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+ - Swedish Justice and WikiLeaks

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sgt_doom (655561) writes "The Australian-British journalist and author, John Pilger, has written a concise single-page synopsis of the assault on WikiLeaks' Julian Assange by the Swedish legal system, and the case being decided this week on whether or not their prosecutors must present all the discovery evidence (incriminating SMS messages between accuser Anna Ardin, and other parties) to Assange's attorneys, as would normally be the case in any other legal proceeding. So much for Swedish justice!"

Comment: Re:The perennial disconnect... (Score 2) 574

by sgt_doom (#48312083) Attached to: The Great IT Hiring He-Said / She-Said
Back when I was really, really at the top of my game, when I was really an experienced and skilled coder, I couldn't find squart, or was considered a hardcore unemployable for some unfathomable reason. You make a few valid points, but overall I have to disagree with the thrust of your thesis. Fundamentally, those doing the hiring are clueless, which is why so many frauds get hired, and the real programming talent is filtered out.

Recently, the local news wondered if the Seattle area would have more tech startups with ensuing local Microsoft layoffs, but with their established pattern, it is far more likely that the market of patent trolls will grow.

It used to be that the hotshots would leave a well-established startup to begin their own startup, but they aren't hiring the real talent anymore, just offshoring jobs and importing foreign visa scab workers. They have destroyed the pattern of amortization at the cognitive level.

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by sgt_doom (#48311947) Attached to: The Great IT Hiring He-Said / She-Said
The very first time that happened to me was waaaay back in the 1970s, when as a contract programmer with IBM I was on one of their developer teams, and several years later, replied to an ad for that same software, but they were requiring 10 years experience, and I explained that I had more experience then anyone else, as I had been on the development team. They never got back to me?

Comment: The reason should be obvious . . . (Score 2) 190

by sgt_doom (#48271343) Attached to: Labor Department To Destroy H-1B Records
. . . those of us who aren't arithmetically-challenged have noticed that this official fourth jobless recovery (although really the fifth or sixth, and we are now told that all the jobs lost have been created again, at least in numerical quantity), that with each and every one of those four downturns, meltdowns, etc., that exactly one-fifth of the US workforce was laid off --- now, to have precisely the same portion of the workforce laid off each and every effing time is just a little bit too mind boggling to be taken as accidental --- throw into the equation all those jobs now being offshored, or created offshore, and more and more foreign visa scab workers imported by the corporations (remember, please, that the NYC Times Square attempted car bomber had been sponsored to this country from Pakistan, by a hedge fund based in Connecticut).

Comment: Re:Wake up America ... (Score 2) 95

So, you are telling me that all those engineers, programmers and research scientists I have known, and many others I have read about and corresponded with, who have had their jobs offshored, don't exist? You really have an imaginary mindset. Things are far bleaker than you can imagine, bubba!

Take a close look at the GDP, then come back and dare tell me we have an economy any longer in Amerika!

Comment: Curious reframing within a reframing . . . (Score 3, Insightful) 96

by sgt_doom (#48063743) Attached to: JP Morgan Chase Breach: Shades of a Cyber Cold War?
. . . after all, JPMorgan Chase (Chase) is the largest criminal organization in America today, and together with Goldman Sachs, they effectively run and control the US Department of the Treasury, while existing as the major forces of the Federal Reserve Bank. If the Russian mob was attacking the American mob, it is really about the mobs, now isn't it?

Comment: Why this study is braindead on arrival . . . (Score 1) 227

Again, ranton, this is all besides the point. The other week, our weak AG, Eric Holder, filed EOE lawsuits against companies allegedly practicing biased behavior against transgendered individiuals, yet for how many decades now have entire IT departments at corporations and organizations been entirely replaced with foreign nationals from India, for chrissakes?

That is also against the EOE laws, yet zero attorney generals have acknowledged this.

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