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Comment Re:Why did they take a male duck (Score 1) 264

BTW, we need more emojis to express political ideas. A swastika and a hammer and sickle emoji are badly needed when discussing politics. To describe one's opinion about a certain politicial perhaps gallow and guillotine emojis. Now we are stuk with the much too soft middle finger emoji. :-)

At least with the new racial emojis we can now describe a white cop shooting a black guy, but the smiley face to show after that is available only in yellow.

Comment Re:Uggg, so 60's (Score 1) 399

Inertial confinement is just fusion bomb research wrapped up in a nice story. Tokamaks might work in the future (JET already reached physical break-even, ITER will probably reach technical break-even) but they'll have so much engineering issues (mainly because the hull will become very radioactive) that the remaining power will probably be so expensive that wind and solar will be the much cheaper solution.

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