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Comment Re:I'm upset because it's divisive. (Score 1) 289

I fully agree with you, but that is the essential point: it is always about divide and conquer, and certainly Google has just as much validity, or lack of credibility, as Jerry Yang when he gave up a pro-democracy activist to the Chinese government (doubt we'll ever hear from that poor fellow again)!

Every so often the Pew Research Center, funded by the oil companies and banks, comes out with a designed-to-be-divisive study, they are the ones who, a few years back, came out with the so-called study claiming the American news was "liberal" (Good Grief!!!!!!!).

Yup, it is always about divide and conquer, and since Google's funding originally came from the American intel establishment, I would assume they also would follow the official pattern.

Comment Re:Not all of it is new. But something IS new. (Score 1) 226

Negative, they aren't "US business interests" they ARE multinational interests, who have litte or nothing to do with American citiziens, just as those job creation numbers do not benefit American citizens, but do benefit those who have have been GIVEN the majority of new jobs since 2008, foreign visa workers (majority) and undocumented workers (minority).

Comment Best to observe each corporate entity (Score 1) 226

Take Wiley Rein, the neocon shyster firm, for instance. Besides being neocon-connected, they successfully litigated in federal court in two separate lawsuits to make fictionalizing the news legal, as well as firing any on air reporters who refuse to spew forth lies during the "news" broadcasts --- and they did this on behalf of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation.

Also, they represent the Blackstone Group, which is self-explanatory.

Comment The Macro Picture (Score 1) 244

First, whatever became of of the FM which used to come with the software? Billy Gates and Co. halted it, so their Micro$oft Publishing Co. could reap profits from forced purchases by the noobies.

The very best documentation I've ever read --- and I suspect was written by engineers --- was the Perkins-Elmer OS 8/32 Processor Manual --- once this was read through and through (took me about 50 times) one completely grasped and understood the operating system at the hardware level/software level --- truly a beauteous proposition!

The next wonderful documentation was provided by Mark Minasi, on the private or commercial side, but I don't believe he is writing it anymore, but his books were top notch!

People to be avoided were technically ignorant types like Scott Mueller, who was simply a copyist, and would copy long lists of hardware parts (a great list compiler) but simply and obviously didn't understand hardware or computer sci.

But my experience --- and many others --- was that once outstanding inhouse documentation is written, the efftard bosses usually believe they can do without you!

Comment Re:Boohoo, crocodile tears. (Score 4, Interesting) 148

But it goes so far even beyond your excellent comments which I fully agree with: the entire 9/11 script from start to finish was handled or coordinated by just several people with the CIA: and primarily Alfreda Bikowsky (Silverstein), who never disseminated the hijacker data to the FBI, and ordered others not to, then lied to Congress about the CIA's torture program, and knowingly tortured innocent men to elicit false confessions. And her husband over at Foundation in Defense of Democracies is involved with the publication of books attacking anyone who questions the official 9/11 conspiracy theory!

Comment We are in the Fourth Reich (Score 1) 148

The Third Reich took place in Germany, the Fourth Reich is not extant in Amerika!

Time to cut the crap --- CIA has never been formally audited (I suspect the same applies to the NSA, DIA and others) --- time to audit them and shut them down as they have nothing to do with national security and EVERYTHING to do with supporting the Fourth Reich.

Recommended reading: Expulsions, by Saskia Sassen (she's the daughter of a Nazi, so she should know)

"I've seen the forgeries I've sent out." -- John F. Haugh II (jfh@rpp386.Dallas.TX.US), about forging net news articles