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Comment: Re:"Born atheist" quite a leap (Score 1) 503

by itzly (#49141109) Attached to: Machine Intelligence and Religion

I have a conviction that there are no such bunnies, due to lack of atmosphere.

They take oxygen out of the soil, of course.

there is a gigantic conceptual difference between "absence of evidence of X" and "evidence of absence of X"

I understand that. But in daily practice, many people don't make the distinction for things that are completely without reason, such as bunnies on the moon, or gods. They will happily say things like: "Yes, I'm sure we're out of beer, I just looked in the fridge a minute ago", without giving any consideration to the fact that a bottle may just have popped in there through a wormhole.

The Tao is like a glob pattern: used but never used up. It is like the extern void: filled with infinite possibilities.