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Comment: Re:Build colonies on Earth (Score 1) 253 253

Yeah, good luck with that. I'd love to see how your bunker holds up if a large asteroid, a moon, a planet, a star or a black hole hits Earth or just pulls it out of orbit.

How's life? It must be lovely being as blissfully (and clearly wilfully) ignorant as you appear to be.

What exactly are you expecting to happen to disturb an underground bunker should an asteroid hit the surface of the planet it is built into? Anything less than a direct strike is going to affect the subterranean habitat very little, assuming the bunker is up to the same standards you demand (space-based or other-body colony).

What fantasy world do you live in where rogue stars, planets and black holes cruise through other stellar systems? Have you even the faintest idea how BIG space is? More importantly, what's this fabulous plan of yours for getting us to another star system? Because if you've even the dimmest inkling of intelligence you must realise that habitats orbiting Jupiter are going to be just as thoroughly fucked by a rogue star as any underground bunker.

Comment: Re:Using what's already there natively... apk (Score 1) 145 145

P.S.=> "Pats self on back"... apk

What a surprise to see this! Well, not really, self-congratulation is one thing we all agree you excel at. Bwahahhaha!

See how stalking people's posts adds to the conversation? See how it makes everything better?

Yeah, that's right - it doesn't. So put a bloody sock in it you antisocial bastard, I'm sick of seeing your childish shit scrawled all over the place.

Comment: Re:Tell us about "AlmostAllAdsBlocked+" Coren22 (Score 1) 253 253

Did you read this APK? Other people here see you for what you are. We don't post to help you - we post in the hope that you'll eventually go away and let the adults enjoy their conversation. Nothing I or anyone else say will affect your behaviour though because you're incapable of critical thought.

Prove me right by crap-flooding some more!

Comment: Re:It's not polite to talk w/ your mouth full (Score 1) 145 145

Oh, here we go again, 'anonymous people' that pop up out of the woodwork who definitely surely completely aren't APK, no, not at all.

Funny how these 'people' only seem to support you when you're being told off for acting like a jerk. They always seem to be conspicuously absent in every other circumstance.

You must really have a screw loose to continue such obviously childish behaviour.. yet you still somehow believe you've gotten one over us. Clever APK!

Comment: Re:Accepting Responsibility (Score 1) 350 350

Awesome! I'm delighted that you Foe'd me on the strength of that comment, outing yourself as a thin-skinned little baby and card-carrying member of the permanently-offended crowd. Best of all I don't need to Foe you in return, whiny bitches like you have always been my natural enemies.

Comment: Re: Cost of making the USA piss their pants: Price (Score 1) 393 393

Habit... I'm from California and we pronounce nuclear very slightly differently than do people on the east coast. And if you say nuclear the way we do, then they turn their heads sideways and say "what did you say?"... with a superior smirk that makes me want to take an eye out with a spoon... they think they're clever because they basically think only their pronunciation of words are valid.

Every day, in every way, I hate Humans just a little bit more.

As a result, I just say atomic. I can't be bothered to explain to those morons why their position is asinine every time they do that. I've had New Yorkers presume to do that to me several times and I can either be livid with them or not give the little robots any ammunition to script on to over the issue.

Seems like a completely reasonable position to avoid pulling one's own head off in frustration. I'm sorry you have so many arrogant idiots around you, the only consolation I can offer is that here in NZ we have more angry SJW idiots so we're no better off. :)

Around here, the word 'nuclear' (which we pronounce "nyoo-cleer") is about as offensive to Joe Average as the word 'nigger' because we are all so intellectual we just *know* that nuclear=bad because atoms and stuff.

Thanks for taking the time to explain, it's always interesting to learn another person's reasoning.

Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it.