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Journal Journal: Fare thee well, Slashdot 6

I've been on slashdot since the early days. I've seen meme after meme come and go from the trolls, I've seen the internet grow from 28.8 modems to multi-megabit pipes. During those years we moved from 386's measured in MHz to Core CPUs measures in GHz.

But along with all the other changes, the internet itself has changed. The quality of comments on Slashdot has changed. Even the quality of selected articles has changed.

And most of it has not changed for the better.

Comment Wrong question (Score 1) 269

The question is not whether we'll ever be able to "upload" a map of a neocortex, but rather whether we'll be able to transfer the will and sense of self that makes us who we are.

Perhaps at the time technology is able to upload a map, we'll discover that we really are nothing but meat machines. But I believe there is an extra "something" in the specific timings of how your particular neurons fire and interact with each other that makes you you. Not really a soul, per se, but a "something" bound in the chemistry and biology that we haven't even begun to measure or analyse. An essential "spark", shall we say.

Comment You wouldn't get fired in industry, either (Score 1) 345

I've seen several cases of sexual harassment filed in various companies I worked for over the years, and not once was the guilty party fired. They were required to attend "sensitivity" courses. They lost their bonuses for the year. They were passed over for promotions. Sometimes they were reassigned to lesser roles in the business.

But they were not fired.

Why should academics be held to higher standards than those in industry?

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