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Comment Re:Never seen so many allergies in people (Score 1) 132

Now that is a whole other question. Do we or do we not have the right to live like free Neanderthals, to live off the land as we choose and see fit. So royalty gets to choose and well, the rest of us either get killed or put in a cage should we attempt to engage in what is our natural born right. I mean you really do get the difference don't you or do you just consider the rest of us animals and you are the only true person. You seemed to have confused a neutral some what satirical anarchistic libertarian statement with something else based around your own personal greed.

Comment Re:Do you believe this crap? (Score 1) 18

You kind of have to think back to the Soviet era. Decades upon decades of claims that they were wonderful and perfect and all of it memeber countries were wonderful and perfect. Hence a deeply flawed flase image was create about the nature of those countries. The Soviet Union spent decades making the Ukraine look better than it actually was. How bad was it, the Soviet Union had to slice bits off Russia and shove it into the Ukraine in order to try and stabilise it, think about that, for a moment. Russia had to slice of parts of Russia and give them away, to prevent the Ukraine from collapsing into exactly what is it collapsing into today (really great PR job by the Soviet Union, decades latter that still had the EU believing it).

Comment Re:Do you believe this crap? (Score 1) 18

Really it is all about corruption gone out of control. The likely reality most of the hacking was simply insider actions paid for by outside interests, outside of those companies far more than outside of that country. For reasons of simple petty revenge, economic advantage by crippling competitors or protection and extortion rackets. Yeah Ukraine government was a corrupt spos (which is why Russia was so happy to see it gone, regardless of any public claims they make) prior to US led insurrection and the insurrection succeeded because of the corruption and low and behold the corruption that was fuelled to drive the insurrection is now worse than it was before because yeah the US government spent 5 billion dollars fuelling in and now it is a fire out of control. Shh, don't tell anyone but the reason the Polish government wants US troops is not because of it's eastern border (not that it is particularly comfortable with that one) but because of it's southern border(it is really uncomfortable about that one, something to do with celebrating a 'Ukrainian war hero?!?' who mass murdered polish people, who the fuck would not be uncomfortable about that, they are just not allowed to say anything publicly under instructions from the US otherwise no protection and something might happen if they have no protection).

Comment Re:Makes a lot of sense (Score 1) 61

The senior judges are not independent of GCHQ if they were illegally hacked by GCHQ ie let's say they carefully selected judges who have done something naughtier than GCHQ had done and GCHQ can prove this because they hacked those judges (say they are all paedophiles and have a history of collecting deeply disturbing images and perhaps worse, something that is appearing to be quite disturbingly widespread in upper class England). So now the judges must say they were legally hacked or else, they can argue over the legality of the evidence against them in a public court with that evidence publicly exposed. This seems to have become the core method of locking in control of corrupt politicians, both prior and post election (purposefully putting in power those who have already been privately but not yet publicly exposed versus just pandering to their perversions post election and keeping evidence of those perversions).

Comment Re:Just geoblock France already, Facebook!!! (Score 2) 87

The only principle here is, if a business is generating revenue in a country, then that revenue can be targeted in a civil suit. The company can not turn around and claim somehow that it should be allowed to make money in a country but simultaneously not be held accountable for how it makes money in that country. To pretend to claim so is just so much legal bullshit. It is bad enough when you have global tax fraud on trillions of dollars of income and the pain, death and suffering that causes in the crippling of social services and the break down of infrastructure, now they are corruptly fighting to not be held legally accountable for their actions when they are done by remote control. All the money and no responsibility, corporations are behaving like out of control toddlers, screaming for more all of the time now.

Comment Re: Because real life == breaking bad (Score 1) 21 he said....why?

This is exactly the response I would expect.... ridiculous fear. This is a movie plot risk. It is a risk so rare and so ridiculous that the detector has no value at all.

Maybe something useful will come out of the research, but the stated goal is clear: To use bullshit excuses to get money to fund the lab.

Comment Re:The obvious direction... (Score 1) 305

The whole idea is to maintain that bleeding edge education style. So the institution of higher learning are right on the forefront of actual commercial and social application and the students come out with a big head start. Also it aids in providing funding for those institutions ie instead of paying software licence fees, all that money is funnelled straight back into computer research and higher education. So it is not just about the operating system but about a whole technological eco-system to place Australian education and business at the forefront of computer technology (trying to strike as many birds as possible with one 'hmm' hand full of stones). So somewhat complex and no saving on what we are currently spending but rather than an empty investment it provides a huge socio-economic return (it is the building developer in me, trying to achieve as much cost efficiency as possible and that does not mean spending less but getting the highest possible return on the appropriate investment).

Comment Re:Interesting. (Score 1) 188

China doesn't do much because as it currently stands it can not, too many fingers in the pie and too many demands placed upon what will happen. It is pretty much up to everyone else to wash their hands of North Korea and let it fester on China's doorstep and then they can and will do something about it. How the reuniting goes with South Korea some number of years or even decades occurs, is another question, as long as the current mess is solved, the future one can be tackled at a future date, as long as the Government of China is respected in this, resolution should be pretty simple. Just let them take the lead.

Comment Re:Interesting. (Score 1, Troll) 188

Overall that fellow looks pretty ill, check the hands where they forgot to put make up, overindulging much. Let's hope next time he leaves the country, they stop dicking about and simply arrest the ass hat for crimes against humanity and be done with it, same for the rest of the North Korean leadership. No more talks, just total isolation and arrest and prosecution at first opportunity. Just make North Korea China's problem in every way possible and make them deal with the resource and economic drain. Much like Russia did with the Ukraine, boy are those cheeky buggers saving money now, billions every year and we can do pretty much the same in a different direction.

Comment Re:The U.S. is much more civilized (Score 1) 40

Is it quite simply a relationship measure ie censorship in Iran vs we do not give a fuck what you say in the US we can ignore you any way, main stream media says so, again and again and again and again an nausea. So they basically censor you internally unless you say what they want to hear versus blocking you from 'hmm' listening to other people they do not want you to listen to.

For the likes of Iran that means switching from a IP blocking system to an IP allowing system ie all IPs are blocked, until they are given permission for access. Than all IPs are monitored for traffic flow to see if those traffic flows are in accordance with expected usage patterns for the particular IP holder, if the exceed that significantly than likely an alternate traffic route for broader traffic.

Of course if you tell people, you are going to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran, again and again and well, you get the picture, they are going to get pretty seriously paranoid. Especially when you have idiots, mind you elected idiots, wanting to use nuclear weapons and kill every man, woman, child, grammy, gramps, puppy, kitten and even budgerigar in your home town, well, they are going to be checking every bit of data, every bit of everything they can.

Never to forget, we all know what up tight kind of dicks religious types can be when it comes to blasphemy of any possible interpretive form, from challenging gods chosen the only life in the entire universe (second only to god mind you), evolution is evil and what ever else flat earther nonsense they want to promote (see, hint, hint, there is a comparison to the religious nut USA right(snigger) in there, a secular state trying to become a religious state versus an actual religious state). The idea not being to take away from what one country is but a reminder of what another country is becoming, thanks lead poisoning (may that particular dick rot in the hell of strangling beds, not that I believe in a Hell of that form or pretty much any other beyond what we allow a bunch of greedy psychopaths create right where we are now).

Comment Re:Not only am I bothred by the phone-home, (Score 1) 257

Yeah bye, snigger, snigger because an internet where you only communicate with yourself is not internet at all. So if you communicate with a windows 10 computer, well guess what both sides of the not so private chat are still up for grabs. All that data on your computer had to come from somewhere, so their idea, no matter what the fuck you do they are planning to track and record as much as they possibly can do why, because they are pervs , that's why (plus of course insider business knowledge is monumentally profitable, can't hack the business, then hack all and I mean all of the employees when they get home). Overall pretty naught stuff and the reason why they are able to get away with it without the government (except Russia) complaining (super wide open gaping great back doors, except Russia ;D ). Warrant, pashaw you don't even need a letter, just the cheque will be fine, made out to the Ireland or the Bahamas or the Switzerland office, you know the game.

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