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Comment Re:When guns are outlawed (Score 1) 308

I used to consider myself a libertarian; I am now fully anarchist. I went through minarchism on my way to my current understanding. Nobody with a gun will tell me what to do, especially not if they're directing me to take actions which harm others. (For now, I am choosing to pay taxes, both because it's the easiest path for the moment, and also because I haven't studied Karl Lentz and Rod Class enough to be able to speak extemporaneously accurately enough in court.)

It depends on what you mean when you say "is just insane and will not cooperate". There would be a variety of remedies; an anarchist society doesn't mean there won't be "holding centers" i.e. private jails/prisons; if someone harms others then a cooling-off period would be prescribed by one of the various companies providing legal services.

There aren't many examples in history, because those who succeeded with this path were generally overtaken by more violent tribes. So I strive for a future that I understand will either never happen, or if it does, will be vulnerable. But then, with each breath I take it could be my last; life is vulnerable. This also ties in with your "free rider problem" regarding national defense.

Comment We're not in a swimming pool! Really we're not!!! (Score 1) 100

Lori Garver said: "We’re not in a race in a swimming pool where everyone is racing against one another."

If you're not in a swimming pool, why are there bubbles coming out of the astronauts' helmets and spiraling upwards? If you're not in a swimming pool, why did an astronaut's suit suddenly fill with water, and "makeshift snorkels" were required?

Comment Re:When guns are outlawed (Score 1) 308

And you hit the nail on the head of why this system is so rotten and broken:

we have a central government to dole out this harm as it sees fit

In my description of anarchy, the laws are agreed upon. They are not handed down by a superior being. In your above quote, the central government does dole out harm as it sees fit. Not "in a just manner", but "as it sees fit".

I don't see how it's extreme to want to eliminate extra expenses. And it's not an endless cycle as you describe, because the participant who are harming others are hopefully learning that "harming others creates harm to myself."

Comment Re:When guns are outlawed (Score 2) 308

Anarchy isn't chaos; it is literally "absence of a ruler", like monarchy means "one ruler".

Under a system of anarchy there are still common laws, which are discovered, not created. In other words, people understand that it is wrong to harm someone, so the person harming someone will end up paying retribution. All laws are "harm-based", in other words, you're not going to get a fine or jail time if your behavior is not harming others (even if it's self-harming, that's not a crime).

Our government schools have trained us to think "anarchy == chaos" but it's not the case. An anarchic society will be even less chaotic than today's USA society, where your life can be turned upside down over a vegetable.

A good way to "outlaw laws" is to a) make them apply to all, not just "everyone who isn't a ruling parasite"; and b) for any law found to be unconstitutional, the authors and those who voted it into congress, will be held liable for treason.

Comment How hard is it to detect user activity??!? (Score 1) 189

C'mon Slashdot. I don't want to disable the auto-load feature, as it's useful. But not while I'm reading! Please detect user scroll and click activity, and put a 5-minute wait after any activity before resuming auto-update.

I was reading this particular summary when it bothered me again, so I'm attaching it here as a public bug report.

Comment Jim Stone suspects air-to-air missile (Score 1) 289

There were war games being done 40 miles away. Range of air-to-air missile is 150 miles. See for a graphic of the map showing where the war games were and how far the plane was, and the maximum range of an air-to-air missile.

His site is and also has good commentary on other subjects.

Comment Re:I wonder if there was a "satellite" TV outage? (Score 1) 196

I don't know. There have been a lot of GPS failures, and the "satellite phones" that are supposed to have coverage everywhere there's open sky, often don't.

GPS doesn't function in the southern "hemisphere" except near land, which tells me it's land-based, not satellite-based.

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