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+ - Michaels Stores Debit Terminal Information Stolen->

Submitted by Rob the Bold
Rob the Bold (788862) writes "From the Chicago Tribune: Dozens of Michaels stores across the USA have been hit by a scam involving stealing account numbers and PINs from the credit/debit terminals. The store hasn't said how, but newspaper articles suggest skimmers or network compromise. The company is replacing all its 7200 terminals."
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+ - Are Engineers Breeding Autistic Children?

Submitted by
Rob the Bold
Rob the Bold writes "IEEE Spectrum Online asks: "Could modern patterns of marriage be concentrating the genes that predispose people to autism?"

This report:, examines the theory that engineers marrying other engineers are increasing the rates of autism in areas with high concentrations of technical workers. From the article:

Among the children of engineers, autism and related conditions are found twice as often as in the general population, according to British studies, and are unusually common even in the grandchildren of engineers. Anecdotally, hot spots of autism have been reported in major centers of engineering, including Silicon Valley; Austin, Texas; and Boston's Route 128 technology ring.

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