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Comment Re: Umm... WHAT? (Score 1) 153

> Because other races do not have such restrain and are out breeding white peoples

But, this is exactly what you would expect if you acknowledge that wealth is path dependent. If you start with a homogenus group of affulent people, and a much larger mixed group of poor people.

Since birth rates are directly affected by affluence, you have an affluent group of one race, whose birth rate pales in comparison to the poor, who may include people of the same race, but mixing them in with others..... yah sounds like nothing to see here at all.

The only thing this really proves is that the affluent are mostly the children of the affluent and the poor are, generation to generation, not climbing up the ladder... which, happens to correspond with a whole bunch of other realities, like that the future economic success of the children of middle class families is strongly influenced by whether their grandparents are also middle class.... those with poor grandparent are far more likely to end up poor themselves.

All you are seeing is the predictable result of economic inertia causing the affluent minority to act as a litmus for the lack of economic mobility.

Comment Re: Umm... WHAT? (Score 1) 153

> *Approval may be permitted regardless of other qualifications assuming 3 is met on an individual case basis by the state police chief.

Its funny, a while back I was curious if one could become a lawyer without a degree. In theory you should be able to self study right?

After a little digging around in my state, they did define a degree as a requirement.....but there is also a clause which grants the bar association the power to waive any of the requirements they want; which means they are not so much real requirements as guidelines.

Comment Re:People are idiots. (Score 1) 313

Of course its not new, but, so is having outlandish tales that started with some kernel of a true story.

There was a Defcon talk I caught on youtube about "the only way to tell the truth is in fiction", which makes the point that a story can be 95% true, as long as nobody who doesn't already know the truth can separate fact from fiction.

If the setting wasn't mars, and the rescuers were not astronauts, why couldn't it be 95% true? Just change the backdrop and take away the technology that comes with it, and people coming toghether to rescue him, and the challenges both face in the mean time..... ok so its set Mars....

Comment Re:Its laugh track is a crime against humanity (Score 1) 388

Define "modern"? I stopped watching sitcoms a long time ago. In fact, the last sitcom I watched on a regular basis was probably filmed in the 90s. I want to say "perfect strangers" or "whose the boss" but, I probably have watched something regularly since then.

If thats true, then why is it that shows with real live audiences, never have such clean laughter that ends so abruptlly and lasts for uniform amount of time.

Comment Re:Its laugh track is a crime against humanity (Score 1) 388

> I'm an old fogie and used to laugh tracks. Most "light" comedies seem awkward without them. It guess it's hard to make every generation happy.

I grew up with them too. I think what really destroyed them for me was that, after I realized they existed, I noticed....they just keep using the same one over and over. Its like that Wilhelm Scream. Once your recognize it....its not part of the scene anymore...its jarring.

I don't hear "people laughing" I hear "that laugh track", the same one I have heard since I was a kid. The "magic" is entirely gone. I almost feel like, if they had a small assortment of 10 laugh tracks and rotate them within the same show....I might have never even noticed....but its the same laugh for every joke!

Comment FCC? (Score 1) 388

FCC complaints are not really the place to go for anything. The only people who ever complain to the FCC about anything other than radio interference are..... crackpots and wingnut commanders. Yes, there are enough crackpots out there with enough free time to generate some complaints, but that doesn't mean its anything other than the ravings of the insane.

You may as well read the writings of Francis E Dec Esquire.

Comment Re:1998 (Score 1) 86

Yes, I am well aware that this government has been going down a slow march to totalitarianism for several decades now. It was the early 90s when they started militarizing the police and eroding away our rights.

Do you know there was a time when police with a warrant would, in nearly every single case, knock on the door and wait for someone to answer, then, talk to them. Now they just yell "police" while they bust n the door and throw in a flashbang over just about anything at all.

This has all been a long time coming, and nothing is good about it.

Comment Re:So, eat in courses? (Score 1) 257

Nah they stopped drinking so long ago I don't think I ever saw her drink wine. Apparently they threw quite the shindig back in the day and grammy's drink was whiskey.

Oh did I forget to mention she not only grew up during the depression, but was a bookie for the mob for a while? Apparently she hated it when people won because she had to travel to the north end to pick up the money for them.

90 Years old and she still just smiles and says "I am not going to name any names"

Comment So, eat in courses? (Score 2) 257

I never realized it was weird as a kid, but my grandparents were Italian and they always ate in courses, every single meal. When grammy makes soup, she removes the meat, has a bowl of soup, and then brings the meat out on a plate, then a salad.

Pasta and meatballs? No, pasta, then meatballs, then a salad to finish it off; even if it was just an ordinary thursday night diner.

Every night was 3 courses, and holidays were more like 6 or 7 separate courses.

Comment Re:My money is on.... (Score 1) 86

> The arguement to do this for terrorism is because its not a crime, but an act of war, the terrorists aren't merely criminals, but foreign combatants

I am fine with that, but they should have to prove THAT in a court of law too. Problem is, war, crime, these are just labels. The moment a government is arresting people, its law court time. That is a fundamental check on the power of government that should be inviolate.

Comment Re:Unchecked power will ALWAYS be abused (Score 3, Interesting) 86

This. When I worked in hospital IT we were warned several times, the single most common reason for anyone in the hospital to be fired, is inappropriate records access. They had implemented auditing years ago. In fact, a decade before I worked at the hospital, my mother did, and there was a huge scandal involving medical records and a famous patient.

By the time I left, they were implementing real time flagging. The system was able to flag on all sorts of things, accessing records within your family, accessing records of people who live near you, all things people actually do with alarming regularity when given access to records.

The old adage is "power corrupts" and it is apt. People will misuse power given to them. Will all of them all the time? No. However, enough will and its impossible to say who will and who wont because almost every single one will given the right motivation or excuse.

Comment My money is on.... (Score 5, Insightful) 86

After investigating themselves, no wrongdoing will be found.

I never find wrongdoing when I investigate myself. At least not anything that needs to be discussed in public, just a little internal housekeeping, you know, minor discipline issues, nothing to make a federal case over.

One thing you can be certain of: This will lead to exactly 0 prosecutions, no matter how much abuse is found.

Comment Re:Same gene for asbestos workers or coal miners? (Score 2) 175

Oh this is certainly the case in many places. Cancer is a perfect example. It often requires several genetic mutations for a normal cell to become cancerous, partially because there are many safegaurds against it.

Each individual starts at a random point closer or further away from any particular cancerous state, and in fact, from all of them individually, and this is true not just for cancer but for all manner of subtle variation.

Life is a big game of bet hedging. You toss 100 people naked in the cold, and they will not all die at the same time. Take 100 and toss them in the heat, and you will find the same. Some will survive longer without water, some without food. Its all thousands of subtle variations. Some will be better at developing immunity to flu, some will be better at small pox. If this wasn't true, then we would all be wiped out. Just look at the bannana if you want to know the weakness of monoculture. We don't even eat the same ones our parents did.

Did you know that they have already found drugs that failed in clinical trials, no better than placebo for the general population, but were found to work rather effectively for individuals who had particular genetic variations?

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