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Comment Re:No use fighting it (Score 1) 136

Well what actually works for amazon is that prime gives you free shipping on a lot of things. If you use amazon to shop, those little benefits can quickly add up over the year. Getting the movies and shows as well is a nice bonus. Though, they don't update very option and it is a limited selection.

Comment Re:The making of a Terrorist (Score 1) 40

What ever would make you think that is SOP? Normally they pay a middle man to set people up. Makes me wonder who the "Robert Childs" was this time: http://fcir.org/2014/12/26/fbi...

My Favorite is that the dude didn't just find a mentally handicapped person to manipulate, no... he got money off him first too. Can you imagine, they paid a child molesting informant for setting up and informing on....someone he owed money to.

Comment Re:Did they spin when they landed? (Score 2) 634

You know, it probably doesn't make much difference, we would do better picking by lot.

SSN 000-35-2462 ..... Report to DC, you are the new president!

Seriously, you will NEVER convince me this will produce worst results. As long as it was a truely random selection of the population from ages 25-60

Comment Re:Isn't this what --preserve-root is for? (Score 1) 698

And? Its not like rm -rf / is the only way to recurse filesystems deleting things.

These things can easily happen from typos and scripts.... so like:

"rm -rf $MYPATH/*" becomes "rm -rf /* if $MYPATH" is unset.

I dunno, I am very much of the feeling that anything that can brick the system should be hidden behind a hardware switch in order to update. If a motherboard advertised having a jumper that needed to be set in order to update boot info, I would consider that a desirable feature in general.

Comment Re:IDE's suck as soon as you want to use another l (Score 1) 168

Dude, do you even vim?

While I love being able to use vim over a terminal connection, and most of my career has depended on my ability to do so.... its been a while since I have. Under linux there is gvim, and under windows well, just run vim, its basically the same thing.

Its text editing, you are editing text, it has the best text editing features....ever devised, plus syntax hilighting, code folding, split buffer editing, and.... is mouse support, and a menu bar.

I am talking vim here, not solaris 8 /bin/vi

Comment Good thing it was then. (Score 1) 425

If he had done that research today he would have died in the swat raid looking for his bomb.

But its ok, it would be his own fault for making them suspicious enough to put him on the no fly list for his seditious publication about bombs.

Comment I wish I liked them (Score 1) 303

Conspiracy theories are so simple.... it would be so much easier. I think I could feel more hopeful as a conspiracy theorist. Because then its just a few bad apples. Sure, a few bad apples do spoil the whole bunch..... but you can toss out a whole bunch, you can scrap a whole years apple harvest.... if you just buck up, check those apples, and don't keep the bad ones.

But, I don't see that. Conspiracies are hard. They do tend to unravel. They only work when of very short duration and scope, when the people involved all have aligned interests. Its unstable. I wont say its rare or never works.... but.... its not one of the driving forces in the world. No.

However, what if you don't need conspiracy or even bad apples to get bad results? This is what I see. I don't think it matters who the president is. Any man will just be a man, with only 24 hours in a day, and thousands of interested parties trying to feed him information to influence his decisions.

I honestly believe that if you put the Dalai Lama in the commander in chief seat, you would have drone strikes on weddings within a year. The problem isn't conspiracy, it is fundamental design flaws.

Comment Re:Well, that was surprisingly boring. (Score 1) 62

The things that the FBI have done over the years just boggle the mind.

Have you read the letters they sent to suspected mafia leaders posing a activists...and vice versa?
FBI has the docs here

Funny how all the good bits are buried and really bad copy....very hard to read. Not like the crisp version of the same you can find elsewhere (didn't find a text copy): http://www.thesmokinggun.com/f...

"Dear Hoodlum Leader:
Ever since I read in our paper the Worker..."

Words just fail me. Its so far beyond the pale.

Comment Re:Totally in awe (Score 2) 34

tbh, I hit comments to basically say what you did.

This is a true hack deserving of the most venerable and Holy use of the term. I don my hat as Discordian Pope to call forth the name of Saint Utku Sen, Poisoner of Rats.

I am cloning the repo myself the moment I finish typing this. This is wonderful, I hope he "pays" the ransom. I hope him "paying" the ransom ends up everywhere. I hope CNN carries the fucking story and does a 20 minute piece on it.

Only good can come of this....Ransomware Authors are now getting dick slapped by the very apathy and greedy corner cutting that has had security guys ripping their hair out trying to get people to understand the dangers of.

You mean.... idiot criminals with moderate to no coding skills are going to think they can make this work and are going to try to.... fix the crypto themselves! LOL! OMG this is wonderful. What is your beautiful secure code worth when some fucktart puts out some shit claiming to do the same thing for free? HA! Your secure code is worth dick now because your target audience is greedy fucks who don't even understand how they are fucking themselves.

I bet their profits have gone through the fucking floor since this came out. And the beauty of git is....who gives a shit if the original gets taken down? The Streisand has called the lawyer now.

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