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by RingDev (#48478961) Attached to: Researchers Discover an "Off Switch" For Pain In the Brain

Here's the thing, there are some forms of nerve damage that we currently don't have a cure for, there are far more that we don't even understand well enough to have an idea for a cure, and there are some that are so poorly understood, even significant swaths of the medical community doubt that they are real and accuse patients of being drug seekers.

For example: Fibromyalgia. It isn't a disease in it's own right, it is a classification of a set of symptoms that have not been able to be attached to a source. There are lots of theories and progress is being made in the field. But when the causes could be genetic, dietary, environmental, psychological, or even sleep related, any step forward could be helpful for some subset of FM sufferers, but leave the rest without aid.

If this approach can be made to work, it would mean that virtually all of the FM sufferers in the world could lead a normal life, while at the same time research continues on the underlying causes of their conditions.

When you wake up every day and have to see your spouse, your child, or your friends in agony because for no meaningful reason their brain decides that they should feel like every joint is coated with sandpaper, that every muscle is strained and torn, that every tendon is inflamed, then any option, even one that profits some greedy ass in a suit, becomes a miracle.


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by rtb61 (#48477779) Attached to: Researchers Discover an "Off Switch" For Pain In the Brain

There is if course nothing more profitable that treating the symptoms rather than curing the affliction, yet they always cry the loudest when they succeed at treating the symptoms without curing the affliction, bless their greedy little hearts. Personally I would like to hear more about stem cell therapy to repair damaged nerves.

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Keep in mind Alta Vista, Info Seek and MSN search and how Google came out on top. So private search engines where basically after initiating your search you skipped straight to page 5 or more of the results and started from there, that how Google gained it's initial advantage and since it has become dominant stated to abandon. Governments routinely outperform private industry especially when their actions are subject to public purview. Give up on your ohhh ahhh private bullshit, it is a marketing PR lie and has been routinely exposed over the decades. Of course you post is a prime example of for profit, private, public relations smear and I am not laughing, I am just tired of the PR=B$ lies (lies for profit).

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Gees, I made it pretty clear I wanted a choice, either use public or private with the public one subject to full public review and with the ability to filter out results and promote others ie leaving you in total control. Do you not read and comprehend. Google can do what ever the crap it wants with searches as long as people have reasonable alternatives to select from and likely a government managed version with clear public rules and guide lines with actual end user control over the results is the best option, as long as of course it only remains an option and not government forced choice.

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by rtb61 (#48477145) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Drone For $100-$150?

Current feel in the regulations market means, keep it small and cheap because likely new laws will mean major restrictions and strict licensing requirements based upon capability and use, beyond restricted use on private property with the owners permission. This will vary with countries over time, keep in mind some countries already have strict restrictions on model aircraft use, with or without camera. How far off are those laws, it really depends upon location. So check local laws and make an estimate upon future laws and you'll thank me later, when you don't get something that you wont be able to use later without facing a major fine if you get caught ;)

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by RingDev (#48476959) Attached to: Two Google Engineers Say Renewables Can't Cure Climate Change

Uhg, this isn't knee jerk opposition to nuclear.

I'm not opposed to the continued use of nuclear power.

I'm in favor of moving to modern nuclear power facilities in place of the old ones. Yes, a 60 year old reactor can keep on chugging for another 20 years, but I'd much rather have a reactor designed with the safety of graphite or thorium running in their place for the next 80 years.

My opposition is not to nuclear power in general. My opposition is to saying that "we could have a Chernobyl every year..." without catastrophic repercussions.


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by rtb61 (#48476641) Attached to: Scientists Develop "Paint" To Help Cool the Planet

Would people paint their roofs to save money, you bet they will but how cheap is the paint, how clean does the roof need to be, how cheap is it to apply and how long will it last. I would have no qualms about painting my roof white, as long as I can get it done cost effectively enough. Of course one other thing, how well does it perform after it is no longer pristine, how self cleaning is it with rainfall or do I have to get up there and clean it every once a month to maintain performance. When it comes to using white as default for roofs, it is easy enough for many countries to legislate that for all new structures that is mandatory and provide subsidise for existing structures.

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'Erm' yeah, like cos you know, innocent until proven guilty because we don't believe you, when the you is the government and they have to prove their claims in a public court. This of course because without public courts governments have proven to be totally 100% corrupt when it comes to accusing people of crimes and basically chopping off their heads for all and sundry reasons. So yeah innocent and the government most definitely does not have the legal right to use the prosecutorial system as a penalty into and of itself. Which governments around the globe have been doing and especially which the corrupted US government has been doing, even going to the extreme of torturing people to death as part of that prosecutorial system, without even bothering with kangaroo military courts based upon nothing more than other claims made under torture. So yeah the legal system in the US has turned to utter shite, where the rich get off even when convicted, the poor get maximum sentences in forced labour prisons and foreigners die without trial.

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The whole idea is stupid. What governments should of course be considering instead, if they find biased internet searches so troubling, is to create a government body that provides the same service upon a completely neutral basis. The problem then comes into how to sort the list, who gets first page ranking and who misses out. So hold a conference, invite various groups and individuals and set rules for search sorting and set major penalties for attempting to search optimise, also provide the means for registered end users to readily filter out and promote sites based upon how well they match the search criteria. Do it all ad free, based upon the majority of companies getting better consumer access without bias, on consumers saving time without having to wade through irrelevant search optimised shit search sites, in fact allow users to flag them with a view to prosecution far disrupting user network search activity. Government spending should always have a focus on saving the majority of it's citizens money where that taxation investment is far less than the money citizens save in the more efficient provision of services.

So should internet search be private or public and should citizens have a choice whether to use the private service or the public service. In this case only a handful of private companies benefit and the cost of a huge number or private companies and this cost is inevitably passed onto the consumers.

So should net neutrality extend to search neutrality, well, at least search fully controllable by the end user and their choices of what a good search results and which ones 'search optimisely' suck.

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Who needs a conspiracy. Just see how close you can fly to Diego Garcia in what the US government now considers a flying bomb, it's not like they don't have a history of shooting down passenger jets, sometimes admitting it, sometimes denying it and sometimes pretending it never happened if they can clean it up fast enough whilst people are conveniently looking elsewhere. It's not like that particular pilot had an anti-US history and had been practising landing at Diego Garcia on a flight simulator.

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Easy, start screaming at Google to pull it's bloody finger out and make a much needed modification to permission to differentiate between unlimited permissions and user confirmed permissions every time a request is made, plus the opportunity to change this on the fly. Add in logs for access, that the user can readily confirm in order to change permissions if they don't like them. Send them emails, blog nasty things about them and stop installing apps until changes are made.

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Just a reminder GT did not sign on the dotted line, GT is not a real person not matter how many deceitful and disingenuous corporate types like to pretend it is, in order to shift responsibility away from themselves to other people and make them pay. So why would the corporate executives of GT sign, what kind of motivation would they individually need to risk their whole company in order to provide Apple the best deal possible. So how much money and risk could Apple save by investing in the executive team of GT, keeping in mind as per typical executive teams the one thing they always put in place for themselves is a golden parachute when it all fails. So how much would Apple have to shift from one offshore tax haven bank account to another offshore bank account to basically get corporate executives to stab their own company in the back, keeping in mind Apple could save hundreds of millions of dollars over the life of the contract or eliminate hundreds of millions of dollars of risk.

Strange things go on in the world of finance where investment companies routinely buy into doomed companies, that enable vulture capitalists like Mittens Romney to make huge profits. For some strange reasons those executive teams of say pension funds go stupid and buy all sorts of crap for billions of dollars and yet they all still retire rich no matter how much other people's money they lose.

It should be pretty obvious by now when it comes to corporations, psychopathic corporate executives always act in their own interest and whether or not that serves the interests of the company they work for is completely arbitrary.

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by RingDev (#48474181) Attached to: Researchers Say the Tech Worker Shortage Doesn't Really Exist

Of the resumes, numerous were of quality. Of the applicants, I still have 8 more on my interview list, but 2 appear to be of high quality so far.

If I am unable to fill the remaining positions from my current list, I have the other resumes from people who like to write novels to go through.

Similarly, for a slew of mainframe developers I received 60 some resumes, about the same for software PMs, high 40s for a handful of BI/ETL/DBA/Reporting positions.

Filling a couple of spots for a modern technology really isn't hard to find quality folks. Filling 9 mainframe spots is rough though.


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