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In Australia it's illegal to fly a UAV within 30 meters of a human. This donkey was using an iPad to fly it 10 meters above the track. Even if quality radios are available here (of course they are) it sounds like he's a 'creative' type with little regard for anything without a brand name he reckognizes, physical reality or the law.

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by Max Littlemore (#45825947) Attached to: Are Tablets Replacing Notebook Computers? (Video)

What software do you use for this? Is it AIDE or something else?

I'm using AIDE. It helps to root and increase the heap size if you need large libraries.

(Skipping the Chinese frying pan) That's all well and good for wandering about a building. But what happens if you wander onto a bus or otherwise out of range of your access point's signal?

I suppose I could open the firewall and remote in using my phone as a tether if I really needed to but so far I haven't. That would be limited to SSH to because xrpd would be painful over patchy 3G in my area.

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by Max Littlemore (#45823011) Attached to: Are Tablets Replacing Notebook Computers? (Video)

In my case it's it leans towards the yes. I just got one of the asus android transformers and so far it's working out far better than my old laptop. I've found quick development tasks much quicker and easier than using the laptop and it's really convenient that the battery lasts as long as it does and I can get up and wander around with just the screen when I need thinking/reading time. This is suitable of course because I am developing android software and I am not someone who likes sitting down when I solve complex problems.

I also have and will continue to use the desktop when I need real power because it handles heavy workloads without the thermal meltdowns of a laptop. Having ssh, xrdp and samba shares on the desktop machine also gives me the freedom to wander around with the tablet while doing heavy wokloads.

I dream of a time where tools like blender are set up so that the heavy lifting is done by a PC and the UI is a thin opengl es app on the tablet allowing multiple connections for collaboration. That would be delightful!

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So let me get this straight. Experimenting to try to gather evidence to support and explain phenomena reportedly observed by people throughout history is mumbo jumbo whereas stating that research in a particular subject is unjustified because we know everything, the subject seems ridiculous and we can assert that it can't be empirically measured is science? Okay. I suppose you believe in immutable "scientific facts" too? I guess I used to believe in the tooth fairy.....

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If 'a' is a prefix in the case of alot then alot probably means not many or not much. It might even be an a definition of a subset of a lot in which case a better word in english would be allotment (n) or allot (v).

'A' as a prefix doesn't mean 'one'. Another is a strange word in that it is more like the German sytem of gluing words together than it is like English and it uses 'an' where there is less ambiguity about the intended meaning. Alot kind of means "not one lot" or a little.

+ - Quad-core Android Phone Keeps Cool With Water Pipe->

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DeviceGuru (1136715) writes "NEC has announced an Android smartphone that uses a water-cooling system to keep its quad-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro system-on-chip (SOC) from overheating. The NEC Medias X 06E integrates a liquid cooling pipe near the SOC to cool off the 4.7-inch phone, which is being marketed at Japanese women. As reported first on The Verge, the phone is equipped with a water-filled heatpipe, as well as a graphite sheet that runs parallel to the motherboard, thereby drawing heat away from the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro SOC. Improved power management and hardware design have largely kept complaints about overheated smartphones to a minimum, but with more cores comes more heat. Consequently, reports of overheating on the new wave of quad-core phones have been on the rise, and it's likely to get worse as more and more cores are pressed into service."
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