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Comment: Re:That wasn't the question (Score 2) 309

by TheCarp (#46825177) Attached to: Supreme Court OKs Stop and Search Based On Anonymous 911 Tips

Right there in the word "Anonymous tip.

Quite simply the tip itself is part of the tree. At the very least, that tip is the trunk of the tree. Without it, he would not have been given extra scrutiny beyond what anyone else would get. If that trunk is not part of the evidence presented, then how do we know if it is the trunk or just another branch; being presented as such.

Parallel construction is fraud, and this is little more than the courts giving a full green light to the production of false evidence trails.

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by TheCarp (#46824153) Attached to: Supreme Court OKs Stop and Search Based On Anonymous 911 Tips

> Nothing about a "fair trial". The trial was fair. He was guilty. The question is whether the way he
> was discovered to be guilty was legal. The primary reason we have these laws is to prevent
> harrassment and "fishing" expeditions.

How is the trial fair if the accused has no way to fairly evaluate the tree upon which the fruits of evidence were grown? This practice effectively gives the police a loophole to deny the courts review of the evidence trail. How is a trial fair if the evidence is all fruits from a poisoned tree?

The fruit of a hidden and unknown tree should never be allowed on the table and should be assumed poisoned.

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by TheCarp (#46823287) Attached to: Supreme Court OKs Stop and Search Based On Anonymous 911 Tips

> For all we know, the "anonymous caller" could have been his ex trying to get him in trouble, or a member of a
> rival drug gang trying to get his payload confiscated....

Exactly, and you know....I know people with exes who would pull shit like that. I mean for fucks sake, when my friend's wife went down to report his ex-wife punching her, she found the ex-wife was already down there filing a report saying that she was the one punched. Now, after years of back and forth battles (custody would you believe) in and out of court, including false charges of various kinds,

More than that though.... if there is no need to go back and verify the original tip, if it can be anonymous....then the police can phone in their own tips! This is yet more parallell construction bullshit. How do we even know there was such a woman? For all we really know it was a cop, or the wife of a cop, making a call to cover up the real source of the a criminal conspiracy to deny the driver the right to a fair trial.

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by TheCarp (#46817273) Attached to: Scammers Lower Comcast Bills, Get Jail Time

If you think that is fishy, you might also ask how $2.4 million in loss, which I believe with investigation and legal fees etc.... but.... how does such a tiny loss compared to a company engaged in billion dollar deals.... translate into an increase in every customer's bill? By what, a penny?

Who is the real crook now, the guy who defrauded the big company, or the big company who used that fraud as an excuse for a naked price hike.

"We are raising money for the douglasses, they got robbed last week"
"Oh my how much have you raised"
"About 10,000 dollars"
"Oh my god how much got stolen"
"Oh they lost about 2 grand, but if we reach our goal of 20,000 we can pay them back 80% of it after our salaries on the committee of course"

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> I think blowing up terrorists with drones and claiming executive privilege predates Obama by at least one administration.

Oh well, I stand corrected. I didn't know someone else had done it first! Well that fucking changes everything doesn't it? Who am I to question the traditional practices of our people?

> If anything the Republicans are likely to argue he didn't blow up enough of them

Yes the pot often does seem to spend a lot of energy calling the kettle black.

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Bullshit. The so-called "drug problem" is 99% caused by prohibition itself. Prohibition has consistently failed to even influence overall addiction rates; much less drop them. It has consistently created perverse markets for low quality unsafe manufacture. It CREATED the problem of meth labs, and thus created the situation where we have half the people in burn units around the country in there for cooking meth. You asshole prohibitionists did that...its on your head.

Never mind that the next 3 major drugs of abuse combined don't have HALF the users of fucking of the most innocuous drugs ever, safer than alcohol. But I know you prohibitions are the kind of scum who lament that we gave up on that crudade too. So what if it cost lives as long as they are lives you can discount for being users and addicts.

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by TheCarp (#46782475) Attached to: Kepler-186f: Most 'Earth-Like' Alien World Discovered

Not only that but, it might not be safe to try and rendez-vous:

"Any people at the destination," the team's paper concludes, "would be gamma ray and high energy particle blasted into oblivion due to the extreme blueshifts for [forward] region particles."

sure, maybe we can use this new-fangled drive to meet up with them, but, when we do, we will release a gamma ray burst that will sterilize their entire ship.

Now maybe it might be possible to aim to "miss" them by enough that little gets to them and then the last gap can be closed as subluminal speeds, but.... that ah, sure would be one hell of an entrance.

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by TheCarp (#46781955) Attached to: Tor Blacklisting Exit Nodes Vulnerable To Heartbleed

> It will cost billions to fix for the US and the taxpayers will foot the bill.

It already cost us billions, and it was always going to cost us billions more. Any suggestion they were not going to waste that money anyway is just laughable. They will spend as much as they can justify in their crusade against whatever bogeymen they can dream up.

Comment: Re:So much for Net Neutrality. (Score 1) 56

by TheCarp (#46780459) Attached to: Tor Blacklisting Exit Nodes Vulnerable To Heartbleed

> Russia & China got nothing from Snowden.

Do belly-laughs count? I bet they got a number of those.

> His material is being carefully vetted by journalists and experts before any is released

Of course, since russia, china, and several others players all have their own NSA and CIA-like entities, I would assume they have made attempts, and probably been successful by now, at obtaining the entire archive... or at least, what they didn't already have of it from their own operations pre-snowden.

With Manning, I would easily make the case that nothing was revealed, because any intelligence service that couldn't get their hands on those state department cables would have to be totally incompetent and barely even trying. NSA internal docs, a bit less likely... but I wouldn't doubt they had some of it.

Now, I don't doubt that they have all of it....oh well.... its their own fault for abusing their technical abilities, NSA brought this leak upon itself.

> Bruce Schneier is one helping them in their analysis.

This is one of the few reasons to suspect they have a chance of having not been compromised; if they follow his advice of course. Discipline is hard. I remember some of the security experts expressing being quite impressed by OBLs ability to maintain an effective air gap for so many years while so prolifically using email.

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by TheCarp (#46779413) Attached to: Bachelor's Degree: An Unnecessary Path To a Tech Job

OTOH, you could grab a notebook and start watching lectures for free on youtube. Sure you can't ask questions or go to the TA for help, but you can get lectures from physics classes taught by Leonard Susskind (and others of course, but I watched some of his) on youtube right now.

I have a notebook somewhere with several pages of notes that I took while watching his Quantum Mechanics lectures...mostly while riding the bus back and forth to work (I stopped after I stopped taking the bus)

Of course, while there are the obvious disadvantages of not having tests to gauge progeress and help available.... you do have the ability to pause and rewind thelectures; which is really huge.

Comment: Re:All it takes is one criminal now? (Score 1) 128

by TheCarp (#46775037) Attached to: Lavabit Loses Contempt Appeal

> by giving an unreadable version of the encrypted keys

My only real nitpick is... hardly unreadble. Small yes, but its not like they don't easily posess the technology to deal with such a minor inconvinence. A bit childish yes, but nothing more than a symbolic statement. I consider them claiming anything otherwise quite disingenuine.

They just didn't like that he didn't roll over when they snapped their fingers and that he would rather shut down than help them. In the end they both may have acted childish but, they acted childish on our dime, whereas he has every right to be a childish asshole.

Comment: Re:All My Jobs Required a BS at Minimum (Score 1) 286

by TheCarp (#46751901) Attached to: Bachelor's Degree: An Unnecessary Path To a Tech Job

About 10 years ago I was laid off and while I was out of work I called up the U of Pheonix. What a mistake. Whenever I think of maybe going back to school, I know I don't need a degree for my career so I think of like... why don't I study physics?

Anyway, I checked out their course catalog, not only did they not have any math courses that were not covered in high school, I took more advanced courses in high school. I may need a refresher before I am ready to jump into a calculus course, but, I don't need math for accountants thanks.

I had to tell them several times I had no interest in their program. They seemed to have trouble with the idea of a person with no degree already having a professional career and not really needing what they offer.

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