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Comment The whole concept is a "Rube Goldberg" contraption (Score 1) 109

The whole concept smacks of being a "Rube Goldberg" contraption to me. While I could see a very small segment of the market liking the idea of replacing components and doing partial upgrades, I'm pretty sure that the mass market will stick with integrated one-piece units that don't fall into a pile of blocks when dropped.

User Journal

Journal Journal: MSS Code Factory 2.3.12994 Service Pack 1

This release refactors and rearchitects the core objects of the system using diamond inheritance of the interfaces so that you can cast between the defining schema names for the objects and the current project's schema names. All of the methods of the new interfaces rely on the defining schema names, but you can safely cast the returned objects to your current schema names.

Comment Complacency (Score 2) 119

I'd say the Met became complacent if they haven't made the short list. Either they're charging too much for what they do, or they aren't doing it as well as the competitors who submitted tenders.

Either way, losing the contract is their own damn fault. No business can ever afford to assume a long term customer will continue to be a customer unless they have a monopoly.

Comment Re:Too late (Score 1, Flamebait) 68

Aside from the USB bug, there's the annoying fact that they've *completely* stripped the customizability that I used to love about KDE, and don't even let you pin launchers to the desktop any more.

Quite frankly, KDE5 SUCKS compared to KDE4. It's as bad a "jump the shark" release as Gnome 3 initially was.

Comment Re:Too late (Score 0) 68

Ubuntu's desktop releases are hardly "bleeding edge."

Face it. The KDE team screwed up. All software teams do, sooner or later. They post a broken "release", and it gets shipped.

Unfortunately, that can be how you lose your user base.

Besides, it's not like there aren't a bazillion desktops out there waiting to replace one that's been screwed up.

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