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Submission + - Extreme Pressure Reveals New Phenomenon in Atomic Nuclei->

Zothecula writes: Scientists have long believed that while an atom's outer electrons are highly mobile and often behave somewhat chaotically, the inner electrons close to the nucleus are stable. They move steadily around the nucleus and stay out of each other's way. But new research reveals that if the pressure is really extreme, like double that found at the center of the Earth, the innermost electrons of an atom change their behavior.
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Comment Re:I know you! You like "eating your words" (Score 1) 375

There's the cherry-picking I was talking about. See how there's no corresponding list of times you were DOWN-modded? Yeah, that's the APK way!

You really are stupider than you appear if you think that MM and I are the same person.

Oh, and as it happens I would happily defend my Slashdot FOES against you, Alexander "Anus-Cancer Of Slashdot" Kowalski, if you're busy engaging in antisocial behaviour.

Anti-social behaviour: try to see the thread here, I know it's hard for you. You don't get thrashed by me when you behave yourself. You just can't help yourself though, so here we are.

Comment Re:U.S. Naval Map & Edgar Cayce prophecies (Score 1) 375

I was going to ask you the same thing about your posting of delusional, crackpot bullshit to Slashdot like that Edgar Cayce rubbish. You expect the Slashdot community to swallow it? You obviously haven't been paying much attention APK, you sad, sad cunt.

Comment Re:U.S. Naval Map & Edgar Cayce prophecies (Score 2) 375

I think your brain is failing you again old fool - if you look carefully, you'll see it's actually yourself who is posting anonymously.

Now, as to your hypocrisy, I don't need to state anything, your idiot words are there for all to read and your blind stupidity at then denying your hypocrisy provides entertainment for all.

I do so love playing with low-IQ trolls like you because your type always twitches amusingly when poked with a stick.

Best of all, you're outraged that someone distracted you from your own stick-poking behaviour. Hypocrisy upon hypocrisy, you are just such rich comedy gold!

Comment Re:I love how these topics bring out morons (Score 1) 375

You need to get a life and to get on topic here. Try being yourself even though you're a fake online name loser.

OK I have to ask: as a stalking arsehole, how long did it take before you could tolerate your own hypocrisy?

Perhaps you've become immune by starting small and growing accustomed to it, like the Man in Black did with Iocain powder?

Comment Re:U.S. Naval Map & Edgar Cayce prophecies (Score 1) 375

U.S. Naval map backs him. Your 20 year fake online name's delusional and nothing backs you. Grow up little boy.

And so it begins. I'm not APK, no, I'm just an anonymous friend who shows up to assist APK in his assault against the whole world.

Nope, no APK here, nope! Everyone is dreaming, APK is right! Watch as all his anonymous friends line up to support him! Look, they're accusing people of 'hiding behind fake names'. Do you think they get the joke?

Comment Re:U.S. Naval Map & Edgar Cayce prophecies (Score 0) 375

Ahhh, I thought it had to be you. Only you are so doggedly persistent and determined to demonstrate your own stupidity by stalking other people's posts in unrelated matters. Especially after whining about others doing the same to you. Boo-hoo.

By doing so you've found the optimum path to achieving /. fame and adoration.

Now unleash the hordes of ACs pretending very hard that they're not APK, nope, not related at all, even if they do all agree with him. We stupid Slashdotters will never catch on to your dastardly scheme!

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