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Comment Re:Toilet paper and timber? (Score 1) 246

"Most anti-GMO people are against it because they view it as a quick way to save a buck"

Have you ever read a Michael Chriton novel at all? I'd have to say most people against GMO are really against using the wild for laboratory accidents.

Comment Re:Three Seashells (Score 2) 246

The most common replanted tree clone, Weyerhouser Supertrees, take 30 years to mature. You're also an idiot to plant monocultures of any tree, even Bamboo, which takes a few short months to mature. The reason is evolution and disease. Your chance of having those trees reach maturity is very low.

Oregon's done a lot since the "plant three for every one you take" rule came into effect; we now have forest fires instead of clear cuts. I am assuming the ecoterrorists like Tre Arrow actually prefer fires.

Comment Re:Douchebag Editors (Score 1) 292

Not quite the same argument- the ship's captains records from 1750 can only track storms their ships observed. My argument is that until *very* recently, there were many areas of the remote ocean that were simply not monitored, thus the claim of "3 major hurricanes at once for the first time on record" means very little given the fact that we don't know what was happening in remote parts of the globe in 1750, only what was happening in the shipping lanes. And even then, the type of instruments used to detect global warming today are many orders of magnitude more accurate than those from 1750.

Spotty recordkeeping existed before the 1890s, true, but complete recordkeeping had to wait for satellite data.

Comment Using the potty. (Score -1, Troll) 155

After he went poo-poo in the potty, how did he ensure his bummy-bum was clean if he was unable so see the toilet paper? Did he use a bidet in the dark? Were the ravioli poo-poos gross and, what we call, "two-flushers" in our house? How would he know when the potty has enough toilet paper in it?

Seriously, if you're going to do science, you have to include the poo!

Comment Works better w/multiple "friendly" test subjects (Score 1) 155

Doesn't sound like a fun process to go through by yourself, could be interesting, in a large enough space, with other participants.

Otherwise, lots of books on tape. And whatever sort of setup they use when teaching braille, might as well come out with a new skill.

Comment Phew! (Score 5, Funny) 132

I looked at Google last night and fell off my chair when I saw a differnet, yet oddly familiar, logo. Many dozens of other news outfits were reporting on it, but I waited until I saw the story on Slashdot to confirm it.

Slashdot is to logo confirmation as Netcraft is to BSD's death confirmation.

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