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by sgt_doom (#47911107) Attached to: New Details About NSA's Exhaustive Search of Edward Snowden's Emails
Not only that, but the NSA --- since the Reagan Administration and 1988 --- falls under the jurisdiction of the DoD, the Pentagon, not exactly a beacon of honesty. The CorporateMedia has proven time and again, and most definitely over the past several weeks, that it is simply an official news outlet of the DoD: Fox, CNN, NPR, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, etc.

Gen. Zinni has appeared on both Fox and CNN, talking about ISIL (and I did agree with his remarks about them being murdering psychopaths, but so is Henry Kissinger), yet neither news station identified him as being on the board of a major defense contractor, BAE Systems.

Fran Townsend appeared on CNN, yet they never identified her as being a consultant to several defense contractors.

Wesley Clark appeared on NPR talking or rather, lying, about events in the Ukraine, and never once did they identify him as being on the board of BNK Petroleum, nor have they mentioned that Vice President Biden's son, Hunter Biden, is with Burisma Ukraine, which is doing the major amount of fracking there.

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So please allow humble me to sum up his history:

Gates mommy was buds with the CEO of IBM who handed over the greatest licensing deal in human history, the DOS license, to her boy, BillG. BillG hires a dood named Tim who copies Gary Kildall's CP/M operating system, and calls it DOS (actually, the legal term for what Gates & company did was software piracy). Next, BillG gets his company Micro-something-or-other, financed through his uncle, who was VP of First Interstate at the time. Finally, BillG and company license everybody else's imaginative products and reengineers them into their operating system. (Do we still call that software piracy?)

The End.

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Your comments are highly nonsensical, hope you aren't really in IT, but then the last decade I've witnessed nothing but dregs in IT, with few exceptions. Regarding farm workers, they same is going on there, with both American and Latino undocumented workers laid off and replaced with Thai workers specifically flow in to replace them (as illegal as all the other replacment worker/foreign visa scab worker scams). This occurred in at least three states: Washington, Hawaii and California, although the court in Washington compensated the laid off workers here and fined the law-breaking company which flew in those cheaper Thai workers.

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Good point, now please allow me to describe the "meritocratic" Amerikan process I came into contact with at Microsoft in the 1990s as a tech support contractor (was a highly skilled programmer once upon a time, but due to advanced age I found myself working down the jobs structure): they gave us an preliminary tech knowledge test to ascertain if we qualified, but of course, refused to tell us our scores [I qualified, and later find out I was only of two who had actually passed said test --- always be hyper suspicious when they refuse to tell you your score].

Next, we go through several weeks training, where they assure us that only those who pass the test finals will set on a rack to answer clients tech problems --- only two of us (older and more experienced) actually pass the Operations exam and the Networking exam, yet everyone goes to work the next week.

Yes this was only tech support for MS Windows 95, but that is how they, MS, and the rest of the industry rolls --- absolutely zero meritocratic processes, although MS and a few others are obsessive about hiring Ivy League types.

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If only American business could hire the best managers and CEOs, instead they only thing they are good for today is producing junk paper (over 60% of the GDP is based upon the top 5 banksters, who control 90% of the credit derivatives, which is called such one day, then the very next day the stooge at the Fed says it's all just junk paper), offshoring jobs and importing foreign visa scab workers.

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. . US workers should focus on making bombs and various incendiaries to implement blowback against all the criminal corporations out there: GE, AT&T, Chase, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Blackstone Group, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, KKR, TPG, etc., etc., etc. Time to bring back the days of the McNamara brothers, Emma Goldman, Alexander Birkman ---- in other words, time to go Old School!

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. . . when we all know of dozens and dozens of times these foreign visa scab workers have never been vetted and end up being responsible (that is, their corporate dipshit bosses bear the ultimate responsibility) for crap problems which arise accordingly. Plus there have been numerous studies supporting this. Sorry, charlie, your b.s. ain't flying this time. It's 2014, do you know where your economy is?

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Quite a few people won't understand what the City of London is about, since it comprises the financial district of the U.K., and goes back before the Norman Conquest (1066, which is probably why they were graned special rights above all others). Although this is supposition on my part (and others) it is thought to go back to the time of the Roman Empire, when they occupied ares of the British Isles, and established various short-term corporations to undertake various infrastructure building missions.

Now the City of London is owned by the City of London Corporation, which not only is the oldest but continuous existing corporation in the Western Hemisphere, if not the planet. They control the City of London Police, and the Queen, prior to entering that district, must first have a royal audience with the Lord High Mayor of London (as opposed to the other mayor, the mayor of the entire city of London) --- this has long been traditional and sacrosanct.

The City of London Corporation also has the oldest and continuous existing financial investment fund (forgot their name for it, sorry), and several bits of circumstantial evidence only, suggests they invested in some backward street and real estate in New Amsterdam, later to be known as Wall Street of New York City.

Now many may wonder about the relationship between the British royals and the City of London Corporation? Sometime around the early 1700s, the CoLC bought off the royal family by offering them, in perpetuity, leases on the choicest real estate throughout London, and outlying areas, based upon the cheapest discount RE rates of that day --- in other words, the CoLC leased out those lands to the royals, for a few shillings, a rate never to change, while the royals in turn would lease and rent out those lands and abodes for massive amounts over the centuries, especially in modern times.

Of course, this perpetuity thing was changed some years back, so now (I believe) it is only for 2,000 more years!

If you believe this to be farfetched, simply read a UK travel book or brochure some time, which is where I originally learned of this.

Oh, yes, shortly after this lease deal was sealed between the royals the CoLC, the Bank of England was established. (Think that may have been part of the deal?)

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damn smart, learned to read at the age of 3, was responsible for major news and info gathering protocols, etc., and this effing gov't hounded him to death.

Jeremy Hammond is another superior technoid, and he's in jail. John Kiriakou, not sure about his tech skills, but he is certainly an intelligent and honorable man, and he's in jail.

Any questions?

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