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Comment Re: often ahead in the wrong direction, certainly (Score 1) 447

Totally wrong

No transit pays for itself. Not highways, not airlines, not buses, not rail.

Corporate Welfare may be a real thing but I don't think it's quite as extensive and generous as you appear to believe. Buses and rail services may well attract a subsidy but I don't know of many subsidised airlines.* These companies exist to make money.

How do they not 'pay for [themselves]' if they're turning a profit?

* I may simply be ill-informed of course.

Comment Re:Coren22 "Run, Forrest: RUN!!!"... apk (Score 1) 329

P.S.=> I am going to annihilate you publicly for those you reprehensible piece of fucking lying malicious libelous trolling trash... apk

Bwhahahahahaha! Oh, you *go* girl, you *troll* that bad, bad man!

There's nothing more pitifully amusing than watching APK hollering away at everyone and everything with his panties up in a big old bunch.

You've almost become an institution, Slashdot's "Donald Duck" if you like - a highly-strung, pompous twit who explodes into tantrums of quacking and squawking at the slightest hint of provocation.

Keep up that stalking of yours, it's sure to keep winning you hearts and minds!

Comment Re:Coren22 likes getting bitchslapped 65++:1 (Score 1) 735

Nobody cares about your 'findings', APK, because you have no integrity here on SlashDot. We've very quickly learned you are nothing but bile and spite and as such your 'programs' are viewed with well-justified suspicion and mistrust. Perhaps if you weren't such a fucking cunt of a Human being you might get a better response, but I'm not holding my breath as you seem perpetually stuck in the mindset of 'everyone else is a cunt but me' so I don't have much hope you'll ever mature or grow up in any way, especially since you're well into your fifties and still content to behave like a sixteen-year-old child.

Comment Re:Coren22 likes telling lies (Score 1) 735

Liar, liar, APK's pants are on fire!

APK doesn't understand what 'hypocrisy' means, or he'd moderate his posts.

APK doesn't understand what 'integrity' means, or he'd moderate his posts.

APK doesn't know what citations are, or he'd include them with the ludicrous suppositions he makes in his posts.

APK doesn't know what humility is, or he'd leave off trumpeting his 'successes' in his posts. Hint: Linus doesn't big-mouth. What makes you so much better than him that YOU get to big-mouth yourself when Linus Torvalds doesn't?

APK is a one-trick-pony with only hosts-file manipulation to his name, a technique that was rightfully deposed in the 90's.

APK is butt-hurt that the world moved on and that his one-trick-pony show has waned into irrelevance.

APK learned that bluster can make up for an awful lot of substance, hence posts such as the above.

Despite the above, APK is happy to take the time to explain how positive and helpful he is as a contributor to SlashDot. The rest of us are simpletons; mere fools - just ask him!

Comment Re:Coren22 likes getting bitchslapped 65++:1 (Score 1) 735

APK: boo-hoo, my anus hurts and it's all swollen and smells ugly. Whomever shall I blame for this tragedy?

The World: *ignores APK, says something unrelated*

APK: That's it! That's the 'in' I've been looking for, everyone can see that the WHOLE WORLD just took responsibility for my anus. Now I can squeal like a five-year-old girl with rattlesnake-in-the-vagina issues! Whee! I'm SO ENTITLED!! My rage is so righteous!

APK: It's all YOUR fault that my anus is so swollen, so smelly and disgorging so much pus! It must therefore be YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make my anus feel better! Fail to do so and be prepared to be branded the ENEMY DU JOUR!

BWAHAHAHAH! APK, like progressivism, ALWAYS WINS!!

"I've seen the forgeries I've sent out." -- John F. Haugh II (jfh@rpp386.Dallas.TX.US), about forging net news articles