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+ - Google acknowledges Nexus S failure on long calls->

Submitted by
alx5000 writes "Not that long after Apple's iPhone 4 Antennagate, it's now Google's turn to remind us how smartphones are increasingly more "smart" and less "phone": a failure on the new Nexus S makes the phone reboot mid-call mostly during calls longer that 3 minutes, but even during shorter ones. If this turns to be a software problem, things could get hairy, with Gingerbread for the rest of Android terminals just around the corner."
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+ - The Pirate Bay Hacked->

Submitted by ultranerdz
ultranerdz (1718606) writes "In an interview with security blog Krebs on Security, Argentinian researcher Ch Russo revealed that he and two of his associates discovered multiple SQL injection vulnerabilities on the world's most popular torrent site, The Pirate Bay. They successfully exploited these vulnerabilities to gain 4 million users user names, e-mail, and internet addresses."
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Comment: Re:Slashdotter's rejoice! (Score 3, Insightful) 150

by alx5000 (#32342824) Attached to: Secure Communication Comes To Android

Well, okay, but say you are the government of Iran or Thailand and you don't want anyone to organize anything against you. Outlawing secure mobile communications would be pretty handy for that.

Yes, your message is secure, but without some kind of steganographic method, the fact that you're using encryption is not. And neither are you, for that matter.

Comment: Re:Use a persistence library (Score 1) 267

by smartr (#31285554) Attached to: Anatomy of a SQL Injection Attack
jdbc, the most basic way to get java database access, lets you do this with a PreparedStatement... The fact that I still see code that just stupidly takes a string from a client and concatenates / runs it on the server frustrates me to no end. Java code letting this shit in? -guess the developer didn't RTFM... the short manual...
Input Devices

+ - Membrane that turns any surface into a touchscreen->

Submitted by
alx5000 writes "Engadget runs a story about Displax Interactive Systems, a Porguese company that has created a new polimer film that, when stuck onto a surface, convers it into a multitouch touchscreen with up to 16 contact points. The article states that "if all goes well, the first Displax-enabled wares will start shipping this July"."
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