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Comment Re: What the fuck has happened to Slashdot?! (Score 1) 176

I've been here quite a while too, if that counts. I am in violent agreement with the others in this thread. I like my 4 digit uid, but I long ago realized that Slashdot can't be saved. When cmdrtaco left and it was sold to dice, that was the end.

Slashdot has always been about its user community, so I am sure that a technical solution can easily be made, and that community will find it when that happens.

Comment Re:Geometry (Score 1) 397

I agree with this Geometry/Logic Proofs/Programming thing.

Although, I learned programming in 7th grade (self-taught; they sure didn't have classes at that time), and Geometry in 10th, I saw the relationship. (Ironically, I always shied away from Calculus because I found the symbolic representation, the summation sign, etc. intimidating. That was me, as a teen - later on, when I approached the same logic and algorithms from a computer programming perspective, I had absolutely no problem grasping the concept).

I do think that the way math, and logic, and critical thinking skills are taught, are orthogonal to what kids need to learn, to prepare them for programming.

Comment Re: uh? (Score 1) 160

Among the "useless" liberal arts classes that frame the well-rounded IT-professional's skill set, often found wanting in "professional developers":

Relational Databases

Technical Writing

Network Engineering (routers, firewall configuration, vpn devices)

Cryptography, Certificate management

User Credential Management, Directory services


web services

Front-end and UX design

device drivers

Systems design

enterprise OS configuration management

Security and regulatory compliance

Data acquisition, analysis, analytics

  - - - okay, barely scratching the surface here. Developer toolchains? Source control management? Virtualization? Containers?

So, let me get this straight? You want me to take "History of world music appreciation" class? AND graduate in less than 5 years?

Comment Re:Flipped Classrooms (Score 1) 307

LOL: best group project I ever had was when I was taking an online class. I had a lot less difficulty interacting and interfacing with the other students in my group, ONLINE. At least through the planning phase. In the DOING phase, I was basically the only person doing any of the work. Which is okay, because I documented everything, and the teacher saw the outcome and graded appropriately. Other than that - great team! great experience! 10/10 would solo that group project again!

(okay, maybe my sarcasm comes off a bit harsh online. . . )

Comment Re:It's about fraud (Score 1) 494

A lot of people in states with tight emissions standards are going to be selling their cars to people in states where they don't check. That's my prediction. It's going to be a fire-sale. I wish I lived in a loose-emissions state, because I'd be able to look at autotrader in california, and find one of these cars cheap as hell.

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