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Submission + - Most worker ants are slackers (

schwit1 writes: "THE QUEEN IS COMING — LOOK BUSY"

Most worker ants are slackers. "Ants and bees have reputations as efficient team players. In Temnothorax rugatulus — a small brown ant found in pine forests in North America — division of labor is common, with workers specializing in tasks like foraging, building, and brood care. But new research shows that many ants in a colony seem to specialize in doing nothing at all. To get a closer look at how these ants filled their time, researchers marked every member of five lab-based colonies with dots of colored paint. Over the course of 2 weeks, a high-definition camera recorded 5-minute segments of the ants in action six times a day, capturing their behavior (or lack thereof). Out of the 'workers,' 71.9% were inactive at least half the time, and 25.1% were never seen working. A small fraction of the ants, just 2.6%, were always active during observation, the researchers wrote last month in Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology. Previous studies have postulated that inactivity might be temporary, with ants working in shifts dictated by circadian rhythm. But the new results show that the lazy workers stay lazy no matter the time of day."

Slave societies rarely encourage individuals to put forth their best efforts.

Submission + - It wasn't just an asteroid that killed the dinosaurs

schwit1 writes: Scientists have now obtained enough solid data to confirm that the large extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago was caused not just by the Yucatan asteroid impact but also by the gigantic volcanic event in India called the Deccan Traps.

The researchers said the asteroid strike occurred 66.04 million years ago, plus or minus about 30,000 years. They said eruptions in a region called the Deccan Traps were already underway at a lower intensity but dramatically accelerated after the asteroid strike as if the powerful impact triggered it. The dating method they used found this acceleration began within 50,000 years of the impact, but it could have been in the mere days, months or years afterward. "Within measurement error, they're simultaneous," said volcanologist Loyc Vanderkluysen of Philadelphia's Drexel University. "The two processes in tandem caused the extinctions," added Paul Renne, director of the Berkeley Geochronology Center and a University of California, Berkeley geologist, who led the study in the journal Science.

Though many planetary scientists have discounted the Deccan Traps for decades, paleontologists have tended to favor it as a major factor in the extinction. This new study suggests that both were involved, which was the theory held by most of the more reasonable scientists in both fields. While many liked to push one or the other theory in the press, the better scientists considered both a possible factor and have been working to determine this possibility.

Comment Re:Oh, that's ironic (Score 1) 577

It's not just your end I'm sorry to say, down here in the Antipodes the same bullshit thinking abounds. Also, facts and statistics that include people who are brown of skin are intrinsically racist if brown people happen to dislike said facts or statistics. Often it is people with white skin that are the loudest accusers.

These people have become far too intellectually dishonest to even be worth engaging in debate.

Comment Congratulations, dev. nations. West.. not so much. (Score 1) 93

Does this kind of thinking mark the passing of the baton to the 'developing' nations of India and friends?

Seems they've gotten their own irrational fear of nuclear power under some measure of control - how long until the West collectively understands that our failure to follow suit when it comes to space development will ultimately cost us our lead?

I may well be wrong but at this stage in our development I see chemical rockets as a means of orbital insertion and little more. If we intend to explore, we need to take nuclear propulsion seriously.

Comment Re:Sardaukar86 forgot to post ac this time (Score 1) 190

Premise: spammers are losers.

Fact: APK is a spammer.

Conclusion: APK is a loser.

Premise: pretending to be someone else to back you up makes you a loser.

Fact: APK depends upon multiple sockpuppet accounts and is laughably clumsy in his use of these accounts.

Conclusion: APK is a total loser.

Spamming loser.

Comment Re:Sardaukar86 forgot to post ac this time (Score 1) 190

Wow, you really are delusional aren't you? I've never used your hosts tool nor have I used uBlock or any other tool of that nature other than ABP. I care so little about the topic I'd be unlikely to debate you on it and as I've not used your software I cannot evaluate its performance.

I am however very willing and able to abuse incompetents such as yourself under my own moniker; in fact I really wouldn't have it any other way.

I do understand why you find it hard to imagine someone who has integrity yet is capable of easily besting you. This is why you cannot believe me when I tell you the truth - you don't recognise truth any more, because you tell lies and cherry-pick statistics. You operate multiple sock-puppet accounts and you stalk people you feel have slighted you. You spam over and over and over and over again, you repeat yourself ad nauseum and you hypocritically and repeatedly accuse others of your own transgressions. You also like to pretend you have a bunch of anonymous supporters and the seriousness with which you take this obvious and infantile ploy of yours has been an ongoing source of much mirth and merriment to all who watch your desperate contortions.

In general, you are about as welcome as an anal polyp and your ridiculous literary style ensures that most of what you have to contribute is disjointed and unpleasant to read. You are an unwelcome disruption and no amount of posting your silly "everybody loves APK" list will make any difference to anyone - people see you as a low-life scum because that is how you behave.

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