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Comment: Re:Does app incompatibility count? (Score 1) 96

by Zero__Kelvin (#47435403) Attached to: First Release of LibreSSL Portable Is Available

"How would someone go about fixing an operating system whose biggest problem is that it can't run many of the proprietary applications on which he relies?"

Agreed. Way back when we were all warning you of the hole you were digging yourself and you kept spouting loudly and proudly that relying on garbage was "Tony the Tiger Great" we knew this post was coming. The answer of course is: Get yourself a clue stick and start digging

Comment: Re:Obama's police state? (Score 1) 272

"You ask a complex question. Much too complex for much of what passes for insight on /. these days, but I'll try to chime in.

Before you decided to put down the majority of Slashdotters, it would behoove you to log in, before you chime in. It shows one has at least a basic level of competence that you apparently lack. Thanks.

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