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Comment: Re:Cash is king in my world (Score 1) 173

by msobkow (#49186759) Attached to: Will you be using a mobile payment system?


Ah, and *of course* no one could ever survive without shopping online. And no one could ever survive with being detached from the intarweeb while they *are* out shopping. And walking a block and a half to the bank machine or just skipping that step entirely and using a debit card is *absolutely* out of the question.

Your telco gives you the phone for free -- there is no extra charge padded on to your monthly bill. They're just really, really generous that way.

And everybody's existing phone already has the NFC support needed to act as a payment system, so no one needs to upgrade, right?

Go ahead and try to get a free credit card after you've had to declare a bankruptcy. I dare ya'.

But hey, all of us in situations like being on disability where $20 makes or breaks the month can clearly afford to toss $50-75/year in credit card membership fees out the window.

Heck, in your world, people like me don't even actually exist. Only dinosaurs are poor.



Comment: Re:This advertisement brought to you by Dice (Score 1) 112

by msobkow (#49184003) Attached to: NVIDIA Announces SHIELD Game Console

Dice floods Slashdot with product launches as "news".

I wonder how much the vendors are paying them to promote their products?

I don't care what class of hardware they're shilling on a given day. Product launches belong on hardware review sites, not an IT related discussion forum.

WTF is there to "discuss" about a product launch? Whether you hate/love the vendor? Whether you believe their "increased spec X" claims? To rant that you'll never buy one or rave that you've got to have one?

Where is the meat to such discussions?

Comment: You can find proof of anything (Score 4, Insightful) 139

by msobkow (#49180021) Attached to: Technology's Legacy: the 'Loser Edit' Awaits Us All

You can find "proof" of anything you want to on the internet, whether it be that the Queen of England is really a lizard or that Steven Harper is a bible-thumping arsehole. You can "prove" Obama isn't really an American, that Kanye West is gawd or that Kanye West is the biggest ego to ever hit the planet.

The internet is just chock full of articles, forums, blogs, and other sources you can cite to support your pre-determined outcome.

It has always been this way -- there is no "fact checking" required to post something. On the other hand, there is no "editor" on a "mission" to change what you post, either.

At the core of it, the problem is not the internet nor the history it exposes, but the viciousness and old-fashioned nastiness of people who want to destroy others, often just because they can. Add that in to the human stew that just loves to hear and read nasty gossip about people they're jealous of, and you have a recipe for the "loser edit."

Where the internet differs from reality TV, though, is that with "reality" TV, all the episodes are subject to "loser edits" because that's what builds "characters" out of hours and hours of otherwise useless footage into something the general public will suck back like sweetened pablum.

Comment: Are the search results relevant? (Score 1) 103

Are the search results relevant to my query?

That's all I care about.

I don't give two shits about someone's web portal losing eyeballs and customers. If you're selling relevant products, you'll show up in the search results. If you're not, I don't give a damn about you. You don't have a "right" to profit -- you have to earn it.

Comment: Re:Even Apple is abandoning Objective-C (Score 1) 391

Five minutes with Google and no Apple-rosy glasses.

Most Linux libraries are built with C. Does that mean you have to use C to program Linux? Of course not.

So too with the existing Objective-C libraries. The language used to write a library is irrelevant; what matters is the language bindings the programmer uses to invoke the libraries.

Comment: Re:Even Apple is abandoning Objective-C (Score 1) 391


So you can still use Objective-C. However, Apple seems to be encouraging you to use Swift for any new development, while not expecting you to go back and re-write all of your Objective-C code.


Swift was created in order to replace Objective-C, however, Swift is capable of working alongside Objective-C while using Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks.

Comment: Re:Even Apple is abandoning Objective-C (Score 1) 391

The fact that Apple has to maintain internals using Objective-C does not conflict with the fact that they're pushing platform developers to use Swift. There are pieces of Apple's stack written in C, C++, and probably even other languages as well, seeing as the vast majority of their code base comes from open source.

Of course Apple hasn't said Objective-C is a dead end. There would be a revolt and a mass fleeing from the platform if they did that.

But they sure as hell aren't encouraging people to stay on Objective-C instead of moving to Swift.

Are you sure you're on the same internet as the rest of us? I've read several articles and summaries (including on Slashdot) that have made it clear Apple wants people to use Swift.

Oh, wait. Never mind. Apple person. You don't deal with the same reality as the rest of the world.

Comment: Yahoo is already a zombie (Score 1) 167

by msobkow (#49168493) Attached to: Marissa Mayer On Turning Around Yahoo

Yahoo is already dead, and just can't accept the fact.

Over a year ago, they pushed an unholy abortion of an email interface that takes over 2 MINUTES to load on a 6.5 megabit link.

Now they've pushed an interface for their main news page that doesn't even render or refresh properly with Iceweasel/Debian.

While other sites are developing slick HTML5 interfaces, Yahoo seems hell-bent on creating the most UNUSABLE interfaces to hit the web since the days of AOL.

Quite frankly, when they die, it will be "good riddance" to the eyesore that Yahoo has become.

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