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It's comments like this that make me think the tech community isn't a completely lost cause.

I don't think it's more of a lost cause than the general population. Once I'd have thought it would be less, but these days I no longer believe that, either. The real difference is that modern communications methods make it easier for you to see who's an asshole. Before, it was entirely possible for someone to be a vicious asshole their whole lives and yet go unnoticed.

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You must travel in some fucked up social circles. I do not see this type of behavior at all. Maybe Colorado is just full of nicer people? You people seem to live in some seriously fucked up sections of the planet.

Yes, I live in California. You know, the state with more residents than anywhere else in the country. But we're also talking about online, which makes geography irrelevant.

To conclude, women are not being held down by men everywhere

You can surely find limited localities where there is less repression, but frankly I do not believe that there is no sexism in Colorado, and further that your assertion that it does not exist there (that's what sexism does, after all, hold women down) only illustrates your blindness to the problem.

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yes. sort of.

first, there is the right to freely travel inside your country.

second, there is the implied right to earn an income. today, its getting to the point where travel via air is required by many jobs.

third, there is nothing in the C to allow denying you the right to travel.

this has never been about C stuff; but that does not stop the 'culture of fear' politicians who have found a new friend in keeping people under their control.

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