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Comment: Huh???? Chipping, anyone? (Score 1) 114

by sgt_doom (#48887009) Attached to: Apple Agrees To Chinese Security Audits of Its Products
But what about all those semiconductor chips out of China, which are part of those American drones, which allow Iran to bring them down (when they are illegally overflying their airspace)?

The socialist response to Obama's SOTU:

And the Real Obama:

Comment: Re:Please be good... (Score 2) 254

by sgt_doom (#48767205) Attached to: Heinlein's 'All You Zombies' Now a Sci-Fi Movie Head Trip
In reading an interview with Verhoeven about the movie, Verhoeven believed both the book and Heinlein to be pure fascist, never understanding the concept of meritocracy and citizenship responsibility RAH was pushing. Just don't think Verhoeven grasped the book, and therefore the movie was skewed accordingly.

Comment: Ditto (Score 1) 254

by sgt_doom (#48767167) Attached to: Heinlein's 'All You Zombies' Now a Sci-Fi Movie Head Trip
Heinlein was at his best with that story (zombies referring to the blithelessly ignorant, if I recall correctly). It was a flashback to his old self, when he was a progressive and before he became a righwing libertarian type, and Goldwater supporter.

Best time travel story I've read recently, The Revisionists, by Thomas Mullen (while comparisons are odious as Voltaire once opined, his writing style is a combination of Robert Silverberg, John Varley on his best day, and Graham Greene).

Comment: And a similar argument .... (Score 1) 720

by sgt_doom (#48543577) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can a Felon Work In IT?
... after having saved this law firm in Seattle, Bogle and Gates, some bucks when I was an IT contractor there, I applied for a position which opened in their tech support department. For some peculiar reason, instead of hiring me, a tried and true quantity, they opted to instead hire a woman who had been fired from two previous jobs in San Francisco --- for embezzling.

One day the partners arrived at work to find all their operating funds had disappeared, and today Bogle and Gates is no more since they dissolved the firm without any operating funds to continue on. (Maybe crooks hire crooks, after all, considering who that Gates was the grandfather to?)

Comment: Normally, felons should seek employment .... (Score 1) 720

by sgt_doom (#48543563) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can a Felon Work In IT?
... at either JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup or Morgan Stanley. If they aren't too bright, they try the TSA, which has a track record of hiring felons, although they tend to bust them frequently for pilfering luggage. (If you think I jest, look it up!)

Comment: Yo, let's cut the bullcrap. . . . (Score 2) 218

by sgt_doom (#48524371) Attached to: 'Moneyball' Approach Reduces Crime In New York City
Wall Street, responsible for the global economic meltdown (JPMorgan CHASE, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, etc., etc.), is in Cyrus Vance Jr.'s district, and it was Vance Junior who went after some tiny little Chinese immigrant bank, Abacus Bank, instead of going after a single one of the major players.

I call bullcrap on this!

+ - Swedish Justice and WikiLeaks

Submitted by sgt_doom
sgt_doom (655561) writes "The Australian-British journalist and author, John Pilger, has written a concise single-page synopsis of the assault on WikiLeaks' Julian Assange by the Swedish legal system, and the case being decided this week on whether or not their prosecutors must present all the discovery evidence (incriminating SMS messages between accuser Anna Ardin, and other parties) to Assange's attorneys, as would normally be the case in any other legal proceeding. So much for Swedish justice!"

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