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Comment: Re:Motivation and punishment (Score 1) 94

by TheCarp (#49546125) Attached to: Gen. Petraeus To Be Sentenced To Two Years Probation and Fine

That sounds exactly like what I would expect from this government, without regard to who is in office. Oh you did something stupid for personal gain? No harm no foul.....but if you are an idealist, that scares them.

The last thing they want is to be held accountable, and this is a clear indication of that.

Comment: Re:Old Idea (Score 2) 33

by TheCarp (#49537929) Attached to: New Sampling Device Promises To Make Blood Tests Needle-Free

You know its always a little of collumn A and a little of collumn B with such things. I am certain some people think they are using them medicinally, and there are always going to be a few people out there claiming the treatment they offer is medicinal and "removes toxins" (I still find it odd there are people who don't realize the word "toxin" is a red flag in most contexts)

OTOH I know people who have played with this from more the BDSM side, they definitely exist but, don't tend to feel much need to pretend its medical...tho maybe some use that excuse around people who they feel would react better to thinking they are stupid than know what they do in their bedroom. Again....a little A, a little B.....

Comment: Re:republicrats (Score 2) 201

by TheCarp (#49532865) Attached to: McConnell Introduces Bill To Extend NSA Surveillance

See, and that is the problem right there. Its so easy to see the problems, and you are right. The prison and military industrial complexes, as well as several others, are a huge problem but.... and this is a Ron Jeremy hairy ass but.... there is no way anything remotely as simple as "Term Limits" is going to fix shit.

You think the big industries can't find bodies to fill seats on a more regular basis?

The bigger problem, really, is fundamentally flawed structure that isn't scaling well, especially since entire industries have grown up around exploiting its weaknesses for profit in one way or another. It is a a deep house made of many many cards.

Take the disasterous war on drugs and particularly pot. When it was made illegal, it wasn't actually even considered a serious drug of abuse. Hell, I have read the congressional records on the first marijuana law which included this exchange "Mr Speaker, what is marijuana?" "I don't know, some narcotic".

Some of the most vocal proponents of the law were people who worked for the FBN, the precursor of the DEA... the people who had just seen prohibition die and were scared for their jobs. It was essentially a coalition of federal workers worried about their jobs and a few industrialists who stood to profit. The AMA even sent a doctor to the Senate hearings to advise against passing the bill!

Now, some 80 years later, how many people have been arrested? How many shot? How many houses and cars repossessed? There are more marijuana smokers than the next 3 major illicit drugs...combined. How many police officers, how many probation officers, how many prison gaurds, drug testing lab technitions.....all have jobs because we arrest and charge adults for smoking a plant.

Its disgusting but, as high as the ideals of this system are, it is incapable of dealing with them. Its incapable of stopping the spending of billions upon billions on military projects we don't need for adversaries we don't have.....because these are diseases eat at the very fabric of the system.

Shit, the DEA openly claims "Parallel Construction" is a legal tactic for "protecting sources" when the reality is, the source they are protecting is the mass surveillance that the people likely wouldn't approve of if they knew...and it works because the system has exhausted its defenses against uncontrolled growth. The loopholes are found....

If a the Police can guide a constructed evidence trail to the courts, then, there is no such thing as a poisonous tree anymore. Their entire answer to mass surveillance is now "anything we don't tell you about is ok".

This system is nearly entirely ownend by tumors of its own creation. Its not any one of these, its all of these. Its the Prison system often enlarged to create jobs and win votes or for private profit, which results in gaurds unions who then lobby for strict laws.... its the military contractors who farm out work to multiple districts to make every project political suicide to kill.... its just so many special interests with so many perverse alignments that its like the patient has lived so long he is more tumor than man.

Comment: Re:republicrats (Score 1) 201

by TheCarp (#49532609) Attached to: McConnell Introduces Bill To Extend NSA Surveillance

First, I didn't make the original comment, so much for your assumptions.

Secondly, I am well aware of that, and your comment is a perfect example of exactly what I am talking about. The original poster used the appropriate phrase in spoken conversation, an idiomatic expression which is well understood and even common. He clearly understood what he was talking about.

Now you, without even bothering to see who said what, actually claim that spelling has shit to do with understanding?

I read the original comment, it was pretty fucking clear to me.

However, and really this is the point. Noticing a grammatical or spelling error is nothing worth being a jackass about, and it certainly gives you nothing to be condescending about. You just performed a task at the level of a word processor....good job, you want a fucking gold star for being the smart kid?

You want to disagree or poke fun at someone's thoughts, hey, I have no quarrel with you, hell, troll em good. However, if all you have is picking on someone for a poor turn of phrase, I just want you to know, you aren't bringing much to the table to be smug about. You just performed a task at the level of a cheap word processor. Good job, you mad nobody gives you gold stars for spelling anymore?

Comment: Re:republicrats (Score 0) 201

by TheCarp (#49531581) Attached to: McConnell Introduces Bill To Extend NSA Surveillance

Thing is, I suspect you are right on the first part but thats the thing...its insignificant to the point. Just because online comments are a crapshoot....offline ones are too btw... doesn't say anything about any individual one and....frankly....

Ive known some otherwise intelligent people who don't speak well or have trouble speaking/typing. Its simply bigotry to read someone words and focus only on how they speak while ignoring their message. This whole "you don't speak exactly to my standards so fuck your opinion" really doesn't deserve to be acceptable.

Comment: Re:republicrats (Score 0, Flamebait) 201

by TheCarp (#49530993) Attached to: McConnell Introduces Bill To Extend NSA Surveillance

Is that really all you have for a response? Were you aware that nobody commenting on syntax or grammar has EVER contributed anything of use to any conversation that wasn't a conversation ABOUT syntax or grammar?

Case in point.... Should we take you seriously when your entire response is "you didn't spell a word right"?
No rebuttal? No claim that these statements are not true? Nothing but an attack on the intelligence of the poster based on....a single fucking word.

Comment: Re:A sane supreme court decision? (Score 1) 399

Its funny how this was always the standard accusation, and now that there are more and more cameras everywhere, we are actually starting to see cases where cops get caught actually planting evidence. Gee, maybe we shouldn't have dismissed these claims? Or maybe we should never have made simple posession of something that can easily be concealed a crime?

Comment: Re:A sane supreme court decision? (Score 1) 399

of course reply to myself.... this article doesn't give many numbers....one with the numbers is far more damaging to this use of dogs....numbers from the same study posted here (http://www.economist.com/blogs/babbage/2011/02/animal_behaviour )

"of 144 searches, only 21 were clean (no alerts)"

How can you possibly look at that and say a dog is anything but a prop when used in this manner?

Comment: Re:A sane supreme court decision? (Score 1) 399

Sure: http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/w...

basic method was simple, they setup a course with NO drugs or explosives. They told handlers there were several test stations. Some had meat (a test for the dog) some had nothing.

You can see the results.... almost every walkthrough had hits. When there was an indicator to the handler that there should be a hit in an area, the false positive rate went up, but it was ridiculously high already.

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell, but that doesn't mean you can read their minds.

Comment: Re:A sane supreme court decision? (Score 5, Interesting) 399

However dogs are nearly useless in this scenario. Its been shown that in a case where there is suspicion dogs "hit" nearly 100% of the time even in controlled situations where its known there is nothing for them to hit on. Dogs are only useful if the handler has no particular suspiscion or, in tracking. In these kinds of stops they are really just props.

Comment: Re:A sane supreme court decision? (Score 4, Informative) 399

which is funny because it seems they clearly have not actually reviewed the use of the dogs themselves because, in this instance, they are less scientifically sound than a polygraph.

Dogs have a great sense of smell but even better sense of what their pack leader wants from them. They play clever hans even better than they smell and its been shown over and over that dogs are useless in the case that there is..... ANY SUSPICION AT ALL.

Quite simply, the moment an officer decided he should use the dog, the dog "smelling something" is almost a foregone conclusion, even in the absence of any actual substance to smell. This has been shown quite readily by simply putting dogs and their handlers through courses with no smell, but several visual indicators for handlers, they found that the vast majority of the time dogs had a "hit" even when the rate should have been a flat 0. When there was an indication to the trainer....they hit WAY more often.

Dogs are only useful in manhunts and at checkpoints where searches are ubiquitous and there is no reason to suspect any individual.

Whenever there is ANY suspiscion, the dog is JUST A PROP.

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