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Comment: Re:result of the lab/funding system (Score 2) 69

by pavon (#47444997) Attached to: Elite Group of Researchers Rule Scientific Publishing

I would even argue that as long as the students who did most of the work have their name listed as first author, there is nothing wrong with this arrangement. I dropped out of my master's program after the first semester because I was being pushed to publish, but wasn't being plugged into any research existing programs. Every "unique" idea that I thought of turned out to have already been studied exhaustively back in the 70's or earlier. All the favorite students in the grad program were people who ignored this inconvientent fact and managed to get rehashed bullshit accepted into conferences.

Several years later I went back to school at a large state U that plugged me into the work they were doing, showed me what the state of the art was and where there were gaps that hadn't been researched in detail. Without building off the ideas of my advisor I would have never been able to do meaningfull research that progressed the state of the art, and would have had nothing worth publishing. He deserved to have his name on my papers.

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by istartedi (#47444091) Attached to: How Deep Does the Multiverse Go?

Except in the one where you posted saying it wasn't, but were mistaken because it actually was. That might not be too far from the one where I'm GWB, a frequent Slashdot poster. It's interesting to ponder the concept of what "infinity" really means when you consider all the possibilities on some mundane thing like that.

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Back in the days of MFM drives (and the previous decades), is was needed. But that was because there was space on the media that wasn't actively used for bits, and so would leave traces. Such waste was eliminated long ago in the quest for ever-larger drives.

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I'm sorry, but at this point I am just going to accept that you lack the basic cognitive faculties to keep up with the thread and allow you to go about your life thinking that you are correct, when you couldn't be more incorrect. (Hint: In a discussion about the proper conjugation of verbs time is not only relevant, but is the critical factor)

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by lgw (#47440725) Attached to: Police Recording Confirms NYPD Flew At a Drone and Never Feared Crashing

You may be the only one arguing for raising the tax rates without an agenda of "social justice". Usually people arguing are talking past each other. Far to many Americans these days don't care how much it hurts government funding as long as it hurts people better off than them. Talk about cutting off your nose to spiderface (never spiderface!).

Naturally, GDP growth is all that matters long term. Heck, even in just 20 years, the difference between 2% and 4% growth makes more difference in our day-to-day lives than anything else the government can do. But so few people seem to care.

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by lgw (#47439347) Attached to: Police Recording Confirms NYPD Flew At a Drone and Never Feared Crashing

Is that a bad thing or a good thing? If the ideal case is for taxation to decrease during lean times, and to increase during times of plenty, that might make a rather nice automatic adjustment.

Except it's not the tax rates going down! Those stay the same. It's incomes going down, which really doesn't help recovery.

While too much income concentration can certainly be a problem, it's not what the tax code is for. Taxes are for funding the government, after all. (And those with very high income have great flexibility as to when, where, and how they receive compensation - it's those in the "Second 1%," small business owners, doctors, lawyers, and top-tier salaried workers, who really get screwed by attempts at social justice through the tax code. The executive making $500k has other options to dodge taxes, such as getting paid in Ireland, or get pay spread over 5 years, or whatever.)

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I can't help but picture a sign on the door at the exit of an airport in Israel. It reads "Thank-you for not stirring up ancient inter-tribal conflict".

I think you're post will be as effective as such a hypothetical sign; but thanks for trying. X --+ (Don Quixote's lance and a windmill).

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