting for either, as Rand Paul is rather well known and has stood on his own for years.

Note: I do no vote for Rand Paul, but he is one of the few people that clearly votes based on his own personal agenda, and he does so publicly. I appreciate that. I do not appreciate politicians who claim they support my agenda, when in reality all they care about is more money and power.

Comment: Re:And What Technology Would That Be? (Score 1) 109

by BitZtream (#49717077) Attached to: Microsoft Study Finds Technology Hurting Attention Spans

Most cheap computers didn't come with that much useful software pre-installed.

This is more of an issue now than it was even then. Buying a pre-made PC is just buying a bunch of trial offers, which you then have to remove. Or more appropriately, reinstall the OS cleanly.

Unless you build your own hardware and install from scratch or buy OS X or Linux, you're going to get a bunch of trial-ware spam.

Comment: Re:Is MojoKid shilling for HotHardware allowed by (Score 1) 72

by BitZtream (#49704769) Attached to: A Look At GTA V PC Performance and Image Quality At 4K

Do you pay for a subscription to slashdot?

I'm just curious as to if you expect people to spend their own time and money providing a website you use but they don't get any avenue to make a return on their investment and time.

If you pay, great. Good for you.

If not, then shut the fuck up you worthless leach, no one gives a shit what you say. :)

I'm better you don't pay for a subscription ... Do you?

Comment: What is normal and how many were born? (Score 4, Insightful) 220

Over a 200 year period, 100% of the humans on the planet die ... of course, more are born to replace them so the population actually grows ... making that number that looked super duper scary ... pretty much normal.

So ... 40% in and of itself doesn't mean anything to me if Bees only live 2-3 years anyway.

How many new colonies were formed and how was the total population effected in the end.

The title and summary give no indication that something is wrong, only the indication that someone wants a sensationalist headline.

Facts please ... you know, news for nerds.

Comment: Re:Inconsistent (Score 1) 860

by BitZtream (#49681401) Attached to: Religious Affiliation Shrinking In the US

You're not a parent are you?

Its fairly easy to love your children and punish them at the same time, it is in fact a requirement of loving your children properly. Without the punishment, there is a good chance they'll do something that is very bad for them.

I love my child unconditionally and punish him regularly.

Just because you don't understand something, doesn't instantly make it wrong or devoid of logic. It just means you don't understand it, full stop.

Comment: Re:Being comfortable around crazy (Score 1) 860

by BitZtream (#49681369) Attached to: Religious Affiliation Shrinking In the US

While you don't need religion for these things, there can be no argument that religion frequently exaggerates these conflicts.

Ugm, there most certainly is an argument. Those people fighting aren't doing it BECAUSE of religion. They just do it in the NAME of religion. Entirely different.

They could all be the same religion, be it muslim, atheist or christian, and they'd still be fighting.

It has a whole hell of a lot to do with who has what resources, and nothing to do with actual religion. Religion is just the excuse used to justify their actions, which is why the people doing these killing have completely nut job interpretations of the religion they're part of.

If you think that this stuff happens BECAUSE of religion then you have absolutely no understanding of how humans work. You're doing the old correlation == causation bug.

Comment: Re:Legacy Code: Pwning all your machines since 200 (Score 0) 95

by BitZtream (#49681315) Attached to: 'Venom' Security Vulnerability Threatens Most Datacenters

If your computer experience involves apply patches as part of normal operations, you've completely and utterly failed to understand that computers are there to relieve work from you, not make you work harder.

Seriously, not all of us are 15 years old and have nothing better to do than sit around picking with kernel configs. Unlike you, some of us use computers to accomplish things other than bragging about all the crap I've compiled by hand for custom configurations.

My solution? Don't use Xen/QEMU/VirtualBox. They're all pretty shitty when compared to something like VMware. oVirt and OpenStack are monstrous piles of crap. They are free ... yet its way cheaper to pay for over priced VMware and not spend your time picking around with silly weaknesses in the OSS hypervisors since they all copy each other and run essentially the same code in all of them ... hence this exploit. They're ALL based almost ENTIRELY on QEMU, hence all of them being exploitable.

Comment: Re:Manual Quantization (Score 1) 175

by BitZtream (#49681237) Attached to: The Decline of Pixel Art

It's called font-hinting. Because when you just take a vector and stretch it to the desired pixel size, you often end up with junk not resembling the vector at all.

Thats only true for very small fonts which are bordering on illegible, where sometimes they even just include bitmapped variants because you're approaching the point where the vector is not useful since a pixel takes up 20-30% of character. The rules change at this scale.

Vectors are not, and never have been the be-all and end-all of graphics. Take a paintbrush-artist using a particular stipple effect - to just encode their strokes as vectors means it won't render at small or very large sizes effectively either. It's just not that simple.

This is true, but no one is reducing it to drawing lines of fixed width with no other attributes, are they? I mean other than you. Either way, certainly vector graphics are not always the best way to store information about a particular artwork, everyone can agree on that.

There's a reason that every OS has claimed to have "vector" back-end support and yet - in the end

The OS I use ... second most popular one at that, allow vectors for icons. SVGs specifically. So ... uhm... try again. Of course it also displays PDFs natively, but you go ahead and tell me all about the lack of Vector support.

Comment: Re:But... Why? (Score 1) 371

by BitZtream (#49678171) Attached to: Firefox 38 Arrives With DRM Required To Watch Netflix

Or I could download Firefox without DRM, and watch Netflix

No, you could not watch it without the plugin to decrypt it, never have been able to in Firefox, you were watching Netflix with flash if you were using FF before to watch Netflix.

Or I could just use Chrome and get Netflix without this pointless garbage?

Yes, because it already supports the DRM and has for a long time.

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