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Comment: Good idea (Score 4, Interesting) 101 101

Standards have a notorious habit of becoming bloated with rarely used features that never do get properly tested. Rethinking what is actually useful and needed is great for pruning code and handling the majority of use cases. Sure there will be edge cases it can't handle, but that's the whole point: they're edge cases that most programmers aren't going to need to use.

Comment: Re:Depends of what you mean by "Use" (Score 1) 156 156

Linking GPL code is considered the same as copying in the source code. The library has to be released under the LGPL to be used by non-GPL source.

But you are correct about invoking canned binaries of GPL products or sending IPC messages to a GPL product, provided you're not using the GPL messaging libraries provided with the product, but rolling your own which happen to be compatible at the messaging layer. But I'm pretty sure your messaging code would have to be written in a different language as well in order to avoid any claims that you copied code from the GPL source.

Comment: Re:Welcome to reality (Score 1) 179 179

"Flamebait" my ass. You punk ass little kids are so full of shit and know so little about licensing issues that it's absolutely laughable. You rant on about how Novell "owns" the POSIX APIs without knowing SHIT about how the POSIX APIs were developed in the midst of the *nix vendor wars and published as a STANDARD that all the vendors AGREED to implement.

You spew FUD and bullshit about how "interfaces aren't code", have no respect for the work that goes into a clean and well defined interface specification, and generally are so damned wet behind the ears that I think the whole INDUSTRY pissed on your collective heads.

As of next Thursday, UNIX will be flushed in favor of TOPS-10. Please update your programs.