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Comment I see this a lot with the right wing (Score 1) 412

they're very friendly, helpful and charitable with people who they think of as equals but anyone else it's open season on. It took me a long time to piece this behavior together since it's so nonsensical. One minute they'd be giving you the shirt off their back the next they'd be laying into the poor with all their might.

The mark of a truly good man is that he cares for folks outside his class. Churchill seemed to be. Obama is definitely. Scalia was just another in a long line of borderline psychopaths who seem nice when they're around their own kind...

Comment Re:Scalia, RIP. Leaves a large family and legacy. (Score 1) 412

I love doing therapeutic massage for people in pain.

That's interesting. I have a friend who's a really successful jazz bassist and makes a really good living doing session work. He went to study massage (shiatsu, etc) for the same reason. He says it has given him a renewed sense of purpose and has made his hands stronger and more dexterous, which is good for his bass playing. I was initially puzzled when he told me he was going to massage school, but now I get it.

Comment Re:Clinton vs Sanders (Score 1) 329

Hillary and such would rely on gridlock to back out of promises, but I expect Bernie would actually try, not the fake try we have gotten so consistently before.

Congress makes the law, not the president.

The president can submit legislation for consideration. The president can block anything (up to a super majority). So the president has more influence than most people say.

Comment Re:I won't attend the laying in state, but I appro (Score 4, Informative) 412

He did not believe the Constitution was a living document to be interpreted with the evolving standards of modern times. And he was wrong.

To the extent that he actually believed what you think he believed, he was right. If you can't muster support for a constitutional amendment, you have no business change the constitution in the name of reinterpretation.

Comment Can't happen (Score 2) 246

When all the jobs can be replaced by AI, then the singularity has already happened, and we are all dead anyway. When you can replace a programmer with a program, then that program will program a better version of itself, then repeat that 1000 times a second every second for a few minutes until it's smarter than the sum of people on the planet. At which time it will exterminate everyone. So don't worry, programmer will be the last job eliminated by AI. Safe, until you are dead. That puts you ahead of most people.

Comment Re:Clinton vs Sanders (Score 1) 329

Yes, I know. Donald Trump will save all. Ignore the fact that he declares bankruptcy regularly to wipe out his incompetence (And call it a shrewd business decision). I'd expect Donald to balance the budget by defaulting on the debt, and printing money to pay the budget. Perfect balance. And the riots in the street can't be heard from the penthouse of Trump Tower.

Is that a better reality? Because your hate toward Bernie will help make it happen.

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