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Comment: Re:IBM PC was an open platform (Score 1) 175

by BitZtream (#49489933) Attached to: Cyanogen Partners With Microsoft To Replace Google Apps

Compaq et al were able to create clones because the IBM PC was an open platform.

Wow, you know nothing about what happened, do you? Are we really already to the point where people don't have any idea how 'locked down' the PC was when it first came out? We've already forgot? Oh, you misread a Wikipedia article ...

IBM fought tooth and nail to prevent Compaq from being able to sell generic 'PC's and they had to go to great lengths to emulate the IBM BIOS without actually using any code to avoid lawsuits.

IBM saying its 'open' does not mean what you think it means. It doesn't mean you can get the specs and information for free, or even for the same price as the last guy. IBM means 'open' as in they are 'open' to charge you whatever the fuck they want to allow you into their system. It was about as open as any game console now days.

Comment: Re:Kind of a dup, but here's a link that explains (Score 4, Interesting) 113

This story is just a slashvertisement.

The story linked (now linked in the summary) is to a guy making silly ignorant statements about how the GAO is wrong but in such a vague way that I can safely say the guy making these silly comments is wrong. He's arrogantly implying that no aircraft can be hacked because they never make any mistakes and use separate systems and a special software device (thats not a firewall!) that acts as a firewall and doesn't let the two connected networks communicate with each other ...

Also he seems to think that engines 'breath' air, and that the air inside the cabin of an airliner is not at all isolated from the air that goes into the engines.

In short, the summary refers to an article written by someone that claims to be a security expert AND pilot while at the same time making incredibly stupidly inaccurate blanket statements that any useful security officer and certainly any pilot know are too broad and vague to be true or just flat out wrong.

There most certainly IS a firewall between the passengers and the engines on commercial jet aircraft, otherwise the people would die at 30k feet. The fact that he claims to be a pilot and then claims there is no separation between the cabin and exterior is just scary.

And claiming that this other special box ... that acts as a firewall ... but since they gave it another name, its not actually a firewall, so therefor its not possible to be hacked and bypassed.

The reality of it is, what the GAO said IS TRUE. IT IS possible that 'hackers' MIGHT be able to cross the network boundaries if they are physically connected, anyone who claims this is not true knows absolutely nothing about IT security or security on complex systems in general. You work really hard to prevent it, and make certain design decisions to make it hard to cross that gap, but the instant they are connected, you've created the possibility. You can't honestly claim that your network is 100% secure and impeneratble which is what this guy is trying to claim ... about aircraft that he's never had anything to do with, never seen, knows nothing about the internal operation of ... just because he's a pilot doesn't make him suddenly privy to private information internal to Airbus or Boeing.

Once again, I repeat, this is nothing but a shitty slashvertisement. They probably paid timothy to post it to the front page, which explains why it was done in such a hurry the first time and didn't even have a fucking link in it.

Comment: Without them completely? No (Score 4, Insightful) 361

by BitZtream (#49469229) Attached to: Can Civilization Reboot Without Fossil Fuels?

Without them for energy? Yes.

Fossil fuels are far more important as fertilizer and medicine than they are as energy products. We can, fairly easily, replace them as energy sources with alternatives that may be more expensive but are viable.

We don't have shit for a way to replace the fertilizer supply, which means we'd probably have a great dying due to starvation if we completely abandon fossil fuels.

Then of course theres all the medicines we make from oil. If the starvation dying doesn't get you, the lack of medical supplies is going to curb another large portion of our population.

Comment: Re:Speedups? (Score 1) 207

by BitZtream (#49467457) Attached to: Linux Getting Extensive x86 Assembly Code Refresh

If you consider that the C compiler itself uses assembly to make the basic operations work in the libraries, and that all C code is built on assembly libraries, then it makes the whole argument kind of silly, doesn't it?

ALL the kernel code is assembly on Linux and BSD, some of it is just raw assembly, and other bits of it are assembly encoded in "C".

The couple in that most languages and VMs are written in C ... as well as all the libraries that these things depend on to actually get something else done ... well then pretty much everything is reduced to assembly ...

Comment: Re:Still a useless exemption (Score 1) 74

by BitZtream (#49450453) Attached to: Amazon Gets Approval To Test New Delivery Drones

Or not, since we can wait 5 years, see how other countries have done it, pick the best methods to manage it and move on.

Amazon will be happy to return its test program to the US at that point.

You do realize some of the reason countries are making it easier than the US is specifically to have the initial research done on their soil, not because they intend to stay the way they are, which will end when various things go wrong, like the Amazon team coming back drunk from a Friday lunch and flying into a school bus on its way home.

Comment: Re:1st (Score 1) 74

by BitZtream (#49450419) Attached to: Amazon Gets Approval To Test New Delivery Drones

No you won't. Any decent "drone". Will just land or return to base if primary or secondary radio links are lost. If GPS lock is also lost, it will just land where it's at.

You aren't even a little bit clever and you clearly don't know enough about the state of drones to start making bullshit claims about making it crash. Even the basic OSS flight controllers are well beyond your abilities based on how easy you seem to think it is.

Just because you saw something on the Internet about Syria or Iran redirecting US MIlitary drones doesn't mean that's what actually happened.

All of my fully autonomous drones are not going to come down due to RFI, since RFI is so common place that they are designed to deal with it naturally, even without the threat of haxors. My radio links are digitally signed packet networks, you aren't pretending to be my radio transmitter though not encrypted so you could watch the data flow, it's pretty useless to you. If you confuse it with bad packets, it will just ignore you and stay on its preprogrammed flight plan or potential it's "radio signal lost" plan, which personall I just set to RTB.

No gps lock has the option to hold position and wait or just land immediately.

Really, we thought of people as clever as you probably well before you were born.

Comment: Re:Can we stop pretending this isn't low level war (Score 3, Insightful) 81

Other than you saw some other moron on the Internet say 'China Did It' ... can you provide some actual proof to back up your claims.

It is simply stunningly illogical for China to behave this way against such petty targets. It makes absolutely NO sense for them to flaunt their ability and willingness to do so as the simple course of action the entire reset of the world would take is a simple matter of NULL routing China and going on about their daily business, your 'war' would be over before anyone really cared.

And ... a DDoS does pretty much nothing to gain you access to government servers or trade secrets.

WTF is it with you nut jobs who seem to think the entire world is out to get you regardless of cost to themselves?

Slashdot is pretty much the only place on the planet that thinks this is an actual attack by the Chinese, perhaps you should ask yourself why? And no, before you get the idea, its not because slashdot is so smart and so far ahead of the general public, that ended 10 years ago.

Comment: Education as an industry (Score 1) 121

So the problem here is that Stanford wants to enroll more students without spending more on the resources required to actually support those students.

They want to charge for two students, but pay for the faculty and staff of one.

In other words, much like the cable companies and Internet access to Netflix, they want to double dip.

I.E. This is bullshit and a good example of why if you think a stanford education makes you special, you're right. Special as in retarded to the point that you don't realize you're being ripped off.

Comment: You're fucking fired. (Score 2, Insightful) 123

by BitZtream (#49388655) Attached to: Scientists Discover Meaning of Life Through Massive Computing Project

You fucked this spoof of so ridiculously, I'm surprised you even got 42 right.

Stop. Seriously, Just fucking stop.


If you're going to post this shit, you at least have to have read the book before you start making shit up.

Comment: April Fool's - Slashdot doesn't get it (Score 5, Insightful) 33

by BitZtream (#49388637) Attached to: Parents Sue School After Pod Daughter Is Banned From Prom

Does anyone at slashdot or dice in general have any fucking clue what April Fools is about?

Its not about posting completely unbelievable ideas you stole from someone elses book/movie/tv show plot.

Its about doing something in such a way that you trick someone else into believing something completely unbelievable.

EVERYTHING posted to slashdot today is just fucking retarded. Not just unbelievable, most of it is just stupid, none of it is original, and not a single reader of this site is stupid enough to actually believe even the headlines to this stupid stories. They aren't clever. They aren't funny. They are just flat out lame.

If you approved one of todays stories, you should have your privs revoked immediately and more appropriate would be to fire your dumb ass, no sense of humor, annoying self in the name of making slashdot suck a little less. FFS, have any of you even fucking READ 2001 or seen the movie Firefly yourself? I mean not just heard about it from someone else, since you seemed to fuck up some pretty simple details greatly.

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