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Comment Re:When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 1) 379

How about it is just reality. Radio transmission receivers exist, we make them and use them all of them time. Now we are just starting to learn about nano structures and what can be done with them. Odd genetics, exposure to non-normal environmental toxins and pollutants and heavy metal build up, upon an evolutionary basis. Self righteous arsholes of course just don't care about people and will attack them for any reason at all. Out of 7 Billion people is it likely that some people will be much more affected by radio transmissions than others absofuckinglutely. Some people can eat peanuts and for others it is a widely dangerous poison and it will kill them. Could some people develop weird nanostructures that make them vulnerable to radio transmission, say something along the lines of RFID chips, sure, weird shit happens. Start doing statistical stuff with numbers in the range of 7 billion and near anything becomes probable.

Comment Re:That really narrows it down (Score 2) 184

Ahh, so the whole Ashley Madison hack was actually a surreptitious promotion of AC DC https://www.youtube.com/watch?.... So hacks are bad and some a truly hilariously glorious. What is even funnier is data analysis of the Ashley Madison information tended to indicate that by far the majority of 'females' were fake entries and it is not the data leak killing the company but the rampant fraud by company being exposed (so many rats caught by so much fake cheese). Who knows perhaps AC DC is hacking music.

Comment Re:No, obviously (Score 1) 176

Not really so funny. Yes, failed jock strap bully law enforcement types are really jealous of computer geeks and nerds and do hate them, this includes all those scammy ignorant politicians. So those laws were written to up scale what should be a misdemeanours as full felonies as an act of revenge for 'er' 'um' computer geeks and nerds being so, so much better at learning and doing it so easily. So you end up with greater penalties for DDOS some corporation temporarily than sticking a gun in some ones face face and threatening to kill them, Hell, if you out of control law enforcement sticking a gun in someone's face and threatening to kill them is approved policy.

Comment Simple Economic Sense (Score 3, Insightful) 20

With the huge negative impact imports have on an economy, it makes simple economic sense to avoid them where ever possible and to actively strive to promote local industry. Using free open source software makes sense. Creating government policy to make use of government university to administer, host and contribute to free open source software also makes sense. Ensuring that all business and people have equal access to government means ensuring no single corporation can dominate, control of suspend that access.

This especially in light of Windows 10 where M$ has made a huge grab for power over countries computer infrastructure, a ludicrously over the top grab for power, although it seems like they really do not realise how far they have stepped over the line. Imagine Windows 10 in your governments administrative offices, imagine windows 10 in your hospitals, imagine windows 10 in your children's school, always watching, always collecting data, logging keystrokes, recording conversations, accessing files. It almost seems like a subconscious act of corporate suicide.

Comment Re:DS9 aka "Cspan" (Score 1) 68

LEXX lost steam after the first season, and just began to resemble Star Trek, and in all the bad ways. DS9 turned into a political/wartime strategic series, and I'd say if you have a love for military SF (which I do), it was probably the finest of its kind. I really wish they had continued in the vain of the grubbier, less noble Federation, muddied and made ugly by its wars, sort of a "The Third Man" of galactic proportions. Instead, they made the completely irrelevant and silly Voyager with a cast of characters that I never could even remotely get into, and the even worse Enterprise, which might have been interesting in the right hands, but instead just ended up being an even worse version of Voyager.

Comment Re:It'll devolve. (Score 1) 68

Overall, the last few seasons of DS9 were indeed probably the best in overall quantity. I still think there are about a dozen ST:TOS episodes that are better than anything that later Trek series produced, and a handful of just really brilliant TNG episodes, but the overall story arcs in the last few seasons of DS9 were, as a group very gripping, and in some ways kind of presaged, though I wouldn't say at the same level of quality, the way that the writers of shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men built up strong characters with long-term character plots and trajectories.

The problem with DS9 is that I think it exhausted the Trek universe, and they should have paused things there for five or ten years. Instead they saturated and degraded the whole thing with Voyager and Enterprise, which while they might have had the odd episode here and there that was reasonably good, all in all felt like the products of tired writers and producers who no longer really had a zest for the universe, or the ability to conjure up new and interesting characters.

Comment Re:Okay, if they think that will work (Score 3, Insightful) 68

I actually thought the movie was a pretty good one, probably the best movie outside of the Toy Story films that Tim Allen has been involved in. He played a great Bill Shatner, vain and obnoxious, and of course Rickman and Weaver were pitch perfect as versions of Spock and Uruha. It was much about gently mocking Treckies as it was about mocking the actors. It was a mild, good-natured bit of satire that I've watched a couple of times since it came out and have enjoyed.

Comment Re:History repeats. (Score 2) 68

I always thought the crazy gears/blades that Allen and Weaver had to jump through were more inspired by the bizarre security of the Death Star. I don't recall the Enterprise having that many pointlessly dangerous sets in the ship itself. The closet would be the "mains" in Wrath of Khan, but I don't think it's that much of a stretch to assume that a matter-antimatter engine would probably involve some seriously bad radiation.

Comment Re:Ironic (Score 2) 184

Well actually, I would say he plays to a broad demographic of uneducated, mostly poor, white people. He is, and always has been, playing a public character. His public character started when he inherited his fortune and spent the next decade or two pretending to be a shrewd business man just because he is rich.

Like most politicians, his words have no meaning, and his real backers know that. They know what side he will be on when the decisions come, and, its the same side all the other candidates are on.

It really has nothing to do with conservatism or liberalism, these are just words in the current politics. There is no ideology in a big tent parties, you can't maintain a large tent and actually stand for anything at all.

Fact is, Trump plays to both Republican and Democrat interests because he helps force people into the big tents by increasing the percieved danger of defectors, because defectors from the big tents are the only people who pose any danger to them.

Comment Re:CEOs stepping down (Score 3, Interesting) 184

I'm not sure what the point of any of this is. Between the hacks and the revelations that the site is little more than a few hookers, some staff trying to titillate members, and a whole fucking lot of men, I'd say AM is pretty much dead at this point.

When I'm tinfoil hat mode, I wonder if this hack was really about some competitor committing an act of commercial homicide. It sure would be one way to wipe out a dominant player in the "find you a fuck buddy" industry.

Comment Re:No proof, no proof (Score 5, Interesting) 138

Should be an interesting test of the Supreme court. As I understand the Roe V Wade decision had some pretty similar arguments. A lot of it came down to an issue of standing and it was determined that, while by normal standings rules, a person denied an abortion would not have standing to bring a case until injured, but if a pregnancy was life threatening, that would be an effective denial of right to sue.

This seems very little different to me....it is effectively a denial of right to redress of grievance if a person must prove standing in order to grieve while simultaneously needing to grieve in order to prove standing.

Not much different, seems to me they have to rule on the side of standings. I don't see why the government itself should be considered as an entity which cannot be compelled to self incriminate, it is not a person; and it is the entity which all such rights are intended to protect against the abuses of.

I would say a guilty government has a DUTY to self incriminate.

Comment There is a difference (Score 2) 138

When a technicality of law provides an otherwise guilty individual to walk, that really is justice. Because the very principles of justice are about keeping state power in check.

When the technicalities of law are used to prevent citizens from challenging state power, that is an absolute perversion of the spirit of the principle. That is NOT justice.

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