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Comment: So, is Twitter US propaganda now? (Score 0) 523

So Twitter has made a choice and choose to be a US propaganda channel? Do they ban all those repoblican warmongsters too, who I consider far more dangerous for this plannet than some fanatics in the middle east? Or can they just continue to use their free speech?

If you publicly choose sides, don't be surprised when it has consequences.

Comment: Doesn't matter much (Score 1) 136

by johanw (#49140895) Attached to: Who's Afraid of Android Fragmentation?

For iOS, most apps require the latest version to run, and Apple actively pushes developers to do this. When I check the requirements for the Android apps I use, most require Android 2.3 or higher, some 4.0 or higher and some very specific ones require 4.4, but that's SDFix, to fix usage of SD cards that was broken in 4.4. So for most Android apps nearly every phone is supported, given sufficient storage. Maybe some games will become slow, but other apps usually don't care much.

Comment: Re:All private encryption has run its course (Score 1) 308

by johanw (#49127981) Attached to: Moxie Marlinspike: GPG Has Run Its Course

Unless you can deploy it widely, like Moxie did when it got the Textsecure protocol integrated into WhatsApp for Android. In my country, there are 9,3 milion WhatsApp account for 17 milion people. No serious security service can claim all those 9 milion are propably terrorists.

Comment: Re:The US gets back what it seeded (Score 1) 241

by johanw (#49106055) Attached to: Al-Shabaab Video Threat Means Heightened Security at Mall of America

"You really think this is a US only, and recent US only, issue?"

No, of course not. Terrorist attacks are common in Iraq, some African countries, Pakistan and the middle east. But since the US is the country that with by far the most foreign aggression, it has to live with the fact that it becomes a high-profile target.

Comment: The US gets back what it seeded (Score 1, Insightful) 241

by johanw (#49105505) Attached to: Al-Shabaab Video Threat Means Heightened Security at Mall of America

So the US thinks it can bomb the shit out of civilians (only "collateral damage" in US terms) in many countries and support oppressive regimes without someday getting it back? Think again. When you vote for the bombing criminals, you become a legitimate target.

However, these people help the US government just fine in getting support for the US government to control and repress their own population even more.

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