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Comment: Re:Will This Fight Ever End? (Score 1) 534

AC is great for long distance and certain applications. DC is great locally. The bridge rectifier should be between the grid & the home battery, not between the home battery and the devices it is recharging and/or powering.

The exception to this are high power home applications: Stove, Oven, Microwave, Toaster, Fridge, Dryer, Washing Machine, Dishwasher. The battery charger can be on the same circuit set.

Note that TV is NOT on this list. All video screens can be low power these days. All lighting can be low power. There is no reason why this can't be a simple 5V, 4A circuit with USB compatible plugs, several to a room.

Comment: Re:and dog eats tail (Score 1) 393

by bidule (#49720043) Attached to: Feds Order Amtrak To Turn On System That Would've Prevented Crash

No, your comment is what is misleading.

Well, "turn on" seems pretty misleading. Is the system already installed and programmed? Does it only needs the flip of a switch? Is this a case of pot: kettle?

Infact, the only reason I am here is because the headline seems shady and nothing in the summary details how close from active the system was. Could you enlighten us, please?

Comment: Re:watermelons (Score 1) 18

by Marxist Hacker 42 (#49718333) Attached to: "The UN is using climate change as a tool not an issue"

I fully comprehend the positive concept behind libertarian thinking, even if I have become almost as disillusioned with liberty as I am with Marxism.

The one point that libertarians and distributists agree on is that more competition is always good; Net Neutrality, by forcing an even playing field for all bits/second, fosters a truly free market in cyberspace where the cost of participation is and should be low. If we're going to live in a capitalistic society, the least we can do is remove barriers to entry into estate ownership, so that all may at least have the dream of becoming an owner someday. Cyberspace offers us the opportunity to expand that a huge amount, even the children's game Minecraft has a space that if mapped onto the real world, would fill several planets.

Comment: The Macro Picture (Score 1) 244

by sgt_doom (#49690921) Attached to: RTFM? How To Write a Manual Worth Reading
First, whatever became of of the FM which used to come with the software? Billy Gates and Co. halted it, so their Micro$oft Publishing Co. could reap profits from forced purchases by the noobies.

The very best documentation I've ever read --- and I suspect was written by engineers --- was the Perkins-Elmer OS 8/32 Processor Manual --- once this was read through and through (took me about 50 times) one completely grasped and understood the operating system at the hardware level/software level --- truly a beauteous proposition!

The next wonderful documentation was provided by Mark Minasi, on the private or commercial side, but I don't believe he is writing it anymore, but his books were top notch!

People to be avoided were technically ignorant types like Scott Mueller, who was simply a copyist, and would copy long lists of hardware parts (a great list compiler) but simply and obviously didn't understand hardware or computer sci.

But my experience --- and many others --- was that once outstanding inhouse documentation is written, the efftard bosses usually believe they can do without you!

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