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Comment: Re:Environmentalists eat your heart out. (Score 1) 211

by Scrameustache (#46954963) Attached to: Feds Issue Emergency Order On Crude Oil Trains

You know, a PIPELINE would be a lot safer way of transporting crude oil around the country... Stopping the construction of pipelines results in more of these rail car accidents you know.

The LaSalle Heights Disaster occurred in the early morning of March 1, 1965 in the city of LaSalle, Quebec when a gas line explosion destroyed a number of low-cost housing units. In all, 28 people lost their lives, 39 were injured and 200 left homeless. Most of the casualties were women and children because many men had left for work. The casualties might have been higher had it not been the first of the month when many men left earlier than usual to pay their monthly rent at the rental office.

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by Scrameustache (#39678127) Attached to: Canada: Police Do Not Have Power To Wiretap Without Warrant

There was an author wrote a book that he considered inoffensive but a Muslim priest filed a charge anyway. No big deal; it's protected as free speech right? Nope. He found himself drug into the Canadian court for charges of hate speech.

Arrested for wearing a t-shirt: USA! USA!

Tazered and arrested for asking a question at an open mic question period: USA! USA!

Accused of hate speech: CANADA HAS NO FREEDOMZ! OMG!

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by Scrameustache (#39417301) Attached to: Teacher Suspended For Reading <em>Ender's Game</em> To Students

I'm drawing a blank here but about the only thing I can think of that would qualify as close to pornography is the part where Ender beats the shit out of that bully and the book talks about how his medical sheet reads "bruised testicle."

After the teenager's mother contacted police, investigators contacted the school.
School officials have since said two of the three books the teacher read were determined to have materials (primarily swear words) and, in some instances, subject matter and terminology that school administrators consider inappropriate for the middle school.

According to, which claims it has in-house staff and a team of reviewers who are experts in children's media, technology, health and policy matters, "this book was not originally intended for children. The violence is, at times, quite brutal, as kids kill other kids, though unintentionally, and the main character is admired for his ruthlessly efficient violence, though he himself is disturbed by it."
The website also advises parents to be aware of violence, sex and language, but states that the content is appropriate for children 12 years or older.
The student who gave a statement to the school is 14.

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does it really matter?

Does it really matter if they stole the election? Does it really matter if the government is run not by democracy, but by fraud?

Should everyone stop voting for the party they felt to represent them the best, because of a couple of bad apples? As disgusting as this tactic was, I have hard time seeing how "Yes" would be a reasonable response.

If you feel that the party of the anti-democratic, election-stealing, frauds and liars is the party that represents you...

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"trust your common sense". But this is a code-phrase for "you are as smart as subject-experts in their respective fields".

I could be as smart as any expert in any field. Knowledge of any field, however, is a different matter.

Having or showing a quick-witted intelligence.

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