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Comment Re:Newbie question (Score 3, Interesting) 82

Make no mistake, though, Docker is the way of the future and will put a lot of people in this forum out of a job.

Yea, you're not really a grey beard if you make stupid statements like that.

Adding another layer of virtualization to our existing stack with several layers already in it isn't going to magically make things better.

In the last 10 years I've seen the same web server go from running on bare metal to running under 4 layers of hypervisor by the time you get to the docker container ... and you know what ... now that server farm takes 3 times as many people to run because you still need the apache guys ... and you still need the linux guys ... but now you need the docker guys, the vmware guys, and somebody who can coordinate the whole fucking mess.

So lets look at this we went from:

Hardware -> Linux -> AppVM running Apache (1 layer of address translation, the AppVM/Linux kernel boundary)


Hardware -> Linux -> KVM -> Linux -> Docker -> Linux -> AppVM running Apache (thats 5 layers of translation ... Yes, thats REALLY what most people using Docker will do)

Yea, thats definitely going to put people out of work ... its easy to understand.

Docker is another example of people doing something because they figured out how to do it, not because they actually should do it. Worse still, Docker is a solution to the fact that Linux is a mess from a file system perspective where everyone just dumps all their bins, system or 3rd party all in the same directories, all together. And then they make fun of Windows like System32 is different than /usr/lib on any given Linux box. System or app config files ... ALL of them are in /etc ... WTF? You know theres this /usr/local idea right? You know that you can put libs in the same directory as the application and then you don't have to run a VM to get the same sort of separation right? I mean seriously, you can't call yourself a grey beard and say Docker is good at the same time, you just admit you have no fucking clue how to be an admin or how docker works.

And you're conflating it with systemd? Do you not have any idea what either one of them are?

Yea, I'm ranting. People who think Docker is good are idiots, typically developers trying to be sys admins, or 'DevOps' as they call it ... and they're clueless and don't understand wtf they are doing. Its not Dockers fault. 'Zones' are something Solaris has had for years, and they weren't new when Solaris did it. Mainframes have had the concept since the 70s. The problem devs who don't know when and where to use them are just throwing them all over the place

Comment Re:No transit costs. (Score 1) 106

Because they will use their monopoly in the local areas to make it prohibitively expensive for anyone else to compete against them. They've already been caught throttling other providers and not themselves, again trying to push customers to their service by adding additional pains and costs to other services.

They'll make it very expensive to use Netflix, far more than is in any way justifiable, in order to drive you towards their own over priced services.

They don't get the privilege of doing so because the government granted them the monopoly. For fucks sake they didn't even pay to build out their own god damn networks, we got charged and taxed extra on our bills for fucking years for that shit.

Pull your head out of your ass, its not their network its fucking ours. Its our money that paid for it via government taxes and fees. Its our land that their lines lay in and travel over. Verizon/TWC/Comcast and the other major providers should just be dissolved and the networks become public utility. Even the fucking government wouldn't make it worse for us in this case.

Comment Re:Additional information (Score 1) 87

And all 3 of you that use it or care already know about python3 support, and the entire rest of the Internet doesn't give a fuck.

I know this because I have github projects that aren't working at all with more pull requests and forks than you have and I didn't do any spam advertising on slashdot for them.

Slashdot is not a ad platform for your little pet project to reimplement (poorly) something that has been done properly at least 10 times already and done poorly like your hundreds of times.

Comment Re:Lightning Strikes Twice with Entitled Customer (Score 1) 339

Yea ... 'keeps running into' == all 2 of the times its happened ...

If you aren't surprised then you have the same problem I was originally referring to, you have your head too far up Musks ask to have an opinion in this matter.

How do I know you have your head too far up Musk's ass?

You're sitting here saying that someone is a asshole because they complained that an event started 2 hours late ... and that Musk himself showed up an hour late! You should have been there though, you'd probably fit right in with all the whacky nut jobs chanting and cheering like it was a sporting event and Musk was their home team.

Stop worshipping Musk and you'll have a different opinion on the event.

Comment Re:Lightning Strikes Twice with Entitled Customer (Score 4, Insightful) 339

Why do you assume he was actually rude to the company and that the company wasn't rude to him?

He had a shitty experience and complained about it in one of the few ways that gets attention. Then Musk basically rage quit on him because he didn't like that someone was complaining.

Complaining != rude customer
Shitty service == Shitty service

I think you guys might just be a little to up Elon Musks ass to have clear judgement on this one. From everything I can see, Musk is being a much larger douche than Alsop. Musk is just a man, Tesla isn't special, untwist your panties and settle the fuck down

Tesla did not meet expectations, pretty big ones I might add, for the event. This isn't some random blogger just ranting, this IS A PAYING customer, or was a paying customer until Musk's little rage quit at him.

This is pretty typical Musk, he acts like a 2 year old when he doesn't get his way ... actually, thats incorrect, my two year old at least takes himself to the corner when he has a rage quit moment.

Comment Re:FTDI did the right thing (Score 1) 268

There mere fact is; it's not legal for a company to disable counterfeit devices without authorization. Doing so is basically the same thing as vandalism.

It is illegal to use FTDI's VID and PID on a chip that FTDI doesn't authorize it on because doing so means you are not authorized to use USB technologies because you've broken one of the requirements of the USB license agreement.

So before you start walking down that bullshit line of 'omg FTDI is breaking the law' get your ass back to the people WHO ARE BREAKING THE LAW, you know, the criminals with the knock off chips claiming to be someone elses?

Whether you think they're in the right or not; current interpretation of laws do not.

Don't you mean YOUR interpretation doesn't?

People would take you seriously if you weren't trying to blame the victim.

While your post isn't a troll, its still sad that you don't seem to understand who actually caused the problem.

This is someone who has just stolen the FTDI designs and fab'd them. They could have avoided this whole thing by simply making the USB side respond to the standard USB serial interface spec (whatever its called I don't remember) but they didn't even bother to do that when they were stealing/cloning, they just stole the designs and fabbed copies directly.

Comment Re:Bring back Woz (Score 1) 428


What apple products aren't reliable and prove it statistically with comparisons to other like products that are clearly FAR superior, or at least enough to justify that smug 'tude of yours


Who cares? Statistically, to prove your point ... who cares? Because if 10 people out of a billion care when they are aware of the options, its you thats the idiot for thinking its important. Do you whine and bitch that your TV isn't modular? Do you get upset that you can't replace the compressor on your fridge with any model you want from Walmart? You have no argument here other than your a geek whining that your unpopular feature isn't their focal point.


What apple products aren't usable and prove it, because they pretty much took the 'smart phone' industry from ass backwards unusable for even geeks to usable for EVERY ONE AND THIER GRANDMOTHER. Android STILL hasn't gotten it right.

You pretty much picked the reason they are popular ... and then try to spin it like they don't know what they are doing in those areas.

You sound like you're jealous and upset that you aren't getting your way. Maybe you should just buy an iPhone and stop pretending you're going to mod it anyway or that you really do have some super special reason to run random apps from random websites other than some piss poor excuse like some bullshit principal that you really don't have but is a good excuse to be obnoxious.

You're ridiculously transparent and petty.

Comment Re:Apple is doomed (Score 1) 428

mdsolar, is that you? Your post is pretty clearly irrationally biased to be about things you like.

Nothing tesla is doing is world changing. They haven't invented anything new really, just compiled stuff others have done.

NASA made SpaceX what it is, not Elon Musk. Musk has used fame and notoriety to get SpaceX to where it is today and thats GREAT! But they haven't really invented anything special about rockets. They're just reusing information that NASA (and other space agencies) have learned over the last 70 or so years.

Same with Tesla, though I don't know enough about SolarCity to comment I can safely presume its the same. All they are doing is putting fame on existing technologies and combining things in a meaningful way to make something that was done before them better/more appealing ... hey ... wait a minute ... THATS EXACTLY WHAT APPLE DOES.

Gets better.

BASF. We don't make the things you use. We make the things you use BETTER.

I.E. neither of these companies are doing anything special in and of themselves, but they are making people aware of them and being popular is what people remember.

I mean for fucks sake, you mention Edison and NOT Tesla ... you're guilty of remembering the popular guy with a massive company and fortune that claimed to invent everything (Edison) instead of the less popular guy who actually built the shit that (Tesla) you're crediting to the first guy.

You're proving that the exact opposite is true.

And for fucks sake, get a clue, the batteries every tesla uses when it rolls off the fucking assembly floor are more damaging to the environment then the entire production run of a 'gas guzzler' and everything it will do to the environment during its entire fucking life time. The CO2 isn't going to kill you, chemical poisoning will get you years before that, but go ahead and keep being ignorant and trendy.

Comment Re:97% odds against either winning all flips fairl (Score 1) 634

The odds are exactly the same as they were before she did so.

They are odds. They are not impossibilities, they are improbabilities and regardless of how improbably something is, its still possible otherwise you wouldn't be discussing probabilities.

The chances of this happen are not 'improbably' at all even. For every 100 tries, 3 will happen this way, given the probability statistics we have (yours here). If you know that you're going to repeat this task 1000 times, then you will probably have 30 occurrences of the event happening. The probability of this is 97% ... funny how it just reversed isn't it?

The problem when you try to talk about how improbably something is, is that you talk about it in a vacuum. You don't live in a vacuum, you live in an infinite expanding universe.

So you see, this is going to occur. Its going to occur a lot. Sometimes it may even occur to someone that seems to be some sort of [un]holy alignment for that sort of luck.

Worse still, the universe is freaking deterministic, so luck and probability aren't involved! That coin flip and the outcome of the election has been decided since the dawn of time when existence began! Wrap your head around that one and talking about probability will sound silly.

Comment Re:duh (Score 1, Interesting) 182

Why? For purpose? To save $175? Cause if so your cutting off your nose to spite your ignorant face.

You do realize the paint on each sign (EACH) probably costs more than that.

And with the OSS font you get? A shitty font because people who are good at spending the many long hours of work required to make good fonts DONT FUCKING DO IT FOR FREE.

You guys get all uppity about stupid shit. If the fact that some designer at some company had to buy the font before the could make signs is irrelevant. Force the graphics artist to deal with some half assed font package in order to get your OSS font is going to cost you more up front.

You guys do realize that cities and states outsource this shit right? There are a small collection of companies that design these signs for the government as needed. So again, it's bought once and used in hundreds of places. And you'll spend more time and money arguing about which every font YOU think is best than just buying the shitty thing.

Before you promote something OSS there has to be at least one instance of that type of object that doesn't suck, and as far as fonts are concerned, OSS is absolute shit.

Comment Re:At this point, I think I'd avoid FTDI hardware. (Score 1) 268

When you have to do research and development ... and your chinese counter parts don't have to do anything other than run the fab process, you're going to have a non-trivial time lowering your price past those who are stealing your designs.

It passed WHQL because it works perfectly when using proper hardware, that it is intended for, that follows the USB spec appropriately.

There is no WHQL requirement that your driver perform properly with other hardware which violates the USB spec (using FTDI's VID/PIDs is an obvious violation of the spec).

You're trying to claim that its FTDI's responsibility to make other shitty hardware work right with their driver, which is absolutely nut job.

Stop buying cheap ass knock off crap.and you won't have this problem. How else do you stop people from producing knock off parts? You aren't going to stop them other than making them not work right? You aren't. People will stop buying from shitty vendors who sells these knock offs and eventually it will feed back and end.

Or ... FTDI can care that someone like you, who has never given them a dime, since you're using shitty knock off hardware, complains about them and complains that you won't use them.


You're an idiot, much like the others who think that FTDI can out price the cloners.

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