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Comment Re:Hurr durr (Score 2, Funny) 209 209

> So you're drunk enough to piss on some poor bastards wall

See there you go, trying to see the perspective of the person causing the problem and understanding how they might reason it.... you sir, are unfit for public office.

Seriously though I wonder if the people who come up with these ideas have just no life experience at all, or are they just con artists trying to funnel budget money into their own pockets? (Or a little of both)

> You start pissing and something unexpected happens.

For example... lets say you walked down the driveway of a residential house, right past the cars and over to the trash cans....just for example you know.

Then you hear "hey" from up above, and notice 4 people up on the second floor porch looking down at you pissing on their garbage bins.

Turns out, I can tell you exactly what one local college student did, he waved and said "hey" and continued pissing.

Overall though, it tends to happen at night and by that point in the evening most of the actual waste was flushed out of their system 3 trips to the urinal ago back in the bar, so its not like its even going to smell in the morning. I probably get more piss on my house from local animals, even here in the city.

Its hard to call it a real problem. Plant more trees, problem solved.

Comment Re:So... redundant, in other words (Score 1) 40 40

Which is interesting because, while I share the disgust in theory, I don't actually know much about the reality and the one time I have seen it before (I wish I could remember where) it was being used by someone who actually was producing serious content, you know, an actual output other than good feelings.

That said, what you describe sounds like about the sort of cult of personality bullshit I expect enough people to fall for as to be able to support some small number of professional loudmouths.

However, I am not sure thats terrible either. Money talks, basically this is a form of grass roots advertising. What fuels them is the perception that signal boosting has value, and well, that is hard to argue with when you see what major corporations are willing to spend on it.

I dunno, as distasteful as I find the idea of throwing cash at someone to rant for me (I provide my rants free of charge as a public service)...its probably more effective than voting.

Comment Re:"...the same as trespassing." (Score 4, Interesting) 1173 1173

Well he didn't shoot the man, he shot a mechanical proxy for the man, which is not the same at all. He attacked a piece of property which, under the direction of its operator, was being used to invade his privacy by invading the space over his property, and as he pointed out, not simply to transit the area.

Assuming the area was one where it would be generally safe otherwise to fire at a bird, then I have no issue with his reasoning, seems like he was in the right to me, even though I wouldn't agree if he had shot the operator; the two are not equivalent like that.

Comment Pardons are for the Guilty (Score 1) 592 592

Pardons are forgiveness for guilt. He is guilty of nothing. Betraying a criminal conspiracy to violate our own laws and subvert the open process of their deliberation and public oversight is hardly a crime. If anything it is the people he exposed who should be recieving pardons if they are to be allowed to continue to walk free.

I am far more concerned with the administrations dangerous decision to lie to the public and cover up clear evidence of its own wrongdoing.

Comment Re:Drones (Score 4, Insightful) 304 304

Exactly. What is the difference between an automated system and one with a human at the helm when you can just replace the human with impunity if he decides he doesn't want to help you anymore?

Its not like some criminal gang where a defector could mean consequences. A defector from the drone murder program is just....replaced. Even if 100% of pilots became disgusted with the job and refused within a year.... it wouldn't even slow them down, it would just increase their training costs.

Right now, there effectively is no difference between the existing drone program and automated kill bots. The problem is what people want to do and are allowed to get away with. As long as they can murder with impunity, the methods which they use are unimportant.

Comment Re:Under what authority? (Score 5, Informative) 298 298

The thing is...they can put whatever restrictions they want, and you can then either put up with it, or go to court over it, spend lots of money on lawyers. If you win, all you get is to exercise your rights, either way you pay out the big money; out of pocket.

Then, should you want another event, expect to be denied or offered the same terms and to AGAIN need to go to court over it, and pay out big bucks to win again.

Mass Cann here in Boston had this problem year after year. The city would deny their permit, they would sue, they would win, next year, same thing.

So effectively, there is a massive unapproved tax on events the city officials don't like.

Comment Re:What's performance enhancing? (Score 1) 155 155

I think pattern recognition is part of it. Think about the effects.

What does flat white wall do? It stretches, it breathes. Maybe lines or shadows on it dance a bit, maybe the pervasive color line pattern you see behind your eyes projects onto it.

However a candle flickering through faceted glass, that could become a kaleidoscope of cartoon skulls in a burst of colors.

I saw a ted talk about the mind and pattern recognition.... how the mind has chains of pattern recognizers and seeing one part of a pattern potentiates another part. LSD is like, every pattern recognizer is potentiated, that is solid, it is liquid, it is flowing, it is breathing.....

Its like a signal. If you have a weak signal compared to the noise, then you can't distinguish the right patterns, however, if you are in the time and place where strong signals are coming in, then being potentiated towards recognizing them may be a benefit....and the signal is so a white wall, there just isn't much else it could be.

Comment Re:What's performance enhancing? (Score 1) 155 155

Maybe, it makes some sense. However, have seen similar anecdotal evidence from LSD.

So long time ago, back when I was a pool player and bar fly....a friend called me up "I dropped acid and am bored, lets go out". We met up at the bar, she was lit but handling it well. We grabbed a pool table and started to play.

Now, I was shooting a lot of pool back then. I was decent, we all were. This was a girl I used to partner up with at casual tournaments occasionally, so I was very familiar with how she shot....and she fucking KILLED IT that night.

I have NEVER seen her so on her game as she was tripping face.

Comment Re:Nonsense law still can't be ignored (Score 1) 157 157

The crux of my problem though...
> As for your hypothetical, material found incriminating someone not listed on the warrant would be
> found inadmissible in court and would be specifically barred from use in any later criminal trial. It
> could be a potentially great result for the third party as any bad evidence against them would now
> legally not exist.

I object to the assertion that "you can't be prosecuted" is the be all and end all of harm you or others could be exposed to. A violation of privacy is a violation of privacy, even if you can't be prosecuted in the end.

Frankly, it seems to me an invalid warrant or illegal search without one, should be a violation of rights and charged as a criminal act every time it happens.

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