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Comment: Re:A blue trip slip for an eight-cent fare (Score 1) 414

by geekoid (#48027213) Attached to: Energy Utilities Trying To Stifle Growth of Solar Power

Less then 20k in most place in the US where I've looked into it, some place as low as 12K.
If ytou want to take a couple of lesson to earn how to do it your self, now it's 6k
My research was from a 20 panels on a home.

You can also lay a track system that can expand. So you can add a panel when you have the money if you don't want to finance.

"Oh and a majority of the US gets about 4-5 hours of usable sunlight a day"

"In the US it 'almost' makes sense financially."
long term, it makes sense right now for the vast majority of America.

"Yes please tell me how totalitarian states have made my life so much better. "
now you are blathering.

A link to Henry Hazlitt? really?

capitalism has not failed. IT mkaes business owners money.
The current incoarnation of capitalizm is failing, in that it's destroying the middle class.

Look at the broken window situation. In that situation underlying assumption is that paying for a broken window means the owner won't buy something else. That's not true in most cases. In fact, if the shop owner has a billion dollars he isn't going to spend anyways, then it would make sense to break his windows every day.
Money's real value is there ONLY when it's doing work.
Hazlitt, and others, base their economic on a time where owners where local, small shops using local people.
It no longer applies, and trying to apply it only gives an excuse for international corporations to horde more money.

So, it you goal is to have a few rich giant corporations that dictate peoples live, then yes current capitalism works. For those of us that want a strong middle class, innovation, and industrious people it is not working.

Now on the other side, there are compaie where breaking a window would mean money not spend elseware. But it isn't one for one since its a business expense.

So we need a form of capitalism that can look at both sides of this, build a strong middle class in a country that's industrious. That means regulations and taxes.

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by geekoid (#48026995) Attached to: Energy Utilities Trying To Stifle Growth of Solar Power

No politician is salivating to track out cars. That's just a nightmare on every front.
Law Enforcement is a different ball of wax. Not that it matters.

Just tax electricity.
Everyone benefits from the highway system and roads.
It's simple, removes tracking.

Also, gas taxes pay for 50% of roads.
75, billion out of about 150 billion
in 2011 America used 4 TKw.
So that would be a tax of .0019 cents for kw.
Hell, make it a penny and 100% for roads, and a good mass transit system.

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by TheCarp (#48026823) Attached to: California Governor Vetoes Bill Requiring Warrants For Drone Surveillance

The thing is, search and rescue efforts, wildfire inspection, all make sense for this sort of exception; but you are right a blanket "emergency situation" may as well be no requirement at all because anything can be viewed as an emergency and anyone claiming emergency is almost always given the benefit of the doubt for anything short of an outright hoax.

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It sounds like practicality and realization. I.e. You're not the important and no one gives a damn.
You can't use a cell phone and have complete anonymity no matter how man spy movie you watch.

Don't want to be tracked, then you should be online or using cell phones. or CC, or banks, or cars, or.. well anything.

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